5 Obstacles Expats Face in a Chinese Workplace

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Besides the giant cultural shift one has to cope with when moving to China, there seems to be a whole other set of obstacles to maneuver when settling down in the workplace. While offices in China are, in many ways, similar to their Western counterparts, it is precisely the subtle ways in which they're different that seem to really trip people up.

It is important to remember that, while Westerners may find some of these behaviors off-putting, these cultural workplace norms are a way of life for Chinese. As expats, it is our responsibility to adapt as best we can to the way things are done in our adopted country. These workplace obstacles are here to raise awareness about some of the issues one may face when adjusting to the Chinese workplace. More awareness means more opportunitie... Read More>>

The Western Influence on China: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

History shows that emerging Asian powers have, on occasion, used established and dominant Western cultures as models in the course or cause of their development. For instance, Meiji Japan and its rapid adoption of mainly US western military traditions and fashions, or even India, which with its elitist and exclusive clubs and schools still seems even more British than contemporary Britain. Modern China is no exception but this time around it is the ubiquitous ‘brand and lifestyle' consumerism of the West that is the spur. From DVDs, Apple stores, ‘Mister Christmas' and entire Austrian villages, China's cop... Read More>>

12 Types of Foreigners You’ll Definitely Meet in China

This is little article I started when I first came to China a year-and-a-half ago. I am a student at Renmin Univesrity of China hoping to stay in China after I graduate.

1. The China Expert

The China Expert has probably been teaching in China for over a year they’re able to use the local language at a basic level and they respect China generally. However The China Expert takes pr... Read More>>

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