The Urban Aquatic: Nanchang’s Swimming Pools

The Urban Aquatic: Nanchang’s Swimming Pools

Want to keep swimming through the winter? Or just want to find somewhere you can be sure that the water is clean and of good quality? These are Nanchang’s best swimming complexes, ranging in size, but all great in quality.

1) Hengda Oasis (恒大绿洲)

Photo: Hengda Oasis

Hengda Oasis International Swimming Complex is located inside a huge five-star hotel, and probably provides the best swimming facilities in all of Nanchang. The entire pool covers more than a thousand square meters, and the environment is very good, with water systems and the pool itself built to international standards. Even the materials used to clean the water and the filtration system are imported from abroad.

The pool is 50 by 25 meters, and has eight lanes. Depth various throughout the pool, between 1, 1.5 and 1.8 meters, and the water is kept at a pleasant average of 26 degrees; the pool is thus comfortable no matter the season. The filtration system works 24 hours a day, so you can be sure the water quality is good.

Other than access to the swimming pool, entry also includes shower facilities, a sauna, baths, shampoo, and hairdryers. Bring your own towels, slippers, swimming costumes, and swimming cap. There is no need to book because the swimming pool is not usually very busy.

Add: Hengda Hotel Sports Center, 3988 Yingbin Zhongdadao, Nanchang
Tel: 0791 8228 6655
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00
Price: 60 RMB for single entry, no time limit; 2380 RMB for 50 entries; 3400 RMB for unlimited year-long membership.
Getting There: take bus 236 or 239 to Yinsanjiao stop (银三角站).

2) Yuandong (远东恒温)

Yuandong Swimming Complex is located inside Hong City Commercial Area, which means it is extremely easy to get there. The swimming pool is 500 square meters in size, and the environment is clear and bright, as well as clean. The pool itself is 25 by 12 meters, and there are four lanes. At its deepest, the pool is 1.85 meters deep, whereas the shallow end is 1.35 meters. There is also a children’s section which is 10 by 5 meters, and is 0.8 meters deep.

The temperature of the pool is kept at a constant 28 degrees, suitable for summer and winter. There is also heating throughout the complex. In terms of water quality, this swimming pool has also imported all of its swimming pool equipment and cleaning products, and the system filters the water continuously throughout the day, and through the night. Other facilities available include showers, but don’t forget to bring your own slippers, towels, and other products you may need.

Generally there aren’t too many people at this swimming pool, so there is enough space to relax and enjoy the water. If you want peace and quiet, ensure that you don’t come on the weekends in the afternoons as there are swimming classes for children during these times, making the place busier than usual. If you want to make sure to avoid the classes, call ahead to check.

Add: 777 Hongcheng Lu, Nanchang
Opening Hours: 07:30-21:00
Price: 45 RMB for a single entry, no time limit; 400 RMB for unlimited month-long admission, 2800 RMB for unlimited year-long admission.
Getting There: take bus 233 or 255 to Tiaohua Zhonglu stop (挑花中路站).

3) Feirun (飞润恒温)

Established in 2012, Feirun Swimming Complex is Qingshanhu District’s best swimming pool. You can get there directly using bus number 12, which goes straight to the main entrance. The entire complex is about 400 square meters big, and the lay-out is simple.

There are four swimming lanes that are all up to international standards, and the entire pool is 25 by 20 meters, and between 1.1 and 1.6 meters deep. The water is clean, and is filtered and cleaned using imported products. The filtration systems also run for 24 hours, ensuing the best water quality. The water temperature is between 28-30 degrees.

Shower facilities are provided for free, and there is also a Korean style steam room for relaxation. Don’t forget to bring your own towel, slippers and shower products. There is a shop that sells swimwear and swimming caps if you need to buy some. Generally there are not too many people, so you should have a lot of space to yourself. On weekends it will be a bit busier, but not too crowded.

Add: 189 Minfeng Lu, Nanchang
Tel: 0791 8857 5200
Opening Hours: 13:40-21:30
Price: 40 RMB for a single entry, 1000 RMB for a 1200 RMB top-up card, 2600 RMB for unlimited year-long admission
Getting There: take bus 12 to Minfeng Lu stop (民丰路站).

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