Top 5 Shanghai Restaurants to Help Nurse a Hangover

Top 5 Shanghai Restaurants to Help Nurse a Hangover
By Andrea Scarlatelli ,

Some weekends are just… one of those weekends. You know the ones - where every single one of your friends seems to be throwing a birthday party, a going away party, or has had a really bad week at work. A night (or two) of drinking turns into that horror of horrors: a hangover. Some places in Shanghai tend to cater towards this I-hate-myself-dear-God-I'll-never-drink-again state better than others. Read on for a list of those restaurants where some good (often greasy) hangover food is just around the corner. And feel free to post your own favorite "hangover spot" in the comments!

1) NYC DeliView In Map
Hands down one of the best sandwich and sub places in Shanghai, NYC Deli has made a name for itself by being authentic, offering delivery, and never skimping on the meat. You get three options in the amount of meat you can have on your respective sandwich (personally I've never had the courage to try the Monster…) so you can decide just how bad your hangover really is. The turkey reuben is a favorite across the board, while the meatball sub is a satisfying guilty pleasure.

Add: 103 Fujian Lu, Shanghai (near Jinling Lu)
地址:上海福建南路103号, 近金陵东路
Tel: 021 6326 2835
Opening hours: Daily, 10:00-21:30

2) Cali BurgerView In Map
Say what you will about Cali Burger (and a lot of people don't have very nice things to say about it), their burgers are the best when you're not in the mood for fancy, upscale meat on a patty like Bistro Burger and Gourmet Café offer. They never skimp on the cheese, and their "wild style" fries is to a hangover like water is to a man stranded on a desert. In other words, cheese + meat + carbs = hangover cure. And if you're more in the hair of the dog mood, there's always the bourbon spiked vanilla milkshakes…

Add: 98 Yanping Lu, Shanghai (near Xinzha Lu)
地址:上海延平路98号, 近新闸路
Tel: 021 5239 7728
Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours

3) Yang's Fried DumplingsView In Map
If you're in pain but not quite ready to resort to the greasy route, there's nothing quite like Yang's Fried Dumplings to soothe one's empty (and likely upset) stomach. These soup dumplings are always hot, fried, and full of the perfect amount of salty broth. It's most likely that you're a bit dehydrated after your wild weekend of partying. Hence the soup inside the dumpling can actually serve another purpose, other than just burning the hell out of your mouth and tasting awesome.

Add: 54-60 Wujiang Lu, Shanghai (near Nanjing Xi Lu)
地址:上海吴江路54-60号, 近南京西路

4) Munchies View In Map

As long as you don't go for their brunch food, Munchies can be a great spot for hungover eating. While their entire menu is fairly solid, it's their hotdogs that really hit the spot when in need of something that makes you hate yourself – but in a good way. Get one that involves a lot of cheese and chili, or maybe some bacon, to really push that feeling to the limit. Because when your head is pounding this badly, who cares how many calories you're consuming, right?

Add: 974 Wuding Lu, Shanghai, (near Jiaozhou Lu)
地址:上海武定路974号, 近胶州路
Tel: 021 6218 4616
Opening hours: Daily, 8:00-22:00

5) Urban ThaiView In Map
There are those who like the heaviness of a greasy meal after a night of drinking, and there are those who like to sweat it out. For the latter group, Urban Thai is a great place to run wild. Whether it's their 150 RMB all-you-can-eat (with one drink) brunch buffet on Sundays or their flavorful green curry that you can ask for extra spicy, this is a solid Thai food destination. For those not quite that daring, you can always get a plate of their filling pad thai – noodles are almost always a safe hangover bet.

Add: 938 Changle Lu, Shanghai (near Wulumuqi Lu)
地址:上海长乐路938号, 近乌鲁木齐路
Tel: 021 3250 3863
Opening hours: Daily, 11:00-22:00 

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