Dongguan Landlord Finds 6.33 Million Hidden in Mattress of Former Renter

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When 6 million RMB in cash mysteriously appears before your eyes without knowing where it came from, what would be your reaction? Would it be a delight, or would it be a shock?

On the afternoon of October 14 owner Ma Guangdi was thinking about advertising for a new tenant for his apartment as he was cleaning it up. That’s when he suddenly discovered 6.33 million RMB in cash hidden underneath the bed in the master bedroom!

Ma’s apartment is located in the Taurus Garden compound in Chang’an County, Dongguan. Ma had reached the apartment at around 18:00 on the October 14. Seeing that a thin layer of dust covered the floor and that the furniture had not been looked after, Ma called for two security guards as well as the services of a rubbish collector to aid him in cleaning the apartment.

In addition to the two security guards, 47 year-old rubbish collector Le Shengwang from Jiangxi helped Ma in ridding the apartment of disused electrical appliances. However, when the bed and mattress in the master bedroom were moved, four large packages, bulging at the seams and tightly wrapped in tape, suddenly appeared before the four people. When Mr Ma tore open one of the packages, everyone was stupefied by the result. The paper packages held bundle after bundle of cash in denominations of 50, 20, 10 and 5 Yuan.

Ma was surprised to see such a large amount of cash in front of him and didn’t dare open any of the other packages; after taking a moment to consider the situation, he decided to notify the police.

Ma told police that he had rented the apartment out to a person named Lu who hailed