Spectacular Swimming Spots: The Best Pools in Wuhan

Spectacular Swimming Spots: The Best Pools in Wuhan

The London Olympics may have passed, but China is still buzzing with Olympic and fitness fervor. From the outstanding Chinese synchronized divers, to the record-breaking performance of Ye Shiwen (叶诗文), the Chinese team really showed its stuff in the Olympic pool. Get inspired by these hardworking athletes and start hitting the lap lanes to cool off and get in shape! Healthy and good for your joints and muscles, swimming is a great sport for athletes of any age and ability. Here are some of the best pools in Wuhan to practice your gold medal strokes.

1) Yindong Swimming and Diving Hall View In Map
Next to East Lake (东湖) on the foothills of She Mountain (蛇山), Yingdong Swimming and Diving Hall (英东游泳跳水馆) is easily one of the best swimming centers in Wuhan. The 20,000 sq. m aquatic center was built in 1994 and doubles as the Hubei Diving Team’s training facility. Practice your dives at the same place as some of the world’s greatest diving champions, including Zhou Jihong (周继红), Fu Mingxia (伏明霞), Xiao Hailiang (肖海亮) and Li Qing (李青). The temperature and water quality is consistent year-round to ensure the perfect swim in any season. Fit for professional athletes, the center is well maintained and spacious, however it gets a bit crowded on the weekends.

Add: 2 Tiyuguan Lu, Wuchang District, Wuhuan
Tel: 027 8783 9601; 8732 0122
Price: 40 RMB, 280 RMB (10 swims)
Opening hours: 12:00-22:00
Web: http://www.ydswimdive.com/
Getting there: Take bus No. 14, 19, 64, 515, 521, 530, 572, 576, 586, 606, 729, 电车1 to Hongshan Tiyuguan (洪山体育馆)

2) Hankou Pool View In Map
An outdoor swimming facility, Hankou Pool (汉口江滩游泳池) features a unique white awning amid pleasant views of the surrounding marshlands. The swimming pool has a grassy area complete with lounging chairs, which makes it a great outdoor spot on a sunny summer afternoon. The aquatic center features two pools: a shallow wading pool (0.6-1.5 m deep) and a deeper pool (1.7-2m deep). The shallow wading pool is perfect for children, while adults can get some exercise in the deep-water pool. As this is an outdoor pool, it’s slightly more popular with Chinese men who don’t mind getting a little tan.

Add: Jiangtan phase 2, Hankou Yanjiang Dadao, Jiang’an District, Wuhan (near rear gate of Jinxiu Changjiang)
Opening hours: 06:30-22:00
Tel: 157 2702 0847
Price: 20 RMB; 100 RMB (early bird – 10 morning swims)
Getting there: Take bus No. 563 Longwangmiao (龙王庙)

3) Yangguang Zaixian Hengwen Swimming Pool View In Map
The Yangguan Zaixian Hengwen Swimming Pool (阳光在线恒温游泳馆), located in the Zaixian District, features a single large pool that can accomodate about 200 swimmers. The 25 m long pool has six aqueducts to prevent overflow on both sides (and you can play in them) as well as lap lanes in the middle. The shower facilities are not the best, mainly because they run on a five-minute timer. The second floor features an indoor badminton court area, so fans of the game can swim and play badminton all in the same building!

Add: 2F, Yangguan Zaixian Community Bulding, 998 Wuchang Xiongchu Dadao, Hongshan District, Wuhan
Tel: 027 8753 1965
Opening hours: 15:00-20:00
Price: 20 RMB (before 15:00); 25 RMB (after 15:00); 400 RMB (6-month, 25 swim limit); 900 RMB (1 year, 60 swim limit)
Getting there: Take bus No. 15, 529, 715, 723, 728, 757, 758, 785, 788, 913 Xiongchu Dadao Fenglin Shangcheng (雄楚大道枫林上城)

4) Wuhan Institute of Physical Education Swimming PoolView In Map
The Wuhan Institute of Physical Education Swimming pool (武汉体育学院游泳池) is one of the nation’s largest solar-powered swimming pools. Spanning 3,600 sq. m, the aquatic center features a large pool that never seems too crowded and is always quite clean. The center also offers swimming lessons for less buoyant athletes. The only downside is the lack of lockers, so make sure you leave your valuables at home!

Add: 461 Luoyu Lu, Hongshan District, Wuhan (inside the Wuhan Institute of Physical Education building)
Tel: 027 8719 0657
Opening hours: 18:00-21:00 (weekday); 14:00-21:00 (weekend); 8:00-21:30 (summer vacation)
Price: 30 RMB; 10 RMB (students, children)
Getting there: Take bus No. 15, 18, 25, 510, 518, 521, 536, 583, 702, 703, 709, 810 to Luoyu Lu Majiazhuang (珞喻路马家庄)

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