Xinjiang Statue’s Breasts Discolored from Too Much Touching by Tourists

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Xinjiang Statue’s Breasts Discolored from Too Much Touching by Tourists

The breasts of a “Princess Iron Fan” statue in Turpan Flaming Mountain Scenic Area in Xinjiang have been rubbed so much by tourists that they’ve changed color.

Princess Iron Fan is a character in the popular children’s story “Journey to the West” and Flaming Mountain is depicted as the hottest place in China and one of the most difficult challenges faced by the Monkey King and his disciples.

The statue was last given a revamp in 2012, when no doubt a similar fondness of groping the chest area occurred. In less than a year, the poor old statue is in need of reparations once again but it seems like poor Princess Iron Fan’s perky boobs will always be too irresistible for tourists.


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