Sometimes it can feel like you are very far removed from fresh foods, especially living China’s huge cities. But fear not, there are ways to meet your fresh produce needs. One of the places to get fresh produce is Epermarket.

Epermarket has a rich selection of only the freshest premium vegetables you can find in China! All their fresh produce is carefully selected by their experienced Product Manager, Peggy Liguori. From the very start Peggy has been extremely selective about who they use as suppliers. She ensures that Epermarket only works with suppliers who have appropriate business licenses and certificates. Once the supplier has shown all proper licenses, she conducts meticulous taste tests and encourages the international team to participate and scrutinize these products during the taste tests. 

Epermarket – Meeting Your Fresh Produce Needs in Shanghai
Photo: Porsche Brosseau

At Epermarket, they know that many customers are concerned with the amount of pesticides found in fresh produce—they’re doing something about it! In the next few months they’ll continue to expand their selection of organic produce. Their product manager, along with a few members of the Marketing team, dealt with the arduous duty of finding the perfect organic farm that followed all protocols, and even met strict EU standards. After visiting 17 organic farms, they finally found a trustworthy farm with some of the most delicious veggies out there!

Epermarket has two different levels of quality for fresh produce, standard and premium quality. The standard quality fresh produce meets all Epermarket standards, and it’s typically the least expensive option for customers. Premium quality is the more expensive option because all fresh produce products go through an intensive taste testing process. And each premium quality fresh produce item sold at Epermarket is carefully inspected to ensure it is as fresh as possible.

Recently Epermarket supplied food to an exclusive dinner party, attended by some of Shanghai’s finest. André Kaiser, Chef at THE ONE Executive Suites managed by Kempinski, commented on the quality of our fresh produce:

“First of all, I must say I was very surprised about the freshness and the professional delivery. I don’t know why but I had my doubts about online food markets, even though I had never ordered from one. But you [Epermarket] completely took those doubts from me. The ice cream was still completely frozen and the vegetable were very fresh. My favorite was the tuna was just amazing, the size as well as the quality and taste!!! I was completely satisfied with all the products and I am very happy we worked together during the dinner event!!!”

To order online simply check out their website:

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