Made in China 2.0: Innovation not Replication

Some accuse China of being an imposter and point to the fact that Chinese businesses often copy everything Western. Examples from this Business Insider article include fake IKEAs, “Wu” Marts, Obama Fried Chicken, Bucksstar Coffee, Pizza Huh, HiPhones…the list goes on. The Middle Kingdom has even been accused of even replicating famous paintings, military technology, designer goods, and much more.

OK, so maybe the reputation is deserved at times, but believe it or not, China has a long history of innovation. From gunpowder and paper to the compass and tea cultivation, all of these and more are ancient Chinese originals. But as you’ll soon discover, 21st century China isn’t necessarily synonymous with fakes anymore. Welcome to the world of Made in China 2.0, a new brand of Chinese... Read More>>

9 Potentially Exasperating / Embarrassing Moments to Avoid in China

China, although simply a different country, can often feel like a different planet if you don’t know what to expect. The culture and customs here are often vastly different from those outside (or even inside!) Asia. For the uninitiated, here are nine potentially embarrassing or exasperating moments to avoid while in China. But don’t worry too much about trying to sidestep these quandries. Try as you might, you’re bound to find yourself in some of these situations at one point or another!

1) Going to the bathroom but finding no toilet paper inside This is a classic (but rarely repe... Read More>>

A Guide to Common Phrases in the ESL Classroom

The first rule of English class is that students are forbidden from speaking Chinese. This is fair enough, but until they have the ability to confidently switch between both languages, they’ll rely on their mother tongue to get their point across in class.

Teachers need to keep enforcing the ‘English only’ rule and remind... Read More>>

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