Wetlands to Woodlands: the Parks of Yinchuan

Wetlands to Woodlands: the Parks of Yinchuan

Beat the summer heat in one of Yinchuan's beautiful parks. The city has it all from sprawling bird-filled wetlands to bustling city parks. Grab your family and friends, pack a picnic and relax in one of these gorgeous spots. The Mingcui Wetlands and the Yuehai Wetlands are stunning natural preserves filled with enough birds, plants and bugs for any nature lover. Zhongshan Park and Lanshan Park are never boring so take a walk and hang with the locals.

1) Mingcui Lake National Wetland Park View In Map
Located only 9 km east of the city center and 3 km from the Yellow River, Mingcui Lake National Wetland Park (鸣翠湖国家湿地公园) is one of the largest natural wetland reserves in China and is quite possibly the most beautiful of the six National Wetland Parks. The protected natural area covers 6.67 sq. km and is home to 109 species of plants and 97 types of birds. In the spring and summer, it is the breeding ground for tens of thousands of birds from across the region. Hit the water in a guided boat tour and experience some seriously gorgeous scenery.

Add: east of Zhangzheng Town, Xingqing District, Yinchuan
Tel: 095 1612 1959
Price: 30 RMB
Operating hours: 07:00-19:00 (Apr 1-Oct 31), 09:00-17:00 (Nov 1- Mar 31)
Web: http://www.mingcuihu.com/english/
Getting there: from the Yinchuan Nanmen Wuxing Hotel (银川南门五星宾馆) take either bus No. 11 中巴  (07:30-19:30, every 7 minutes) or bus No. 10  (07:45-15:45, every 10 minutes) to Yongbeisijiaqiao (永北司家桥) and then take a taxi for 20 minutes to reach Mingcui Lake National Wetland Park (鸣翠湖国家湿地公园).

2) Yuehai Wetland Park View In Map
Yuehai Wetland Park (阅海湿地公园) is located south of the Aiyi River Beijing Road Port (艾依河北京路码头) near the Xihu Amusement park (西湖游乐园). The massive wetland park covers 2,000 hectares and is home to 114 different plant species, 107 kinds of birds, 17 types of fish and way too many insects (bring bug spray!). Featuring lake tours, fishing expeditions, bird watching and more, Yuehai is full of fun things to do! The park has dining facilities, but you'd be better off bringing your own food for a picnic, as the park's food is overpriced. In the winter, the park holds an Ice and Snow Festival (冰雪旅游节) with skiing, snowmobiling, snow volleyball, ice skating, ice fishing and more!

Add: near Lanshan Park and Qinshui Bei Dajie, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan
Price: 10 RMB
Tel: 095 1786 3101
Operating hours: 07:00-19:00
Getting there: Take the Lanshan Park bus (览山公园专) to Lanshan Park East Gate (览山公园东门)

3) Zhongshan Park View In Map
Zhongshan Park (中山公园) is spread out over 30+ hectares, about a quarter of which  features various small bodies of water. The park is the largest park in Yinchuan and is the oldest park in Ningxia Province. The park features a large zoo, a golf course as well as a greenhouse that is bursting with flowers all year round. In the morning, the elderly residents of Yinchuan take over the park to exercise, read poetry, sing and draw. They'll often bring their grandkids along to play so the park is full of life in the early hours of the day. Similarly, in the evenings, people of all ages will stroll about the park in the cool evening air.

Add: 152 Beijing Dong Lu (near Fenghuang Bei Jie) Xingqing District, Yinchuan
Price: Free
Tel: 095 1503 2373
Operating hours: 06:00-22:30
Getting there: Take bus No. 17, 20, 22, 41, 102, 201 to Gongyuan Ximen (公园西门)

4) Lanshan Park View In Map
Only 3 km away from the city, Lanshan Park (览山公园) is tons of fun. The park contains an artificial mountain with two peaks (the highest is 50 m tall), as well as several tennis courts, badminton courts, a football field and an area for roller-skating. Come here to work out on the sports fields, fish in the lake or fly a kite. The park is also a popular choice for wedding photos, which is always entertaining to watch!

Add: near Shenyang Zhong Lu, Xingqing District, Yinchuan
Price: Free
Tel: 095 1568 5600
Operating hours: 06:00-21:00
Getting there: Take the Lanshan Park bus (览山公园专) to Lanshan Park East Gate (览山公园东门)

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