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5 Places to Grab Food or Drinks In and Around Kunming’s Jinma Biji HOT

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Just south of the Bird and Flower Market and near to many of Kunming’s flourishing Malls, Jinmafang is a useful landmark. Here are five good eating options for you in and around the area. ... Read More>>

Parks in Kunming: Finding Refuge from the Urban Jungle HOT

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A gathering ground for migratory birds, Kunming’s scenic parks are a great place for bird-watching or to simply take a break from urban life. ... Read More>>

Kunming’s Most Popular Shopping Malls HOT

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Kunming has always been an easy city to live in, and shopping is no exception. But with so many popular options, sometimes it can be hard to know where to go to get it all done. Whether it's purely clothes you're interested in, or the whole food ...... Read More>>

"Variety is the Spice of Life": Kunming’s Best Multiethnic Dishes HOT

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The impressive variety of dishes available in Kunming is most certainly a reflection of Yunnan Province's multiethnic character. Local cuisine, such Cross the Bridge Rice Noodles, Clay Pot Chicken and Pineapple Rice, are characteristic of both the local ...... Read More>>

A Peaceful Retreat from Kunming: Fuxian Lake HOT

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Clear, blue, swimmable water – it sounds more like a fantasy than a description of a modern Chinese lake. But Fuxian Lake (抚仙湖) remains one of the country's best-preserved lakes, due to its remarkable depth and relative obscurity. Yunnan's ...... Read More>>

The Real Deal: Finding Import Beers in Kunming HOT

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Tsingtao goes great with Chinese food – that crisp, almost flavourless beer is refreshing with China's sauce-heavy dishes. But on its own, light Chinese beer doesn't always satisfy. When craving a heftier brew, Kunming beer-lovers seek out import beers. ... Read More>>

Vestige of Another Era: Day Trips Around Kunming’s Dianchi Lake HOT

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Twentyyears ago, Dianchi was a country lake. Kunming residents could escape the city for a daytrip out on the water, boating or fishing. Dianchi developed a reputation as a resort – a moniker that has stuck even as the area developed into a suburb. The ...... Read More>>

Shrines of Solace: Exploring Kunming’s Temples HOT

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At first glance, Kunming might seem an unlikely place to look for famous temples. Other Chinese cities are known for their elaborate and historical architecture – most prominently Beijing, but also Yunnan’s own Dali and Lijiang. However, Kunming ...... Read More>>

The Growing Organic Food Scene in Kunming HOT

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Only a few weeks ago, another food scandal hit China. This time, dairy company Mengniu recalled milk containing aflatoxin, a cancer-causing agent (蒙牛称毒奶事件). Citizen responses reflected accumulated outrage – in the last few years, food ...... Read More>>

Travelling to Dali from Kunming: A Practical Guide HOT

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Many Yunnan travellers encounter a problem: how exactly do you get to Dali? Tucked between the mist-shrouded Cangshan and the flat expanse of Erhai Lake, Dali feels remote. But it’s surprisingly easy to catch a bus, train or car from Kunming. A ...... Read More>>

The Diverse Flavours of Kunming’s Minority Cuisine HOT

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The diverse cuisine of Kunming’s minority groups is not what you might expect. This isn’t the land of dim sum, nor of Peking duck. Twenty-six minority cultures can be found in Yunnan, each with their own distinct culinary tradition. Often, the flavours ...... Read More>>

A Guide to Local Tea Shopping in Kunming HOT

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The art of tea drinking is one of the deepest and most ancient aspects of Chinese high culture. The development of regional tea making techniques has spanned dynasties, and now there are thousands of tea varieties to choose from. These variations ...... Read More>>

In Search of Cheap and Clean Accommodation: Kunming’s Top Hostels HOT

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Kunming is a major transit hub for all kinds of tourists, and has a number of hotels, hostels and guesthouses for people looking for places to stay. While the number and diversity of Kunming lodging is its advantage, the short-term nature of its ...... Read More>>

Outdoor Kunming: The Best Day Trips HOT

Kunming is a vibrant, colourful city full of adventure and wonder still waiting to be discovered. But the real gems of Yunnan lie in the outdoors, in the even wilder and pristine mountains, lakes and valleys of the Himalayan foothills. Be it backpacking, ...... Read More>>

Got Guests in Town? 5 Great Places to Visit in Kunming HOT

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Great! After months of prodding, you’ve finally convinced one of your friends or family members to travel all the way to wild Yunnan to visit you. The only problem is now you’ve got to entertain someone who’s just dropped a couple of thousand bucks ...... Read More>>

The Best of Kunming’s New Pizza Scene HOT

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For a city with a moderate amount of foreigners, Kunming has a robust pizza scene. Old mainstays like the Box and Sandra’s still serve most of the city’s pizza, each with a different approach. Italian-owned Box has a lot of Italian treats, and the owners ...... Read More>>

Art Guide: Galleries and Art Shopping in Kunming HOT

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The cultural nexus that is Kunming hosts an increasingly well-known art scene. Brought to the public by creative spaces like the Loft, Kunming’s art community now offers a wide variety of artists and styles. Even a few years ago, it would have been ...... Read More>>

Kunming’s Best Vegetarian Restaurants HOT

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An estimated 18000 plant species representing almost 5% of the world’s botanical diversity grow in Yunnan, and out of the world’s 600 species of edible fungus, 250 can be found in the province. It’s no wonder then that Kunming hosts some ...... Read More>>

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Kunming HOT

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It’s easy to spend your free time in Kunming in the Wenlin Street bubble of foreign cafes and bars. However, you’ll kick yourself if you leave the Spring City without having experienced some of the more unusual activities Yunnan has to offer. Here are our ...... Read More>>

Where to Find Imported Western Groceries in Kunming HOT

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The mountains are high and the emperor is far away. However, western groceries are just around the corner! Here is a rundown of our favourite places from which to taste the best of the west in Kunming. ... Read More>>

Green Lake: Kunming’s Hippest Neighborhood HOT

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The most beautiful place in Kunming has got to be the Green Lake (Cai Hu) area, and it’s arguably also home to the best array of restaurants, bars, and teahouses in the city – making it a place where visitors come from all over to enjoy the unique venues ...... Read More>>

The Kunming Pampering Guide: Spas and Massages on all Budgets HOT

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Most expats have heard a horror story or two of a friend of a friend left bruised and battered by an incompetent and overzealous masseuse. A story that frequently does the rounds in Kunming is of an American woman who several years ago had to return ...... Read More>>

Deprived of Literature? Where to Find English Books in Kunming HOT

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Tucked away in southwest China, far from the major international metropolises of the east coast, Kunming might seem like one of the last places to find English reading material. In the past, a Kunming bookworm’s worst fate was to finish reading ...... Read More>>

Rocking Spring City: Kunming’s Vibrant Live Music Scene HOT

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Surprisingly for its size, Kunming has a thriving live music scene with several home grown bands, both Chinese and expat, playing regularly around the city and even nationally. From classical music to hardcore punk, the city has it all. If you see them ...... Read More>>

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