Shenzhen’s Creative Culture Park: The No.1 Place for Artistic Nourishment

Shenzhen’s Creative Culture Park: The No.1 Place for Artistic Nourishment

Shenzhen’s OCT-LOFT Creative Culture Park is the number one place in Shenzhen for creative types and hip people of all backgrounds to gather, chill out, and share their ideas. The area exhibits all kinds of art including design work, photography, paintings, and animation to name a few. The area also holds frequent events which see the hottest bands and artists arrive on the scene to showcase their work to a uniquely funky audience. The area is quite large and features a whole host of cafes, restaurants, and art galleries, so we’ve pinpointed six hangout areas that are really worth checking out. If you’re up for admiring some contemporary art, or just fancy relaxing around the area with a beer or a cup of coffee, then this is the guide for you. It’s time to find out why anyone who is anyone is talking about the OCT-LOFT Creative Culture Park.  


1) OCT Contemporary Art Terminal OCT 当代艺术中心 View In Map
The OCT-LOFT’s Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT) was set up in January 2005 and is currently the only non-profit museum that is listed as one of China’s national level contemporary art museums. The OCAT covers a large space of over 3,000 square meters and features an international art studio, an exhibition hall, and a warehouse housing countless modern works of art that will more than satisfy the taste buds of any art lover. The OCAT also acts as a subsidiary of Shenzhen’s He Xiangning Museum, whose artwork they have frequently exhibited in the past. The center has also exhibited artwork from museums across Guangdong and the rest of the country, and is well-known for hosting a contemporary dance festival in December each year.

Add: Building F2, Creative Culture Park
Tel: 0755 2691 5100

2) Idutang 一渡堂 View In Map
Idutang was built in 2006 and is a major player in the OCT-LOFT, and features exhibitions of art and design as well as music concerts and movie screenings. Oh, and it also doubles up as a bar, which is handy if you’re ever in need of relaxing beer in between all those tiring art appreciation sessions. Over the years Idutang has seen countless musicians and artists from China and abroad come and go, and has hosted over 400 cultural events in its history.   

Add: Building 3, Creative Culture Park
Tel: 0755 8610 6046

3) True Color Bar本色酒吧 View In Map
There are in fact seven branches of the True Color Bar in Shenzhen, and they’re well-known as hip hangouts with a very Western feel. Music is what matters here, and fans of jazz will be in for a treat as the bar frequently hosts jazz musicians in the evenings which fit in perfectly with the general funky feel of the whole OCT-LOFT area. When the weather behaves, you can make use of their outside seating and kick back with a brew and watch the world go by.  

Add: Bar Street, Ecological Square, Creative Culture Park    
Tel: 0755 2691 3479
Opening hours: 18:00-2:00

4) LSD Party 迷食 View In Map
Don’t be fooled by the name – LSD party is in fact a restaurant that also doubles up as an art space. The plush internal decorations coupled with the stylish Mediterranean cuisine and traditional Italian food and wine make it a great location for a date or just a relaxing meal with friends. The restaurant has one special aspect whereby you can have the chefs cook you up your own special dish as long as you call in advance and let them know what you fancy eating. Otherwise, you can chow down on Sichuanese food, enjoy a Caesar salad, chew on some pasta, or try some delicious Greek-style salmon among others. On the art side of things, LSD Party has previously exhibited work from some of the world’s top household design brands, including Bretz, Vitra, Walter Knoll, and Fendi.      

Add: 105A, Building F1, Creative Culture Park
Tel: 0755 8610 6344
Opening hours: 10:00-21:30

5) My CoffeeView In Map
My Coffee serves as a great way to unwind from the hustle of bustle of Shenzhen. One special feature about the café is that customers are allowed to choose what coffee mug they drink from; with My Coffee featuring a whole myriad of interesting and beautifully designed cups which you can choose according to your preferences. While you’re sipping away on your cappuccino or latte you can also indulge in the café’s collections of art and photography books, making the experience truly bohemian. On the snack front, their pineapple cakes are worth a try which complements nicely with a cup of coffee.   

Add: 101-104, Building F1, Creative Culture Park
Tel: 0755 8609 5101/8299 8288
Opening hours: 10:00-24:00

OCT-LOFT Creative Culture Park InfoView In Map
Add: Northern Section, Oversea Chinese Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Tel: 0755 2691 1826
Getting there: take subway Luobao line to OCT Station (侨城东站), and then take bus b603 to Creative Culture Park stop (创意文化园站)

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