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5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China You Must Visit Aug 22

China has a total of 47 UNESCO World heritage sites but hectic schedules and other obligations ...Comments (9)

4 Major Differences Between Rural and Urban China Aug 22

China is a miscellaneous patchwork of Special Administrative Regions (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan), ...Comments (19)

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Extramarital Affairs in China: The Key to a Modern Marriage? Aug 24

In the recent past, having a mistress, or ‘xiaosan’ as they’re called in Chinese, has been a ...Comments (21)

How to Register Your Phone for China’s New Real-Name ... Aug 19

It looks like the new law requiring real-name registration for cell phone plans is real after ...Comments (4)

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One of the advantages of living in China is the ability to use the country ...Read More>>

Being so firmly nestled in our foreign roosts here, we eat sub-par pizza, ...Read More>>