Sichuan Sees Shanghai’s 16,000 Dead Pigs, Raises it 1,000 Dead Ducks

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Eerily reminiscent of the recent “river pigs” scandal in Shanghai, it was recently reported that more than 1,000 dead ducks were found along the banks of the Nanhe river in Pengshan Country in Sichuan.

On the afternoon of March 19, the Pengshan County Environmental Protection Department received a call from a local villager saying that a lot of dead ducks had just washed up along the riverbanks of the Nanhe river between Qinglong and Guanyin towns.

Local officials went to the scene where they found 50-60 woven plastic bags containing around 1,000 dead ducks. Officials were unable to determine the cause of death because the ducks were already very decomposed.

State media reported that the duck carcasses had been disinfected and buried and “pose no threat to humans or livestock along the banks of the river.”

The investigation has still not determined where the ducks came from.

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