Zhuhai: Plants, Animals and Ecology

Zhuhai: Plants, Animals and Ecology

For a complete return to nature, there is no shortage of options in Zhuhai: whether you are a fan of aquatic wildlife, agrotourism, or whether you’ve always wondered what it was like for the Mayan settlements living in the Amazon rain forest, there is something for everyone. These activities are suitable for all ages, whether you are living in Zhuhai or just passing through.

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1) Nongkeqiguan Agrotourism Park

Nongkeqiguan offers a real insight into the entire world’s ecological system. There is a high-tech agricultural laboratory and 65 greenhouses that adhere to the highest organic standards producing exotic fruits, vegetables, flowers – in total there are more than 100 different products of these three varieties. For example, Taiwanese bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, Japanese small cucumbers and large American pumpkins.

The area is already famous within Hong Kong, Macau and the Pearl Delta for revolutionizing agriculture with new and ground-breaking technological foundations – while at the same time providing excellent opportunities to cooperate with the outside world.

If you want to see the growing of any specific vegetables or fruits, please enquire in advance, especially as winter nears. The peak times for visitors are the Spring Festival, and August, during which times it may be busy.

Add: 2068 Lvyoulu, Meixishuang Longshan, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai
Tel: 0756 8535 999
Price: 25 RMB (between September and January); 30 RMB (between January and August)
Getting There: take bus 26 or 36 and get off at Dongkengxinchun Stop (东坑新春站) or take bus 70 and get off at Nongkeqiguan Stop (农科奇观站).
Opening Hours: 09:00-16:30 daily except 09:00-17:30 during holidays.

2) Zhuhai Changlong Ocean Kingdom

The Ocean Kingdom (self-acclaimed Guiness World Record holders) includes three main areas; a dolphin bay, a separate aquarium with fish tanks, and a polar exploration zone. The fish section is the largest fish exhibition aquarium in the world, containing sting rays, sharks, and green turtles, among 15,000 other species. The polar exhibitions display the world’s largest range of penguins, there are live shows, and there is also the rare opportunity to see polar bears.

The third area, the dolphin bay, houses different species of dolphins including the bottle-nose dolphin and the spotted dolphin. The dolphin show is really not to be missed, as the scenarios acted out by dolphins and trainers are endearing and interesting. There is also a glass floor through which you can view them and get extra close to them.

Add: Huandaodonglu, Hengqin New District, Zhuhai
Tel: 0765 6941 988
Price: Price: 350 RMB (entry includes 10 animal enclosures, 9 entertainment venues and 3 ocean animal enclosures)
Opening Hours: 10:00-20:30 daily
Website: http://zh.chimelong.com/Oceankingdom/
Getting There: bus 14, 86, k10, and k11 go there. Get off at Changlong Stop (长隆站).

3) Zhuhai Amazon Ecological Park

The Zhuhai Amazon Ecological Park covers 1 million square meters of area and is the biggest Amazon park in the world – except for maybe the actual Amazon. It gives insight into the ecological system as well as displays introducing Mayan culture and celebrating the diversity of the cultures in the Amazon.

The scenic area is submerged in lush forests, mountains and lakes. There is a boat you can ride along the rivers, and tour guides will introduce you to special plants; Brazilian giant cotton, the King of Flowers, and others. There are also bicycles for rent, including tandem bikes, there is a tea house on an island, there is the opportunity for fishing, mountain climbing and plenty of other activities to keep you busy.

Add: Zhuhaidadao, Pingsha Village, Jinwan District, Zhuhai
Tel: 0756 3998 888
Price: 45 RMB
Opening Times: 08:00-18:00 daily
Getting There: take bus 605 to Yamaxun buluo stop (亚马逊部落站).

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