Don’t Suffer in Silence: Therapy in Shanghai

Don’t Suffer in Silence: Therapy in Shanghai
By Sam Elliot ,

For some it remains a touchy subject, for others a yuppie fad: but therapy is increasingly seen as something that is vital for our mental wellbeing and our quality of life.

Historically, the idea of mental health in China has been heavily influenced by Confucianism and is characterized by an emphasis on filial roles and responsibilities. In the past, the mentally ill were often stigmatized and received poor treatment and suffered abuse, neglect or confinement. Prior to the establishment of the People’s Republic, the first mental hospitals and refuges were by and large built by Western missionaries.

During the Cultural Revolution, the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness was adapted by the revolutionary government for ideological and political purposes. Later, following the modernizing reforms put in place by Deng Xiaoping, Western models of treatment and rehabilitation were increasingly disseminated among Chinese mental health professionals. The treatment provided by Chinese doctors is still often vastly different to that provided in the West. However, it is gradually becoming more standardized as mental health becomes increasingly recognized as a legitimate social and public health issue.

Just as they do in the West, people all over China are feeling the stress the comes with the significant societal changes that have taken place including the dissolution of social security, internal migration, the one child policy. Young people especially often find themselves trapped caught between the pressures of conformity and individualism.

Likewise, living as an expat can easily become a nerve-racking and isolating experience. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a selection of places that offer counseling, therapy and any other service that promotes good mental health.

Don’t Suffer in Silence: Therapy in Shanghai

1) Hypnotherapy at REV Training & CoachingView In Map
Hypnotherapy is a form of alternative therapy that uses hypnosis and putting patients entering an altered state of consciousness. REV owner Jeff Tan trained in Indonesia under the tutelage of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) founder Dr Richard Bandler. He has now been practicing clinical hypnotherapy for over nine years

Hypnotherapy is said to help alleviate phobias, obsessions and empower people to break bad habits such as smoking or over-eating. Tan believes that, by accessing the subconscious mind, you can alter your outlook and attitudes and therefore reprogram your behavior. He claims to be able to cure addictions, phobias and other conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, which are often psychosomatic in nature. It is important to remember that this is clinical hypnotherapy and is based, at least in part, on medical science.

Add: 15B, 831 Xinzha Lu, near Shimen Er Lu, Jingan District, Shanghai
地址: 上海市静安区新闸路813号15B楼, 近石门二路
Opening Hours: By appointment
Tel: 137 0163 3139

2) Therapy and Counseling at Klinoerth Therapy ClinicView In Map
Klinoerth offer occupational therapy and psychological counseling. “Therapy” is a broad term but it generally refers to all the psychological therapies that involve a person talking to a therapist about any emotional difficulties they may be experiencing. Examples include counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or psychotherapy.  Klinoerth’s therapists specialize in areas such as sex therapy and relationship counseling, life coaching, vocational counseling and adolescent counseling for teenagers.

Combining psychology with physiotherapy, occupational therapy helps individuals develop, recover, or maintain the skills necessary for everyday life. Klinoerth’s occupational therapists can identify the strengths and difficulties you may be experiencing which might even be things such as dressing or getting to the shops.

Klinoerth also provide physiotherapy, speech therapy, osteopathy, foot orthotics, chiropractic therapy and acupuncture from Western-trained and TCM health professionals.

Add: Room 1819 500 Xiangyang Nan Lu near Jinguo Xi Lu, Xuhui District, Shanghai
地址: 上海市徐汇区襄阳南路500号, 1819室
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 09:00-19:00
Tel: 5466 2621

3) Pediatric therapy at Olivia’s PlaceView In Map
Olivia’s Place provides pediatric therapy services for children with special needs including those with Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and other conditions. This also includes children who simply need help speaking, reading, writing and behaving appropriately at school. Since opening in 2010 Olivia’s Place has grown to become one of the leaders in the provision and advancement of special needs education, not just in Shanghai but the entire country

Olivia’s Place has its own charitable foundation which seeks to address China’s dire need for high quality pediatric services. Olivia’s parents have contacted therapists from all over the world to come to China to take part in their vision to make therapy universally available in China.

Add: 35 Yongjia Lu, near Maoming Lu, Jingan District, Shanghai
地址: 上海市黄浦区永嘉路35号, 近茂名路
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 09:00–18:00; Saturday 09:00–17:00
Tel: 021 5404 0058; 5404 0059

4) “Teletherapy” at Meguro Counseling Center
Conducted from their offices in Tokyo, Meguro’s American, board-certified psychiatrists, psychotherapists and cognitive-behavioral (CBT) therapists, provide psychological help over the phone or via Skype.

The Director of the Meguro Counseling Center, Dr. Douglas Berger, is an English and Japanese speaking Psychiatrist and specializes in individual mental health counseling and marriage/couples counseling. He is a native English speaker, fully fluent in Japanese, and conversational in Chinese. He is very familiar with the psychological needs of Expats working in Asia.

Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday, 08:15-12:00; 18:45-23:15; Friday-Saturday, 08:15-12:00
Tel: +81 3 3716 6624  

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