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Global Citizens Have More Confidence in Xi than Trump

Jun 30, 2017 Translated by Comments (7)     Add your comment Newsletter

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An American polling group, the Pew Research Center, ranked levels of confidence “to do the right thing in world affairs” of four leaders of some of the most powerful countries in the world. They discovered that Xi Jinping comes in second to Angela Merkel, but is ranked higher than both Putin and Trump.

With Merkel coming in first and Xi second, the third and fourth places were left to Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin and America’s President Donald Trump. Interestingly enough, Putin came in third place while the Donald ranked a lowly fourth. Sad.

Data from the survey demonstrates that 42% of those surveyed felt confident in Germany’s leader, while a mere 28% of surveyees expressed confidence for Xi Dada.

The strongest support for Uncle Xi came from Russian and Filipino nationals. 53% of those surveyed in the two countries felt confident in Xi “to do the right thing regarding world affairs”. The lowest show of support came from Japan, where only 11% of those surveyed expressed confidence in Xi.

Putin had a 27% confidence rating, where as only 22% of people expressed confidence in Donald Trump 74% of people said they did not have confidence in Trump’s ability to handle global affairs.

Many people indicated that Trump was too proud (75%), impatient (65%) and even possibly a threat (62%).

The survey was completed by people from 37 different countries. Neither America or China was among the countries surveyed.

Source: DW News

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7 Comments ( Add your comment )


I'm not surprised. I'd personally have more confidence in Homer Simpson than the Donald.

Jun 30, 2017 13:58

There's an episode they haven't made yet.

Jun 30, 2017 15:45

Xi is just a wannabe Ronald Reagan unorchestrated by democracy and singing the praises of aristocratic ostentation...Trump is a discordant note composed through democratic election to confound such pretentious melodies...Trump is American jazz: you either get it or you don't.

Jun 30, 2017 22:10


Jul 03, 2017 13:00

After his recent tirade in which he publicly hurled insults on twitter for all to see, my opinion of Dumald makes me wonder about how the children will see this guy. After all; he is supposed to be one of the most respected people on earth. To get a rating below Xi is a difficult thing to do. But I guess Dumald will be proud that he beat Xi in this one.

Jul 01, 2017 02:59

I wonder who'd really trust this guy!

Jul 03, 2017 13:01

And who'd trust "global citizens"))

Jul 03, 2017 13:02

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