The Hot Spring Capital: Chongqing’s Best Hot Springs

The Hot Spring Capital: Chongqing’s Best Hot Springs

Chongqing is known as the "hot spring capital", and its abundant hot springs have a good reputation throughout the country. Chongqing has a very long history of developing hot springs; the South Hot Springs, North Hot Springs and East Hot Springs have been in operation for a very long time. While the Tongjing Hot Springs, Tianci Hot Springs and Xianghai Hot Springs are some of the newer ones on the scene. The older spas have a long history and rich culture while the newly developed hot springs have more innovative features. Each has their own advantages, so here we would like to introduce a few of our favorites.

North Hot Springs 北温泉 View In Map
The North Springs have nearly 1,600 thousand years of history; in fact they are called the "birth place of Chinese hot springs." The North Hot Springs has an abundance of excellent quality water. There are 10 springs with a water temperature of about 38 degrees, suitable for soaking in any season. The water contains traces of alkali and emanates other trace elements, giving the water medicinal properties. The warm water is not only a great way to relax but is said to help relieve arthritis, help with skin problems and other ailments. They also have a newly built triangular indoor swimming pool. The park is covered in green plant life, giving this place really beautiful scenery. There are also temples and pavilions from earlier dynasties that are well worth looking at.  

Add: Jinyun Shan North Hotspring Park, Beipei District, Chongqing
地址: 重庆北培区缙云山北温泉公园内
Tel: 023 6822 0747
Price: 268 RMB
Getting there: Jiefangbei, Shapingba, Nanping, Yangjiaping all have buses to Beibei, in Beibei ride the North Hot Springs bus to the park. Also you can take the Jiefangbei Chongqing Hotel shuttle bus directly to the North Hot Springs.

Tongjing Hot Springs统景温泉 View In Map
The Tongjing Hot Springs are known as the "finest under heaven" because of its clean water, high temperatures and excellent water quality. There are 25 natural hot springs, the average temperature being anywhere from 35-52 degrees; some are even as hot as 62 degrees. The hot spring water is rich in minerals and trace elements that help not only cosmetically but also your health. It is said to help with obesity, gout and other diseases. This hot spring also includes an outdoor swimming pool, indoor couple pool, physiotherapy room and other health-care facilities, allowing you to fully enjoy a leisurely holiday.

Add: Jingquan Lu, Tongjing Zhen, Yubei District, Chongqing
地址: 重庆渝北区东部御临河畔统景风景区内
Tel: 023 6728 8999
Price: 100 RMB
Getting there: at Chaotianmen take special bus 612 to Tongjing Scenic area. Buses run everyday every hour from 8:00-23:00. Bus is 15 RMB

Xiang Hai Hot Spring香海温泉 View In Map
Chongqing’s Xiang Hai Hot Spring is one of the newest hot springs in Chongqing. This spring features spa culture from around the world, focusing on good health and well being. This spring has crystal clear water with mineral elements making one’s skin feel great. The environment is beautifully peaceful with lots of trees and plants dotting the area. They also provide a variety of unique services including head to toe spa massage, a Turkish bath area featuring Turkey's "kiss the fish" that melts fatigue away, the Chinese Taoist region features the “five principles” pool, which helps the body maintain balance with the five elements. They also have plenty of other areas that offer all kinds of ways for you to relax and enjoy.

Add: 408 Shengli Road,Xianghai Hot Springs Park, Yongchuan District, Chongqing
地址: 重庆永川区胜利路408号香海温泉度假景区
Tel: 023 4951 1188
Price: 68 RMB
Getting there: Take bus 109 to the scenic area, the ride takes about one hour

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