Wanda Plaza Brings an International Flair to Yinchuan

Wanda Plaza Brings an International Flair to Yinchuan

The recently opened Wanda Plaza in Yinchuan has become a source of pride for Yinchuan locals. Despite being just another shiny new mall in a country infected by mall-building mania , this one stands out as a symbol of Yinchuan’s rapid development and modernisation. Its international flair and excellent selection of shopping, food and entertainment, is unrivalled by the over-priced and outdated malls around the Xinhua Jie commercial area. If Xinhua Jie is considered the mother of Yinchuan commerce, then Wanda Plaza is the trendy teenage daughter. And Wanda not only delivers the better goods, it is surprisingly more affordable than its other rivals. So next time you find yourself in Yinchuan craving a donut and coffee, a fashionable new outfit or a 3D movie, look no further than Wanda Plaza.


Sprawled over 300,000 square metres of prime real estate space, a huge selection of Chinese and Western clothing and accessory stores line the shiny floors of Wanda Plaza. From Sephora to Zara and Nike Factory Store to Vero Moda, shoppers looking to update their wardrobe will find sanctuary here. The sheer size of the mall makes it impossible to list all the shops in this article, but a simple stroll through this mega complex is enough to locate a store of interest.


If you’re feeling hungry and/or in need of a shopping break, head to third floor where the main dining area is housed. Here, you’ll find a decent selection of Chinese and foreign chain restaurants such as Hannashan Korean BBQ and Dezhuang Hot Pot. Those craving flavours closer to home may be interested in the SSJB Steak Buffet or Pizza Hut (first floor) and Origus Pizza (second floor). For a quick fix of salt and grease, KFC is not surprisingly looming on the first floor. If after all that savoury goodness, you need a quick sugar and caffeine fix, look no further than Donut Stop, a very welcome and affordable addition for those with a sweet tooth. Donuts only cost 6 RMB a piece or buy five, get one free; and their coffee selection is also pleasantly priced at around 10 RMB for freshly brewed lattes, cappuccinos and mochas. Alternatively, load up on calories at the Dairy Queen ice-cream parlour just opposite Donot Stop.


The focal point of Wanda’s entertainment is the Wanda cinema, which features a huge IMAX screen and all the latest movies shown in the mainland. For the latest screening schedule click here. Youngsters and gaming addicts are in for a treat at Wanda Plaza too, thanks to the very loud and well visited gaming arcade on the second floor. If you’re sensitive to loud and sanity eroding noise, consider wearing ear plugs when entering. Cluttered with adults and children alike, this arcade can be a lot of fun or extremely stressful, depending on your mood of the day. Do mind your personal belongings closely when hanging out in the arcade though, as it gets very crowded in here and the loud, dimly lit environment makes it the perfect playground for pickpockets. Finally, Yinchuan may not be much of a nightlife hub, but there is certainly no shortage of karaoke in this city. Yinchuan’s love for KTV is represented in Wanda Plaza by Dagexing KTV (http://www.dagexing.com/), one of the main karaoke chains in China.

Jinfeng Wanda Plaza 金凤万达广场 View In Map
Add: West of Zhengyuan Jie, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan
Opening hours: 09:00-24:00
Website: http://plaza.wanda.cn/
Getting there: Take bus no. 21, 27, 30, 34, 44, 101, 102 or 301

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