A Culinary Classic: Where to Find Mouth-Watering Pizza in Suzhou

A Culinary Classic: Where to Find Mouth-Watering Pizza in Suzhou
By Steve Allison , eChinacities.com

Pizza lovers are in luck in Suzhou, as there are dozens of options ranging from classic Italian to high-speed delivery. Pizza is so popular in town pretty much every restaurant has it, including German-owned Blue Marlin and Casa Zoe, the Mexican restaurant. Not everyone does this classic dish justice, however, so it's best to stick to places that specialise in just making good pizza.

Although places such as Pizza Hut and Papa John's are sure to satisfy your craving, meals can be pretty pricey and don't offer a lot of variety. There are some other good choices in town that offer a more varied pizza experience.

1) Casa VostraView In Map
The undisputed heavyweight champion of Italian food in Suzhou for years now, Casa Vostra has a Neapolitan chef and some truly magnificent classics from osso buco to their homemade ravioli. Since just coming here means you're likely to spend a couple of hundred RMB, you might as well make a night of it and try an antipasti and sample the wine list. You'll probably get a nice glass of lemoncello for free anyway, so live it up.

As for the pizza, it's no exception to Casa Vostra's mission of quality. Unlike most of the places in town, which have American style pizza, they serve a thin-crust, lightly-topped Italian style. They serve classics like pepperoni and Hawaiian, but also feature pizzas with other Italian meats on their menu; there's even a beef carpaccio pizza if you're feeling adventurous. At 60-80 RMB each, they're a little more than enough for one person but not quite enough for two.

Add: 711 Shiquan Street, Suzhou
Tel: 0512 6572 5632

2) MelroseView In Map
This Shanghai delivery powerhouse has a couple of branches in Suzhou, and has produced quality and satisfying pizzas for years. Two medium pepperoni Tuesdays is a classic deal for Suzhou expats. It's pretty much exclusively a delivery restaurant, although there are a few tables if you want to eat there. You can get it sent through Sherpa's but you might as well just call them directly and save the fee – their English is good enough for ordering pizza.

Melrose's pizza menu is American-inspired, with pepperoni and super deluxe pizzas topping the list. The meatzza is generously topped with pepperoni, ham and sausage, as well as extra cheese. The Spanish tapa is probably their best premium pizza. Not only do they have the only anchovy pizza in town (as far as I know), it's double anchovy. Enjoy!

Add: 268 Xinggang Street, Suzhou
Tel: 0512 6251 8289 ‎

3) The Bookworm
While the Bookworm may have slid a little since its early years, it's still a good place for high-end dining in a great environment. While it might be more famous for its sandwiches and pastas, there are some good pizzas too. Keep an eye out for the chef's specials, sometimes they do pizza too.

Each pizza has a different name in the Bookworm tradition. Uncle Brian's Pizza is their vegetarian and Posh Pizza has feta and sundried tomatoes. Their four-cheeses is probably the best in town. Prices range from 60-80 RMB and a 12 inch pizza is enough for one. Although the restaurant itself is worth a visit, you can also get delivery with Sherpa's.

4) The Drunken ClamView In Map
This bar is a local favourite on Shiquan Street. Owner Sean has long taken pride in the bar food, with chicken sandwiches and various fried treats satisfying customers on a nightly basis. But his recent addition of a pizza oven on the second floor makes this place a destination for a meal and not just a drink.

This thin but thoroughly American style pizza comes with a few of Sean's own creations but also has a “create your own pizza” menu which is very well priced. If it's late and they're busy you might not be able to get one, so order early.

Add: 77 Shiquan Street, Suzhou
地址:苏州十全街滚绣坊 77
Tel: 139 1558 9753

5) Mario's Pizza View In Map
No list of pizza places in Suzhou is complete without Mario's. Although it's changed location a few times, Mario's has been popular with Chinese and foreign customers for almost a decade. Antipasti, salads, sandwiches, pasta and desserts are all pretty solid here. Still, it's known for pizza and pizza is what they do best.

Thin or thick crust with a few quality toppings is what characterises Mario's Italian style pizza. Ingredients include Parma ham, pecorino cheese and prosciutto. A personal pizza is around 50 RMB and large ones can be up to 100 RMB. There are a couple of good calzones (the misleadingly named Alfredo Calzone does not have alfredo sauce, but is still good with ham and mushroom). They've also got a lunch special that includes chicken nuggets, which is a nice touch.

Add: 1/F,18, Section B, Outlet Shopping mall, 36 Shuifang Lu, SIP, Suzhou
Tel: 0512 6770 4322 

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