Anhui Woman Cuts Husband’s Genitals Off, Twice!

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One of the biggest mistakes Han Mou ever made was to ask his wife, named Zhang, for a divorce. After this act Zhang became suspicious, thinking he wanted to separate because of another woman. So she slipped him some sleeping pills, cut off his genitals and flushed them down the toilet.

Zhang was arrested but later let out on bail. While recovering in hospital Han Mou said that he still loved his wife but that he still wanted a divorce because she was too jealous.

After the incident, while awaiting Zhang’s trial, the pair still lived together with their children. But, fearing that his wife might go to prison, Han Mou went out to look for a new partner, someone to be a mother to his children if their biological mother ended up behind bars. Becoming rather jealous again, Zhang decided that she was going to go down swinging and planned on taking what was left of his manhood and make him completely impotent. One night she ground up some sleeping pills and put the powder in his milk. The next morning Han Mou drank the milk, fell asleep and woke up, again, without his genitals, this time his wife had taken everything.

When Han Mou woke and started screaming, Zhang called the ambulance and the police to turn herself in. It looks like Han Mou will be peeing sitting down from now on.




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