I’m Sure It’ll be Fine: Street Food and Food Safety Standards in China

Everyone has been horrified by the increasing number of food scandals and we all know that eating food from unregulated street vendors is fraught with dangers, yet we keep doing it. The risks have done little to diminish the allure of a spiced yangrouchuan.

Street food is more than just a way to fill one’s stomach in China; it is an integral part of the food culture. Amidst towering skyscrapers and roaring traffic, a bite into a steaming hot fritter from a street stall is a sure way to be transported back into an era where bus conductors dispensed change and allowed boarding and alighting almost anywhere. And so street food vendors continue despite Chengguan, food scandals and ever tighter restrictions getting in their way.

A profile of street food and their sellers

In a country as homogeneous as China, street food is just another of those things that c... Read More>>

Same Name, Different Game: 5 Ugly Facets of the Chinese Workplace

Photo: ministryoftofu.com

It doesn't take sharp observational skills to notice that China is a very, very different place from whence you came. It doesn't matter where you're from – I happen to come from America, and so use this as a baseline for my own experience – China is completely different from it. This applies to almost all areas of life and many people are not exactly surprised. They come here expecting different food of course, a different language (or ten), different social pra... Read More>>

The Fresh Market Experience

When Chinese people say they like their food fresh, they mean it.

Even in this era of rampant consumerism and an almost endless range of fast-food restaurants, I often see locals carrying live chickens and fish still thrashing and flopping in bags. The commitment to fresh food can make a trip to the markets a shocking experience for the unsuspecting westerner. ... Read More>>

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