Yoshinoya Caught Re-Using Rice & Not Disinfecting Dinnerware

Mar 19, 2013 By eChinacities.com Comments (3)     Add your comment Newsletter

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On March 2, an undercover journalist in Beijing exposed some alarming facts about Japanese fast-food chain Yoshinoya: many branches do not thoroughly clean or disinfect cutlery and tableware, uneaten rice is re-used and sold to customers and kitchen staff do not wear gloves or masks among other things. The journalist visited a Yoshinoya branch in Ginza Mall in Dongzhimen and a branch at Chongwai posing as a jobseeker. During his induction, he noticed that staff would drink out of bowls and directly re-use them to serve food to customers without cleaning them first. Bowls and chopsticks would be soaked in hot water for a few minutes, sometimes rubbing them dry using the same cloths used for wiping down tables and trays – as long as they looked clean, they were ready to use. The journalist also noticed that the disinfection cabinets were not used properly and that the temperatures inside were not high enough to disinfect. What’s more, instead of tossing out old rice, staff would simply re-heat it in a rice cooker and reserve.


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