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We’ve all been there. That feeling that your boss doesn’t respect you or give a darn about you as a person. Being undervalued by your manager and treated like a mere commodity is an absolute killer for enthusiasm and creativity in the workplace. If this is your work life, it might be time to make a change. Here are 11 ways to tell your boss doesn’t respect you.

You're Not Compensated Fairly

Money, of course, is the first way to gauge whether or not you’re respected at work. Perhaps if you’re new to a role or work for a startup you can accept your pay being low to begin with. However, if you know you’ve earned your stripes and been performing well, you should be able to ask for a pay rise without feeling like you’re risking your job.

Your Time Is Not Important

Some bosses, especially in China, will expect their employees to work overtime for free. Many of your younger co-workers with few commitments might be okay with this, but if you need to be home for your family or other important commitments, your boss should respect that. The occasional change in schedule should also be acceptable. A manager who doesn’t see the importance of a work-life balance is  manager who doesn’t care about the wellbeing of his/her staff.

Your Boss 'Forgets' His/Her Promises

Some bosses will agree to things on first request and then conveniently forget when it comes to crunch time. They may just be forgetful, but they may also be taking you for a fool. If you have a boss who’s partial to this, make sure you put all important communications in an email.

Your Needs Don’t Get Met

You request a quick fix or something small that will make your life a hell of a lot easier at work, and it never materializes. If this is the case, your boss isn’t concerned with whether you’re comfortable or not at work.

You’re Out of the Loop

You’re not consulted on big decisions and not told when big decisions have been made. This is because your boss doesn’t value your input and doesn’t think you need to know.

You Only Hear From Them When You Screw Up

You get no praise, guidance or feedback, and only really hear from the boss or get any one-on-one time when you’ve screwed up. If your boss isn’t interested in your personal development and doesn’t notice when you do something right, it’s a sure sign they don’t value you.

There’s No Trust’

If the first thing your boss asks when you’ve been off sick is for a doctor’s note, he/she clearly doesn’t trust you to be responsible and professional. Needless to say, they don't care about your health.

They Make Demands of You During Holidays  

A lot of workplaces will expect their staff to remain in email contact while on holiday if there are ongoing projects and loose ends to tie up. But if you’re expected to basically continue working while on leave, this is not okay.

They Micro-Manage You

A boss who wants to approve everything you do before you do it and review everything immediately after is a boss that doesn’t trust you to make the right decisions.  

They Give You Mindless Work

Even in the most creative of jobs, every now and then you have to do a bit of tedious admin work. However, if your boss gives you hours and hours of mindless work that anyone with two brain cells and spreadsheet skills can do, they clearly don’t value your talents.

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