Forget the Beach – Go to Suzhou's New Yangshan Hot Springs

Forget the Beach – Go to Suzhou's New Yangshan Hot Springs

Now that the dark, cold winter months loom ahead for the unforeseeable future, many begin to dream of exotic holidays on tropical beaches, sipping cocktails under the scorching sun. However, since this remains an unfulfilled dream for most of us pitiful individuals stuck at work with only limited free time, the good news is that winter in Suzhou doesn’t have to be all that gloomy.

On November 17 2009, Suzhou Yangshan Hot Springs (阳山温泉) opened their doors to the public for the first time. They are the first geological hot springs in the Suzhou area. Visitors can soak in the spa’s natural waters which are kept at a constant temperature of 45℃. The water is derived from a depth of 1300 metres, beneath the Dayangshan Mountain. Rich in minerals and chemical compounds, the water contains traces of fluorine, sulfur, boron and metasilicic acid, all of which are known for their remedy functions and health benefits. A long soak in these rich waters is good for the skin, preserves health and rids illness, thus helping to preserve a healthy body and mind.

Suzhou hot spring

Set in an idyllic location amongst luscious green trees at the foot of Yangshan Mountain, the spa has various outdoor pools to choose from. Amongst the pools available is the little fish physiotherapy pool, with as you may have guessed, has lots of little fish in it! There’s also a massage pool and whirlpool physiotherapy pool. The new hot spring is a top class resort catering to every need. There are some fine accommodation options available too to those wishing to stay at the hot springs overnight. The resort offers four detached luxury villas and over ten attached ones, all nestled in a forest at the foot of the mountain.

Alternatively, the Yangshan Hotel has 170 top quality rooms on offer. Rooms are all on-suite and equipped with international phones, satellite TV and internet connection. If you need a break from the warm waters of the hot springs, guests at the hotel can also make use of the tennis courts, badminton courts, gym, sauna, ping pong room and even a karaoke room.

A relaxing soak in the outdoor hot springs pools costs just 188 RMB per person, per day. Though renting one of the luxury villas may take a hefty chunk out of your pay check (5000 RMB for a large villa), a day trip to the Yangshan is not only feasible, but actually quite convenient since bus No. 302 from the city stops right outside the hot springs.

Suzhou hot spring

So if you get the winter blues in Suzhou this winter and you’re only wish is to escape the cold, dull winter, then remember that not so far from the city are the warm, soothing waters of Yangshan Hot Springs.

Suzhou Yangshan Hotspring Villa 苏州阳山温泉度假山庄
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Add: 999 Yangshan Huanlu, Suzhou National High-new Tech Industry Developing Zone Xushuguan Zone, Suzhou
Tel: 0512 8818 6999
Website: (Chinese only)
Opening times: 09:00-24:00
Getting there: Take bus No. 302 to Yangshan Hotspring Villa

Outdoor Hot Spring: 188 RMB per person (50 RMB for children under 1.4 metres).
Hot Spring Villas: 5000 RMB (large, max. 6 persons), 2500 RMB (small, max. 4 persons)
Hot Spring Apartment: 1200 RMB (max. 2 persons)

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