Exploring Wuxi’s Natural Scenery: Yuantouzhu Peninsula by Taihu Lake

Exploring Wuxi’s Natural Scenery: Yuantouzhu Peninsula by Taihu Lake

Stretched across 2400 square kilometers, Taihu Lake is one of China’s largest freshwater lakes. But no description of Taihu Lake would be complete without mentioning Yuantouzhu (a.k.a. Turtle Head Isle) – a popular peninsular on the northwestern shore of the lake. In 1916, recognizing the beauty and appeal of this peninsula, locals decided to establish the Yuantouzhu Scenic Area (鼋头渚风景区) in 1916 – an area that has been given the prestigious 5A star rating since 2012. So, if you’re in Wuxi or are thinking of travelling there, no visit is complete without spending time at Yuantouzhu by Taihu Lake. Here, we introduce a number of highlights of the area.

1) Yuantouzhu
Yuantouzhou offers the most beautiful scenery, flanked by massive protruding stones, a hill and lake waters. Visitors can climb the hill to enjoy the breathtaking views of the mist-strewn waters below. Within the Yunatouzhu Scenic Areas, visitors will also be met by numerous pavilions strewn about.  

2) Cherry blossoms
Yuantouzhu’s cherry blossoms are famous throughout China, attracting hordes of tourists once the trees burst into bloom. The place to admire the blossoms is Cherry Blossom Valley (樱花谷), found on the north side of Luding Mountain (鹿顶山). Here, 68 different varieties of cherry blossom trees – some 30,000 trees in total – stretch across 200,000 square meters. The best time to go for this attraction is March to May when the trees are in full bloom.   

3) Fairy Islands
Once known as the Sanshan Islands, Fairy Islands (仙岛) are composed of three mountain isles, 2.6 kilometers within Taihu Lake on the southwestern side. Attractions on the island include pavilions, bridges, a Taoist temple and lush greenery.

4) Boat tour on Taihu LakeView In Map
Visitors can take a boat on the Taihu Lake, the price of which is already included in the entrance ticket to Taihu Lake. Boat tours include trips to Yuantouzhu, Yuantouzhu Holiday Resort and the Fairy Islands and takes around 10 minutes.

Add: Yuantouzhu Scenic Area, Taihu Lake, 118 Dafu Chongshan Village, Binhu District, Wuxi
Opening hours: 08:00-17:30
Tel: 0510 9688 9688
Price: 105 RMB
Getting there: take bus No. 1 or 87 to Yuantouzhi (Chongshan) stop (鼋头渚(充山)站)

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