Where to Listen to Live Rock Music in Tianjin

Where to Listen to Live Rock Music in Tianjin

Tianjin is just a hop and a throw from Beijing, China’s rock n’ roll capital and home to an ever-increasing number of live music venues and music bars. Although Tianjin does have a live music scene of its own (albeit a very small one), overall the scene has failed to spread to its neighboring city to the same extent, preferring to live and grow in the vibrant, creative city that is Beijing. Worry not however; if you’re in Tianjin and crave some live music, there are a number of options at your disposal. Below are the two most popular and active live music venues in Tianjin - two places that are always a reliable source for satisfying that musical hunger.

RIFF Live House 摇滚天津俱乐部 View In Map
Founded in 2008, RIFF Livehouse has fast become one of Tianjin’s best alternative music venues, featuring regular live shows from both local and international bands, especially at the weekends. RIFF Live House is located in the former location of 13 Club in Heping District, offering a central location and a great space for head-banging to live music. RIFF Livehouse has not only been an instrumental venue in promoting rock music to Tianjin audiences, but it also plays an important role for local musicians and bands who can access RIFF’s rehearsal rooms, recording studios and potentially record under RIFF’s own record label. For regular music fans and party-goers, RIFF overall offers a fun place to hang-out, watch bands, play pool and bar games and buy fairly cheap drinks.

Add: 55 Chifengdao & Dagu Lu intersection, Heping District, Tianjin
地址: 天津 和平区 大沽路与赤峰道交口55号(口腔医院对面)
Tel: 138 20999403

13 ClubView In Map
13 Club has its roots in Beijing, where it set up its first venue in 2004 in the student hang-out area of Wudaokou. In Beijing, 13Club has become the capital’s major metal music base, and a hard-core music institution in its own right. In 2008, the venue spread to Tianjin, with the aim of attracting more of China’s (and indeed the world’s) rock n’ roll elite to play in the city. 13 Club puts on two live shows every weekend, with many performers including big Chinese stars such as Xie Tianxiao, smaller local and domestic bands as well as a number of popular foreign acts. Occupying an overall floor space of 300 square meters, a 100 square meter dance floor, foosball, pool and the same sound equipment as its Beijing sibling, Tianjin 13 Club has now become an important and lively base for live music in Tianjin.

Add: 3F, 60 Ziyou Dao, Ziyou Dao & Shengli Lu Intersection, Hebei District, Tianjin
地址: 天津市河北区自由道与胜利路交口自由道60号三楼
Tel: 13612087080,13012257305
Email: china13club@gmail.com

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