Shenzhen’s Most Popular Bargain Clothing Markets

Shenzhen’s Most Popular Bargain Clothing Markets

Tired of high prices at name brand clothing outlets? Don't trust online retailers and want to feel the material for yourself? Enjoy bragging to your friends about the crazy discount you got on your new jacket? Like any other large Chinese city, Shenzhen is a great place to buy cheap clothing if you know where to look. Here we offer four of the most popular markets in Shenzhen to fill out your new wardrobe on the cheap.

1) Taoyuan Clothing CityView In Map
With six floors of clothing and bags to choose from, Taoyuan boasts a wide range of prices—and quality—so definitely shop around before you settle on any purchase (for reference, we found a nice windbreaker for 200 RMB). Don't miss the Korean cosmetics shop Ding Shang Fang (顶尚坊) on the fifth floor; the manager was super nice. If you've somehow exhausted your options at Taoyuan, check out the surrounding Wang Hong (王宏), Shenye (深业), and Xintiandi (新天地) clothing markets while you're in the neighborhood.

Add: Shenye Logistics Buildings, 2088 Bao'an Bei Lu, Luohu District, Shenzhen
地址:深圳市罗湖区宝安北路2088号深业物流大厦裙楼, 桃园外贸服装城
Tel: 755 2221 3111
Opening hours: 9:30-19:00 (weekdays), 9:30-20:00 (weekends, holidays)
Getting there: take bus No. 18, 33, 63, 80, 212, 218, 321, 336, 366, 381, n10, n16 to Luohu Human Resources Market (罗湖人才市场站)

2) Haiyan Wholesale Clothing MarketView In Map
Haiyan specializes in high-end women's clothing, well-known among locals for carrying the latest fashions straight from nearby Hong Kong. Don't let the aging architecture fool you; prices here tend to be higher than your average bargain bin, but you'll get what you pay for. Expect to pay over 500 RMB for a coat in winter and around 200 RMB for a skirt in summer. Buy more than five articles at a time (or try to make friends with a storeowner) for wholesale discounts.

Add: 3002-3 Jiabin Lu, Luohu District, Shenzhen
地址:深圳市罗湖区嘉宾路3002-3号, 海燕服装批发市场
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00
Getting there: take Luobao subway line to Guomao (国贸站) or take bus No. 61, 337, 352, 381, b307 to Bank of China (中国银行站)

3) Jiahua Foreign Trade Clothing MarketView In Map
Located behind Maoye Department Store, Jiahua appears incongruously low-class compared next to its skyscraper neighbors, but well worth a peek. Here you'll find fakes for around 100 RMB a piece, but confusingly interspersed with more expensive genuine articles. Still, don't be thrown by the high starting prices; bargain like a pro and you can come away with some great deals. Get your Calvin Klein underwear for 15 RMB a piece, or any style of UGGs for 650-1199 RMB.

Add: 2007 Huaqiang Bei Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen
地址:深圳市福田区华强北路2007号, 嘉华外贸服装市场
Getting there: take Shekou subway line to Huaqiang North (华强北站) or take bus No. 302, m202 to Manha Shangcheng (曼哈商城)

4) Century PlazaView In Map
Century Plaza is a wholesale market dealing primarily in high-end export clothing. Here you'll find three chaotic floors of not-so-famous brands of women's attire, but the sizing is fairly dependable, and great deals are often available on surplus clothing meant for export. One caveat: they don't let you try before you buy. You can buy something, go to the restroom to try it on, then come back and exchange, but you can't get your money back.

Add: 30 Dongbin Lu, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Tel: 755 2653 1821
Opening hours: 10:00-19:00
Getting there: take bus No. 70, 74, 122, 328, 390, b702, b813 to Dongbin Lukou (东滨路口站)

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