Respite from the City: Relax at Wuxi’s Hot Springs

Respite from the City: Relax at Wuxi’s Hot Springs

Although it’s south of the Yangtze, Wuxi can still get pretty chilly in the winter, so there’s no better time to hit the springs. Boasting a wide array of springs around the area, the most well-known and easily accessible Sakura hot spring is at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, located in the city center, which features both indoor and outdoor pools. If you’re more into your privacy, then the Shangri-La Hot Spring Assembly Hall is a good choice, whereas nature lovers should check out the Lingshan Yuanyi Lixing Holiday Hotel or the Yuhou Shanlin Hot Spring Hotel, which are both situated in peaceful, quiet areas outside the city.

1) Ramada Plaza Hotel Sakura Hot Spring View In Map
Known for its status as Wuxi’s number 1 outdoor hot spring, the Japanese-style, or “Sakura” hot spring at the Ramada Plaza Hotel (华美达广场酒店) is built in the style of a garden and uses natural spring water from Nanjing’s Tang Mountain. Totalling an area of 12,000 square meters, the spring also offers a spa, a sauna, a children’s play pool, a gym, and a salt bath among others. Visitors can also experience the strange feeling of having their feet “kissed”, or rather bitten, by tiny fish in one particular pool, or if you’re not the adventurous type you can simply have a traditional foot bath to relax the time away.

Add: Ramada Plaza Hotel, 589 Wuyun Lu, Huishan District, Wuxi
Tel: 0510 8359 0718/8358 3333
Opening Hours: 12:00-24:00
Price: 158 RMB (admission) 88 RMB (foot bath)
Getting there: Take bus 25, 691, 602, 605, or 617 to Quhang Zhengshenpi Center Station (区行政审批中心).

2) Shangri-La Hot Spring Assembly HallView In Map
The internationally revered Shangri-La hotel has made it to Wuxi, bringing with it a high-standard hot spring for guests who enjoy something a little more luxurious. Incorporating a Western style, the pools are in the shape of a large circle with high water temperatures, so take care not to turn yourself into a prune! There are also baths and massage chairs, with a relaxing rest area on the second floor. Guests are also invited to relax in the sauna, and although you will need to bring your own towels, there are unlimited free drinks providing handy relief should you feel dehydrated from the heat.

Add: 1 Shangri-La Hot Spring Assembly Hall, Dachi Lu, Binhu District, Wuxi
Tel: 0510 8570 7777
Opening Hours: 11:30-01:00
Price: 98 RMB (admission, including buffet), 48 RMB (foot massage, 40 mins), 48 RMB (leg massage, 30 mins), 48 RMB (back massage, 20 mins)
Getting there: Take bus 158 to Dangui Lu (Dachu Lu)

3) Lingshan Yuanyi Lixing Hot Spring Holiday HotelView In Map
Located in a picturesque lakeside setting, the Lingshan Yuanyi Lixing Hot Spring Holiday Hotel (灵山元一丽星温泉度假酒店) is next door to the Hilton Hotel, and boasts 72 pools where you can sit, relax and enjoy nearby scenery. Completely open-air, the area is divided into a “special” hot spring area, a jungle-style area, a luxurious area overlooking the nearby lake as well as swimming facilities for children and adults alike. Although the pools aren’t big, they’re great for couples or small groups of friends to relax in together amid a quiet setting where you won’t have to worry about the hustle and bustle of the outside world.;

Add: Lingshan Yuanyi Lixing Hot Spring Holiday Hotel, 99 Qili Fengguangdi, Taihu Lake National Tourist Resort, Binhu District, Wuxi (near Hilton Hotel)
Tel: 0510 8535 6666
Opening Hours: 11:00-24:00 (Mon-Thurs), 10:00-02:00 (Fri-Sun)
Price: 158 RMB (Mon-Thurs), 198 RMB (Fri-Sun)
Getting there: Take bus 88 to Wuxi Yuanyilijing Wenquan Hotel (无锡元一丽景温泉酒店)

4) Yuhou Shanlin Hot Spring HotelView In Map
The Yuhou Shanlin Hot Spring Hotel (雨后山林温泉酒店) is a multi-functional resort located in the Yangjian Town Hot Spring Farm (羊尖镇绿羊温泉农场). Divided into eight sections with a total of 38 pools, each pool has its own unique function catering to the therapeutic needs of everyone. The site also includes a spa, an aromatherapy area, a scenic area and the spiritual-sounded “longevity area” for visitors to enjoy. With an array of attendants on hand to help with anything from changing your towels to fetching you drinks, the Yuhou Shanlin spring offers a real getaway for nature lovers and anyone else in need of a little respite from city life.

Add: Yangfu Lu, Yangqian Town, Xishan District, Wuxi
Tel: 0510 8873 3000/8873 0070
Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00
Price: 158 RMB
Getting there: Take bus 715, 728, or 731 to Yangjian Zhen Zhengfu Station (羊尖镇政府站)

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