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Try Them All: China’s 8 Great Cuisines

Chinese food in China is an entire universe of tastes and sensations where the very idea of a single ‘Chinese cuisine’ is blown away. There are eight key traditional cuisines, defined by geography and style, stretching from Guangdong to Shandong. Read more>>

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The Venice of the East: An Escape to Tongli Water Village HOT

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A guide to escaping Suzhou and spending the day in Tongli, one of Suzhou’s most beautiful water towns. ... Read More>>

A Day Well Spent: Visiting Zhouzhuang Water Village Outside of Suzhou HOT

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Located about 30 km southeast of Suzhou in the heart of the "Jiangnan" (江南) region—the "South of the Yangtze River" area between Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang—Zhouzhuang (周庄) is the most popular of the region's so-called ...... Read More>>

11 Great Clubs to Keep You Social, Active and Entertained in Suzhou HOT

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Need to break out of your mundane routine going to the same bar, drinking the same drinks, with the same people? Or are you interested in taking on a new hobby and making new friends while you're at it? If you've answered "yes" to any of the ...... Read More>>

Tai Hu Lake: 5 Majestic Places in Suzhou away from the Crowds HOT


On the outskirts of Suzhou, just a short bus ride from the city center, the misty and tranquil Tai Hu Lake, the third biggest freshwater lakes in all of China, modestly sequesters a selection of tiny villages, pagodas, shrines, monasteries and scenic ...... Read More>>

Green Suzhou: The City’s Oft Overlooked Parks HOT

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Suzhou is known around the world as a city full of beautifully laid-out classical gardens. What’s often overlooked in this green paradise, however, are the multitude of city parks and public spaces that add to the city’s charm. Unlike their touristy ...... Read More>>

Shan Tang Street and Shi Lu – Stroll and Shop in Suzhou HOT

Visitors who are taken on the requisite trip to Guan Qian Street (观前街), the main pedestrian shopping area in Suzhou, are often taken aback at the surging hordes there. In contrast, Shi Quan Street (十全街) is a peaceful lane for shoppers, but the stores ...... Read More>>

Suzhou Getaway – A Weekend Holiday for Two for under 2200 RMB HOT

No matter if you’re in Shanghai for the World Expo or if you’ve always wanted to travel to beautiful Suzhou, you won’t regret making a weekend trip to the “Venice of the East”. This guide will help you and your travel companion get the most out of ...... Read More>>

Tale of Two Cities: A Weekend in Suzhou HOT

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Suzhou is the perfect location for a weekend getaway. Travelling by train from Shanghai is cheap, very fast and drops you fairly conveniently at the northern end of the Old Town. Suzhou is split into three distinct areas – the Old Town, Suzhou Industrial ...... Read More>>

How To: Survive Suzhou's Weather HOT


One thing expats love to do is talk about the weather – not least in Suzhou. Suzhou’s weather is fairly predictable throughout the year. In terms of climate, it is “humid sub-tropical”, but an expert would add “neo-maritime eastern seaboard”. Sound a ...... Read More>>

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