28 Year-Old Gansu Woman’s Face Dramatically Ages After Plastic Surgery Failure

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Cosmetic surgery is not the golden ticket to beauty and a better life. That’s something Xiao Lian from Gansu Province has had to learn the hard way. Seven years after getting her first cosmetic procedure, 28 year-old Xiao Lian looks like an old woman.

Xiao Lian states that she had previously disliked her face for being too thin and not cute enough. At work, her boss would tell her, “Your face is too thin, and not conducive towards the welcoming of riches.” Wanting to fulfill her heart’s desire of having a cute, chubby face, Xiao Lian decided to opt to go under the knife. She inquired at many plastic surgery clinics, but their costs were all very high. In the end, Xiao Lian decided to go with a small clinic that was recommended by a friend but hadn’t yet obtained its operating license.

Xiao Lian, who was 17 years old at the time, was injected a substance into her face for a relatively low price. Afterwards, under the continued advice of her doctor, Xiao Lian continued to have the procedure applied to her temples as well as her risorius (Albinus) muscle (used in the action for smiling). Within a month, Xiao Lian would have her face injected a total of over ten times. At last, Xiao Liao finally had the cute, plump face that she had always wanted.

It was in 2009 when Xiao Lian’s face started to experience minute edema in which the shape of her facial features would start to change. This year, Xiao Lian has experienced dropsy in her eyes, a complete change in the shape of her face, her hair falling out – all factors that have contributed to the way she currently looks as an old woman. In order to rehabilitate her face, her boyfriend has accompanied her all over Gansu to seek help from hospitals. At the beginning, they thought her swelling in the face and eyes, and falling out of hair was related to liver disease, kidney disease or some other kind of strange illness. However, after completing tests, doctors would tell her that she had no health problems.

After worrying about this on a daily basis, Xiao Lian finally thought back to the time she had the facial cosmetic procedure, and of the material the procedure used. After tests were performed, it was ascertained that the doctor had injected polyacrylamide absorbent gel (PAM) into her face as part of the cosmetic procedure. This compound is a potentially harmful product when injected into the human body.

To want to be beautiful is an innate quality in people; so is the desire to make oneself more attractive. However, everyone must be careful when undergoing cosmetic surgery and selecting a properly-licensed facility is very important.

Source: Guilin Life News


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