The Ultimate Pampering: Suzhou’s Best Spa and Massage Venues

The Ultimate Pampering: Suzhou’s Best Spa and Massage Venues
By Bryce Roberts ,

Suzhou’s emergence as a gathering point for white-collar professionals has propelled the health and beauty industry ahead by leaps and bounds. Where there was once merely up-scale hair salons that offered massage services on the side, there are now dozens of fully committed massage and beauty treatment centers city-wide. Indeed, the English letters “SPA” in all-caps and bold, can be seen on nearly every street in the Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). Here is a look at some of the more interesting and prominent players in the spa business, and their unique offerings.

Yang Spa
Yang Spa is located in the ritzy Kempinski Hotel and overlooks Du Shu Lake in (SIP).  Deserving of its location, Yang Spa provides 5-star treatment to its guests through a variety of spa packages.  Located on the 1st floor (below the lobby level), Yang Spa is ornately decorated and features name-brand Pevonia products. The two full-time Balinese masseuses are probably Suzhou’s only professional Indonesian spa employees, and their trademark Balinese massage is as authentic as Yang Spa is austere. Of the 12 private rooms, four are couples rooms and two of those feature their own private saunas. A three-person room is complete with a sauna, steam room, shower, bath, and lounging area with a large television.  If the top-notch facilities don’t entice you, the spa packages surely will. Everything from foot baths to facials to hours-long treatments are on the menu at Yang Spa.

On a recent trip, I was fortunate enough to experience the Balinese Massage performed by the gifted Nengah.  Her seven years of experience in Bali’s top hotels showed in her pleasant and professional demeanor and her acupressure techniques. My massage began with a hand towel soaked in lavender oil. After sipping on a cup of jasmine tea, Nengah flipped a switch that closed the window’s wooden shutters. As the view of Dushu Lake disappeared, it gave way to an orchid-scented massage table. The jasmine and rose massage oil complimented the soothing, natural music that lilted from the room’s speakers. The massage lasted one hour, and the list price was 568 RMB.  It may seem pricey when compared to other massage houses’ normal treatments, but they don’t call it an authentic Balinese massage for nothing!  The savings on the plane tickets to Indonesia make this treatment one of the most popular.

Other treatments are similarly-priced: a 50-minute foot massage costs 288 RMB and an 80-minute Traditional Chinese Massage runs 558 RMB. Foot baths and other treatments go for anywhere between 238-868 RMB. There are frequent specials at Yang Spa, so call to find out what their current promotions are. Please note there is a 15% surcharge on all treatments. If you feel your body deserves 5-star treatment, take it to Yang Spa in the Kempinski Hotel at Dushu Lake!

Yang Spa at Kempinski HotelView In Map
Add:  No. 1 Guobin Lu, SIP, Suzhou
地址: 苏州凯宾斯基大酒店, 苏州工业园区国宾路1号
Tel:  0512 62897888
Opening hours:  10:30 - 22:00

Your-Life Men’s Spa
Your-Life Men’s Spa is most likely Suzhou’s only men’s-only spa, and is an inviting, relaxing refuge for Suzhou’s male population. It has an impressive list of dozens of treatments, including massage, skin, face and eye treatments to reverse the stresses of work and city life. Your-Life has been around since 2005, and boasts two locations in Suzhou – Rainbow Walk in the SIP and Shi Shan Yong Li Square in the Suzhou New District (SND). Their staff of professional, English-speaking masseuses is polite and adept at the treatments they offer. I was informed by the management that the staff spends most of their day in training sessions to perfect their techniques. 

Among the more interesting options are the Hawaii Lomi Lomi Surf Massage (where elbows are used in place of hands), and the Hawaii Volcanic Cold and Hot Stone Massage. The latter involves alternating cold and hot stones to provide pressure on the back. The design of Your-Life’s Rainbow Walk branch was inviting and aesthetically pleasing. Candle-lit corridors lead to 10 private rooms containing their own bathrooms complete with showers (and some with wooden bathtubs). Each room is uniquely decorated, but all are dimly lit and feature calming music for guests. The rooms also feature heat lamps for the wintertime to compliment the treatments. 

I gave the popular Italian Essential Oil SPA Massage a try. The treatment began with a breathing exercise led by the masseuse, and I was presented with the scents of lemon, rose, jasmine and more that were found in the massage oil. The massage lasts an hour, while other treatments vary in time. A communal sauna is located in the locker room, although it’s a bit smaller than those found in other establishments. The prices at Your-Life range from 180 RMB for 30-minute food baths all the way up to 1380 RMB for 2-hour treatments.  The Italian Essential Oil SPA Massage costs 380 RMB. Certain 30-minute treatments are 280 RMB each. If you want a discount, Your-Life is running a card promotion where you add 8,000 RMB and are credited with 16,000 RMB.  For details and spa appointments please call Your-Life, and try Suzhou’s premiere men’s-only spa!

Your Life Men’s Spa  View In Map
Add:  212 Rainbow Walk, No. 158 Xinggang Jie, SIP / 2F Yongli Plaza, 28 Yunhe Lu, Suzhou
地址: 苏州工业园区星港街158号湖滨新天地212 / 苏州新区运河路28号狮山永利广场2楼
Tel: 0512 6256 3488
Opening hours:  11:30- 23:15 (Reserve by 22:00)

Suzhou Bodi Health Club’s Spa  苏州宝迪健康会馆
Suzhou Bodi Health Club’s Spa is located just above their fitness gym on Xing Hai Street in the SIP. As one might guess, much of the focus of this spa is on personal health. According to Bodi’s General Manager, Ada Chen, the spa uses elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in its treatments. They divide treatment options into seasons: fall sees more emphasis on the lungs, while winter focuses on protecting the health of the kidneys. The treatments themselves include massages, baths, and facials, but there are also more targeted treatments such as weight loss and medicinal baths. 

The interior of the facility is a fascinating mix of traditional Asian religious artworks, such as a statue of a bodhisattva, and modern depictions of spa treatments and rejuvenating health and beauty products. The staff is well-trained and professional, and numbers over 30 active masseuses. In terms of products available, Bodi Spa seems to have the most available of any establishment in Suzhou. Spa enthusiasts can choose from literally hundreds of different products to use in their treatments - from brand names like Maria Galland, Albion, Elian and more.

Bodi’s emphasis on using TCM practices in its treatments goes along well with the company’s fitness and yoga centers; guests get the sense that their experience at Bodi isn’t just about feeling better, it’s about getting better. The company plans to grow this emphasis on health as they expand to SND and Dushu Lake in the coming months. Treatments cost between 200 RMB for half-hour sessions to over 1000 RMB for more intensive ones. Bodi Spa’s card can be used interchangeably with the fitness level, and patrons get 10% extra credit when adding cash to their cards. Bodi also runs a great promotion for first-time customers – get 50% off any treatment on your first visit to the spa!

Bodi Health Club’s SpaView In Map
Add:  GYM BoDi, 4-5F Xinghai Sports Center, SIP, Suzhou
地址:  苏州工业园区星海体育中心4-5楼
Opening hours: 11:00-22:00
Booking Number:  0512 6256 8835

Honorable Mention:
There are so many spas and massage houses now in Suzhou that it’s difficult to do them all justice in one article. Here are a few more establishments that have been operating in Suzhou successfully for years, and have a solid clientele:

Dragonfly 悠庭保建会所 View In Map
Add:  1F (E), No. 128 Jinjinhu Lu, SIP, Suzhou
地址: 苏州工业园区金鸡湖路128号加成大厦1楼东
Tel:  0512 6763 9636

Qingsong Health Club 青松保健会所 View In Map
Add:  2F No. 3 Bldg., Bailing Square, Suhua Rd., SIP
地址:  苏州工业园区苏华路白领广场3号楼2F
Tel:  0512 6256 4680

Kayio 嘉怡美容美发 View In Map
Add:  238 Feng Huang St., downtown Suzhou
地址:  苏州市凤凰街238号
Tel:  0512 6511 5858

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