The Ultimate Guide to Chongqing’s Dining Streets

The Ultimate Guide to Chongqing’s Dining Streets

Diners from all over the world are lured by the delicious Sichuan cuisine offered in Chongqing.  Restaurants dot every street and alley in the city; downtown Chongqing alone has 12 different dining streets that are each unique in their own right. If this is your first time in the city, it is perfectly understandable that you'd feel lost with so many different dining options available. In the following paragraphs we will be introducing some of the most popular dining streets in the city. You're sure to relish the eclectic dining choices offered.

Hongyadong Dining Street

Hongyadong Dining Street洪崖洞美食街
This dining street is part of a community that has maintained much of its local history and culture; it's got the traditional diaojiaolou or “hanging attic” buildings, which are traditional residences of Guizhou ethnic minorities that are supported by wooden pillars off of the ground. In Hongyadong , you're able to stroll around an elevated walkway.

The dining streets here have traditional Chinese restaurants including Little Swan Hotpot, Quanjude Roast Duck and Hunan Restaurant; aside from Chinese eateries, you can also find Starbucks and other multinational stores here as well. Of course, the main offerings at Hongyadong is definitely local spicy eats, including Chongqing spicy and sour noodles, Gaodouhua (spicy bean curd), Wuchaoshou, Shancheng glutinous rice balls, Zhengdong spicy noodles, etc. They've also got Chengdu skewered grilled treats, Tianjin deep-fried twisted dough, Korean Zagao (a glutinous treat) among other regional street eats. Vendors with stalls offering traditional folk crafts and merchandise can also be found here, including clay sculptures, candy dragons and crafts woven with bamboo leaves.

There is also a “Chongqing Specialty Food Shop” in Hongyadong. Here, visitors are able to find local specialty ingredients and condiments to take home or bring as gifts to family and friends.

Hongyadong Dining Street View In Map
Add: Jiefangbei Cangbai Lu (riverside area between Yangtze River and Jialing River), Yuzhong District, Chongqing
Getting there: Take bus routes 248, 604, 609, 868 (A Line) to venue

Nanbin Rd Dining Street 南滨路美食街
Nanbin Rd is one of the most prosperous and dazzling dining streets in Chongqing; it's nicknamed “the Bund” for this reason. The area is located in the southern banks of the Yangtze River and one can look across the river to the most prosperous part of the city, Yuzhong Peninsula. At night, when the lights come on across the river in Yuzhong Peninsula, Nanbin street’s neon lights also flicker and complement the beautiful night view. Visitors will be able to enjoy delicious food and also immerse themselves in the dazzling lights of the city over the river.

More upscale dining venues that are well-known amongst the locals are located here, including Taoranju, Waipoqiao, Shunfeng 123, Laoyuanzi etc; and if it's local folk eats you're after, they've also got restaurants that offer different local cuisine catering to the true Chongqing residents that can handle the genuine spice and taste. There are also numerous bars, cafes, teahouses lining the area. This is a must-visit place for any visitors to Chongqing.

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Add: Southern bank of Yangtze River, Nan'an (Southern Bank) District, Chongqing
Getting there: Take bus routes 338, 368, 373 to venue

Quanshuiji (Spring Water Chicken) Dining Street 泉水鸡一条街
Spring Water Chicken is definitely the very best and the soul of Chongqing street cuisine. This is a dish that is about tingly spice, fresh ingredients and boiling hot, super tender meat. It is prepared with locally raised Silkie meat stir-fried with ginger, pepper, leek and other spices; then it is boiled and stewed with local mountain spring water – a delicacy that is guaranteed to be only found in Chongqing.

Many visitors and diners are attracted here by this exotic dish – some come from miles away just for a taste. There are nearly 100 or so restaurants around Nanshan (South Mountain) that caters specifically to preparing the Spring Water Chicken – thus earning the area the name “Spring Water Chicken Dining Street”. Every weekend, numerous visitors cram into different eateries and aside from the Spring Water Chicken, many diners also find the different hotpots featuring organic produce to be another delectable treat. Nanshan is also very cool and breezy during the summer, making it the perfect getaway from the heat and bustle of the city on the weekends and holidays.

Quanshuiji (Spring Water Chicken) Dining StreetView In Map
Add: Huajueya area, up in Nanshan (South Mountain), Nan'an District, Chongqing
Getting there: Take bus routes 346, 347, 384 (Qujian Zhongji) to Yi'keshu (sightseeing platform) station, and walk 188 m to destination 

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I have lived in CQ for several years. Never have I been at a loss as to where to eat. So many venues, so many tastes. CQ has a wonderful variety of foods and atmosphere to enjoy. Go out, explore, and enjoy the food of CQ!

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