Find a New “Best Friend”: Adopting a Pet in Shanghai

Find a New “Best Friend”: Adopting a Pet in Shanghai
By Andrea Scarlatelli ,

Adopting a pet in Shanghai is a big decision. Aside from all the rules and regulations you have to adhere to in order to appease government regulations, taking on the responsibility of full time pet-ownership requires commitment, time and most importantly, love. Luckily, there are three animal charities in the city ready and willing to help you find the furry companion who is right for you. All of these organisations are dedicated to helping needy animals get adopted, as opposed to paying exorbitant prices at animal boutique shops or purchasing an (often drugged and sick) animal off the street. Read on for information that will bring you one step closer to becoming a pet owner!

1) Jaiya's Animal Rescue (JAR)
Jaiya's Animal Rescue, more commonly referred to as JAR, is probably the most well-known animal rescue group in Shanghai. Named after the founders' daughter who passed away, this organisation aims to "raise funding to support local animal welfare projects, inform and educate the public about animals, and to work with people who have a true passion for the animal well-being." They hold adoption days a few Sundays every month: Papa's Bierstube (on Hongmei Pedestrian Street) hosts the first Sunday of every month and subsequent Sundays are held at various locations. Check out their website for the exact dates and locations. And even if you're not sure about adopting quite yet, you'll be happy to know that the general public is always welcome to come play with and cuddle the animals.

Papa's BierstubeView In Map
Add: 22-24 Hongmei Pedestrian Street, Lane 3338 Hongmei Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu, Minxing District, Shanghai
地址:上海市闵行区虹梅路3338弄, 虹梅休闲街22-24号, 近延安西路
Tel: 136 3662 4300

2) Paw Pals Animal Rescue (PPAR)
The Paw Pals Animal Rescue (PPAR) group was founded with the idea of providing homeless cats with the care they need, including finding them foster homes and permanent homes. A self-proclaimed "halfway house for rescue cats," PPAR takes all the steps necessary to turn abandoned kittens and cats into adoptable pets by providing patient care and a safe environment.

All the cats at this organisation, which number over 300 since its founding in 2007, have been immunized, spayed or neutered and treated for any parasites. There are usually about 100 cats awaiting adoption from PPAR at any given time, so stop by or email for more information. You can also visit their website here.

Paw Pals Animal Rescue (PPAR)View In Map
Add: Lane 555 Jinping Lu, Minxing District, Shanghai
Website: (Chinese)

3) Second Chance Animal Aid (SCAA)
Second Chance Animal Aid (SCAA) is a private, non-profit rescue organisation geared towards rescuing and adopting dogs and cats. Due to the constant influx of animals in their care, SCAA also emphasized their need for foster parents, or those willing to take care of an animal until a permanent home can be found for them. Their weekly adoption days are usually held at O'Malley's, but check out their calendar for any location changes and other events here. There have been some complaints about SCAA's obvious affiliation with PAWS, an expat vet clinic that charges exorbitant (and unnecessary) prices, but you always have other veterinary options available.

O'Malley'sView In Map
Add: 42 Taojiang Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu, Xuhui District, Shanghai
地址:上海市徐汇区桃江路42号, 近乌鲁木齐路
Tel: 021 6474 4533

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