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China’s Youth Hostel Culture: Younger Than its Customers

Oct 29, 2014 Comments(4)

Whilst youth hostelling has been a cheap and reliable way for people to acquire accommodation for over a century, the first hostel in China only opened in 1998. But what you trade in luxury you gain in terms of a vibrant social scene, local knowledge from staff and many other perks. Read more>>

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5 Health Idea Differences Between China and the West

Oct 27, 2014 Comments(12)

There are many differences between the West and China regarding health practices and how best to stay healthy.Whilst none are dangerous, getting to the root of where these stem from is often difficult. Let’s take a look at some perceptions regarding ...... Read More>>

The Bewitching World of China’s Ghost Stories Hot

Oct 25, 2014 Comments(5)

All over China, leaves are starting to crisp and fall. Trees lift blackened limbs into a chilly sky. It's the season for ghost stories. For Westerners, October calls up Halloween's roll call of creepy-crawlies: vampires and ghosts, witches and zombies. ...... Read More>>

Fading Voices: China’s Endangered Languages

Oct 23, 2014 Comments(1)

As the world becomes more interconnected, languages everywhere are dying out at an unprecedented rate. In China alone, 144 languages linger on the brink of extinction, most with no more than a few dozen speakers left. ... Read More>>

Understanding China: Essential Documentaries

Oct 22, 2014 Comments(3)

Documentaries can be an invaluable source of information and inspiration and we’ve picked out 5 great documentaries that illuminate different facets of life in contemporary China. ... Read More>>

Biting the Bullet: Going to the Dentist in China

Oct 20, 2014 Comments(3)

Going to the dentist in China is possible, and this is the complete expat’s guide to surviving that first foreign dentist visit, whether you want to get a professional clean, or definitely feel a cavity coming on. ... Read More>>

7 Tips on How to Prepare for a Health Emergency in China Hot

Oct 18, 2014 Comments(14)

I've never felt more panicked and frustrated in China then when dealing with a Chinese ambulance and medics in an emergency last summer. ... Read More>>

When the Unpleasant Strikes: Food Poisoning in China

Oct 15, 2014 Comments(7)

This article takes a look at the situations where you are most likely to be struck down with a bout food poisoning, how to prevent it and how best to manage it in the event of an episode. ... Read More>>

What’s in a Name? Foreigners in China with a Chinese Name

Oct 13, 2014 Comments(6)

Our names are the stamps of our identity, especially for the Chinese. So why is it that many Chinese themselves – especially those who immigrate – find the need to re-name themselves? Here, one British writer of Chinese descent recounts her experiences of ...... Read More>>

Culture Shock Reversed: 5 Things That Will Shock You When You Return Home Hot

Oct 08, 2014 Comments(23)

Many expats who return home after a prolonged stint in China find themselves suffering from a strange sense of displacement. Welcome to the world of reverse culture shock. ... Read More>>

Bad Luck in China: Avoid These Superstitions if You Can Hot

Oct 06, 2014 Comments(14)

Most people already know about the unlucky number four, which, in Chinese, sounds the same as death. Here, we take a look at some of the lesser-known superstitions in China that are related to bad luck. ... Read More>>

Smart and Practical: The Best Apps for Travelling in China Hot

Oct 04, 2014 Comments(0)

Smart phones have drastically changed the way we obtain information, almost rendering paperback dictionaries and travel books obsolete. From incredibly smart translating tools to up-to-date transport maps, here’s our list of essential apps for travelling ...... Read More>>

Gourmet or Insane? Outrageously Expensive Delicacies in China

Oct 01, 2014 Comments(8)

For many years, China has had an appetite for what Westerners would consider exotic and outrageously expensive delicacies. While Xi’s austerity measures have reigned in the prices, the following ‘treats’ are not for those with a light wallet. ... Read More>>

Inside the Sardine Can: Surviving Rush Hour in China

Sep 29, 2014 Comments(5)

With a population of 1.36 billion people as of 2013 and the concept of personal space being non-existent, it’s no wonder that trailing to work each and every day becomes a minefield in China. Here are some tips on how to survive the rush hour madness. ... Read More>>

5 Beautiful Places in China Not to Go For National Week Hot

Sep 27, 2014 Comments(30)

Tourism has exploded in China, especially the domestic industry. While this has been good for the country’s GDP, it has left many of its most iconic attractions struggling under the brunt of mass tourism. From crippling numbers swamping the Great Wall to ...... Read More>>

Lala: Intercultural Lesbian Relationships in China Hot

Sep 24, 2014 Comments(20)

Being in a relationship is hard enough even in the absence of cultural and societal expectations and pressures. However, China’s intercultural lala, or lesbian, relationships are subject to irrepressible external factors adding to existing relationship ...... Read More>>

3 Politicians That Have Helped Create Positive Sino-Relations for their Nations

Sep 22, 2014 Comments(5)

This article examines the importance of China’s relationships with various politicians from other countries and questions where they are headed in the short-term future. ... Read More>>

5 Places in China That Will Transport You to Another World Hot

Sep 20, 2014 Comments(10)

China shows off its ethnic diversity with this varied list of foreign-influenced communities. Spread throughout the country, these “expat-towns” have adopted enough influences from its source of origin to qualify as an authentic taste of home. ... Read More>>

WeChat Etiquette: The Unspoken Rules Hot

Sep 17, 2014 Comments(16)

WeChat has taken our lives by storm. But what are the rules of this app? Do we use it like instant messenger, or should we display less ‘erratic’ behavior, and send messages over WeChat in the same way that we did with the good old SMS? ... Read More>>

From Foreigners to Celebs: China’s Latest Crackdown on Drugs Hot

Sep 15, 2014 Comments(16)

2014 has seen an intensified crackdown on drug trafficking, distribution and possession across China. No one has been immune and this year scores of celebrities and foreigners felt the force of the law. But is this a war that China can win? ... Read More>>

A Second Education: 4 Exams and Tests Expats Can Take in China

Sep 13, 2014 Comments(12)

If you’ve got spare time on your hands, why not consider furthering yourself educationally or gaining some extra certificates to pad up your resume with? There are a number of tests and exams on offer in China that are open to foreign candidates. ... Read More>>

How Does Western Media Shape Our Perceptions of China? Hot

Sep 10, 2014 Comments(19)

From Marco Polo to Fu Manchu, the West has never tired of its fascination with China. Prominent figures in Chinese media have long accused the West of presenting a biased view of China. So how is Western media reporting shaping the Western view of China? ... Read More>>

Islam in China: Who are China’s Muslims?

Sep 08, 2014 Comments(14)

Today, China is home to some 23 million Muslims. This article takes a look at who China’s Muslims are, their history and current events that have shaped the perception and attitudes towards this group in recent times. ... Read More>>

The Wax and Wane of Community Spirit in China

Sep 06, 2014 Comments(18)

Broadly speaking, throughout the dynasties, the Chinese held values like patriotism and loyalty in high esteem, while the subsequent rise of Maoism kept community spirit at high levels. Yet today, a cursory glance at China-related news hints at the erosion ...... Read More>>

“Old Like Yellow Pearls”: China’s “Leftover Women” Hot

Sep 03, 2014 Comments(24)

The “leftover woman” trope has been causing a stir in China in recent years – especially following the “yellowing pearls” article published on the All-China Women’s Federation website in 2012. This is “sheng nv” – urban, educated women over ...... Read More>>

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