Movie Magic: Taiyuan’s Top Cinemas

Movie Magic: Taiyuan’s Top Cinemas

With Taiyuan’s consumer market booming, the city has a host of new top quality theatres to amaze moviegoers. Among these, the best are: Taiyuan Hengdian Television Film City, Taiyuan New Cinema and Oscar International Studios. All are centrally located in Taiyuan’s bustling commercial district, easy to get to and in close proximity to shops and restaurants.    

Hengdian Television Film City 太原横店影视电影城  View In Map
Hendian Television Film City comes equipped with seven standard rooms, as well two all digital screens that can be used to screen 3D films. As with most new theatres, all the screens are very large and the comfortable seats are arranged in stadium style, so you’re view is unobstructed no matter where you choose to sit.

Special offers: Apply for a membership prepaid card to receive low ticket prices before 13:00 and after 22:00. Between 13:00-22:00 members enjoy 20% off all tickets. 

Add: 99 Wangfujing Baihua building 6, Qinxian Beijie, Taiyuan
Tel: 0351 788 7688, 0351 522 6931, 0351 522 6937(group purchases)
Getting there: 21, 610, 840, 849, 865 to Changzhi Lu and Qinxian Jie; take routes 39, 807, 838, 825 to Pingyang Lu, Qinxian Jie

Taiyuan New Cinema

Taiyuan New Cinema 太原新影都 View In Map
Taiyuan New Cinema has six five-star theaters and can accommodate 1,100 movie goers. The 13 metre high screening room,16 metre wide screen and deluxe seats make this an excellent choice of theatre. Taiyuan New Cinema is located upstairs in the Lufthansa Mall, which has a Wal-Mart, Pizza Hut and plenty of shopping, allowing you to shop and dine before or after your show.

Special offers: tickets are half price on Tuesdays and Wednesday and tickets are also half price every day before 13:00.

Add: 705 Hexin Guangchang 6th floor, Changfeng dajie, Taiyuan
Tel: 0351 752 7118, 0351 752 6928
Getting there: take bus routes 619, 864, 838, 868, 825, 823, 39 to Hexin Mo’er(Changfeng Jie Pingyan Lu) 


Oscar International Studios 

Oscar International Studios奥斯卡国际影城 View In Map
The best thing about Oscar International Studios is the overall theme of Hollywood film culture found throughout the theatre. Unlike most theatres in China, this place offers authentic American flavoured popcorn and imported food. The 10 theatres are equipped with leading visual effects equipment from Britain. The 1,500 seats are ergonomically designed by a famous furniture brand, ensuring greater comfort. In the luxurious VIP rooms, adjustable electrical leather sofas give a great, comfortable movie watching experience.

Special offers:Tickets are half price on Tuesdays and Wednesday is student’s night, which means students get half price tickets before 13:00 or after 21:00.

Add: 7th Building Jiaohui Chu Nengyuan Centre Qunlou, Bolin District, Taiyuan
Tel: 0351- 611 0088
Getting there: take bus routes 1, 813, 824, 827, 855, 868, 875, 876 to Wanfeng


Stellar International Cineplex

Stellar International Cineplex美电影城 View In Map
The simple yet stylish Stellar International Cineplex has four theatres, 27 mini-KTV rooms and is considered one of China’s top class cinemas. This theatre screens the same international and domestic movies as its sister branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Special offers: 50% off ticket every day before noon; all tickets are half off on Tuesdays; ladies get in free on Wednesdays.

Add: 84 Meitehao Chaoshi. Pingyang Lou, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan
Tel: 0351 5627 222
Getting there: take bus routes 27, 606, 824, 849, 804, 814, 3 to Caida Beijiao walk 200m. 

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