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Signed and Delivered: The Lowdown on Express Delivery Services in China

Jul 23, 2014 Comments(0)

China’s express delivery volume ranks second in the world after the US, an industry that has witnessed phenomenal growth due to a boom in ecommerce. With 8,000 registered courier companies currently in China and counting, here’s a guide to riding the express delivery wave and ensuring your parcel reaches its ...Read more>>

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Western Psychology: Can it Take Root in China?

Jul 21, 2014 Comments(9)

While mental illnesses in China continue to be taboo in much of society and social services for mental health patients are still scarce, the idea of psychotherapy is becoming more normal, especially in bigger cities.... Read More>>

Hainan: The “Hawaii of China” by 2020?

Jul 19, 2014 Comments(28)

Hainan is so much more than just an island with beautiful beaches and great weather. It is part of a government project to put the island on the international tourism radar—to make it the ‘Hawaii of the China’. ... Read More>>

Wacky Flavors: 10 Interesting and Weird Bottled Beverages in China

Jul 16, 2014 Comments(6)

Ever enter a Chinese supermarket or convenience store hoping to grab a thirst-quenching drink, only to be greeted by an overwhelming selection of mysterious bottled beverages? Here’s our pick of interesting and weird bottled beverages worth a try. ... Read More>>

3 Cheap Travel Websites for Booking Your Summer Holiday From China

Jul 14, 2014 Comments(13)

One of the advantages of living in China is the ability to use the country as a springboard for travelling around the rest of Asia on a budget. We take a look at some price comparison websites, what they offer and how they compare. ... Read More>>

Finding Love Through a Screen: Online Mobile Dating Apps in China

Jul 09, 2014 Comments(1)

Thanks to the explosive growth in smartphone usage in China, mobile dating apps have changed the rules of the dating game forever. This article looks at a few of the fastest-growing and most promising dating apps in China. Mr or Mrs Right may just be a ...... Read More>>

Anyone Can Cook: 5 Easy Chinese Recipes

Jul 08, 2014 Comments(5)

If you have lived in China for some time now, and still have not mastered the art of cooking at least a few basic Chinese dishes, worry not! With these five easy Chinese recipes, you’ll be whipping up authentic-tasting meals in no time. ... Read More>>

From Syndicates to Child Maiming: Should You Give to Beggars in China?

Jul 07, 2014 Comments(13)

With practically non-existent social nets for the marginalized, whether to give or not to give to beggars in China is a contentious topic. The existence of syndicates running begging teams and stories of child trafficking further complicates the giving ...... Read More>>

Charities and NGOs in China: A Rocky Road to Altruistic Philanthropy

Jul 02, 2014 Comments(1)

Chinese charities don’t enjoy the best reputation worldwide. Mention the words ‘charities in China’ to people and it is synonymous with corruption. But despite the setbacks there are players striving for true, altruistic philanthropy in China. ... Read More>>

The Couch Potato’s Guide to Ordering Fast Food Online in China

Jul 01, 2014 Comments(7)

Fast food delivery guys whizzing about on their e-bikes at all hours of the day and night is a common sight across China. So how do you avail of this awesome service? We take a look at the three most popular fast food outlets and their online ordering ...... Read More>>

Fruit in China: Tips on Identifying and Buying the Best Fruit

Jun 30, 2014 Comments(5)

This article provides tips on when best to eat some of China’s most popular fruit, how to keep them and what health properties they bring. So, digest the below tips and gain the all-knowing wisdom of a fruit connoisseur. ... Read More>>

Midnight Munchies – 5 Popular Late Night Chinese Snacks

Jun 28, 2014 Comments(7)

We've all had those moments at one point or another: you're out and about in the city, and suddenly, your nose is engulfed by the gastronomical smells of the night. Your tummy grumbles, and you know that you can hardly survive without satisfying the munchies. ... Read More>>

Positive Experiences Do Exist: Giving Birth at a Chinese Hospital Hot

Jun 24, 2014 Comments(8)

The prospect of giving birth in a foreign country, away from family and friends, is daunting, and is often the subject of detailed discussion among expats. This article follows the experiences of a Canadian expat who gave birth at a Chinese hospital. ... Read More>>

6 Strange Compliments You Get in China (and How to Handle Them) Hot

Jun 23, 2014 Comments(15)

More often than not, compliments in China come across more as highly personal statements, ranging from the plain statement of fact to the bewildering to the downright offensive. So, how should you handle them? ... Read More>>

5 Bizarre Chinese Weight Loss Methods Hot

Jun 21, 2014 Comments(25)

5 Bizarre Chinese Weight Loss Methods In case you have not figured this out yet, you’re new to China, or perhaps you have simply been living under a rock your entire life, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Chinese people love thinness. I mean, reeeeally ...... Read More>>

A Foreigner’s Guide to Buying Vehicles in China Hot

Jun 19, 2014 Comments(11)

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and buy a vehicle in China, but where to start? What do you buy and how do you buy it? Are you even allowed to as a foreigner? Let’s take a look and find out …... Read More>>

What You Must Know About Renting an Apartment in China Hot

Jun 18, 2014 Comments(12)

For most Westerners, we relish in the independence of renting our own apartment. However, renting culture is different in China and is rife with hassles. The best way to learn is to prepare in advance, so we’ve listed tips for new and seasoned renters in ...... Read More>>

China’s Railway Network: Past, Present and Future

Jun 16, 2014 Comments(5)

China’s railway system has developed at an enormous speed in the last few decades and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. From China’s earliest railway network to ambitious cross-border plans, let’s take a ride through the railway network’s past, ...... Read More>>

Footing the Bill in China: Tips and Insights into China’s Paying Culture Hot

Jun 11, 2014 Comments(15)

If you've ever been alarmed at the sight of red-faced diners talking at the top of their voices and waving fistfuls of something around, don't be; they are only fighting to “qingke”, or pay the bill. Here’s a guide on when it’s your turn to fork out the ...... Read More>>

The Real Cost of Education in China Hot

Jun 09, 2014 Comments(10)

The right education matters more than ever in twenty-first century China. A first-rate education is seen not only as a gateway to personal and professional success, but as a status symbol among the country’s new rich. This article looks at the real – and ...... Read More>>

Beyond Baijiu: 8 Unusual Beers and Liquors in China

Jun 07, 2014 Comments(12)

If you think that Chinese drinking starts and stops with baijiu, then you’re sorely mistaken. China is home to wide variety of unusual beers and liquors. I have completed hours of painstaking “research” to bring you the very best uniquely Chinese alcohols. ...... Read More>>

5 Beautiful Places in China Ruined by Tourism Hot

Jun 05, 2014 Comments(21)

Tourism has exploded in China, especially the domestic industry. While this has been good for the country’s GDP, it has left many of its most iconic attractions struggling under the brunt of mass tourism. From crippling numbers swamping the Great Wall to ...... Read More>>

The Great Debate: China Unicom vs. China Mobile Hot

Jun 04, 2014 Comments(7)

When choosing between China’s two mobile service providers there is a lot to take into consideration. Here we lay it all out for you so that you can make the right, educated decision. ... Read More>>

‘Red Flags’ to Watch Out for When Working in China Hot

Jun 02, 2014 Comments(23)

Finding a job is one thing, but securing a good one that will legally provide you with a work visa is another. This article outlines some of the ‘red flags’ to look out for when browsing through job adverts and negotiating with your future employer. ... Read More>>

A Taste of All China: 5 Great Dishes from Minority Groups Hot

May 31, 2014 Comments(6)

Part of the wonder of living in China is the opportunity to sample so many varieties of food. Yes, they can all be classified as "Chinese," but that’s about as descriptive as "American food." The nuances of Chinese food come from the ...... Read More>>

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