Shenzhen: Overseas Chinese Town’s Camping Grounds Calling!

Shenzhen: Overseas Chinese Town’s Camping Grounds Calling!

During the holidays, whether it’s on the beach or in a dense forest, one can usually always see plenty of colourful tents wherever one goes. Staying outdoors is good for both the body and mind; a place for resting after an intellectually stimulating day. Although staying in a tent is simple and crude, it does cover you from the wind and rain nonetheless. Those Campers who set up camp outside all view their tents as a warm home. At present, the Overseas Chinese Town is offering a whole new concept in outdoor camping.

The camping grounds are located in the Overseas Chinese Town in the Chaxigu Scenic area. It is the first "ecological scenic spot" funded by the national government, with investments reaching 3.5 billion yuan. The camping grounds closely resemble a golfing course. Campers only have to pay 330 RMB per person to use the tents and to experience the two VIP areas in the camping grounds on the field or on the mountain. Single rooms, double rooms and family rooms are among some of the housing types available. The tents come fully equipped with all necessary goods, a washroom, a shower room as well as many other fully equipped room options.

Campers can also enjoy free access to the parks, thus those people who wish to ‘go back to nature’ can go to the mountain forest together, admire the view of the sea, listen to the singing of the birds and leave the racket of the city far, far behind. By ‘returning’ to the countryside, people can enjoy nature by living close to the water or by sleeping on a mountain.


1. Avoid mosquito bites by wearing comfortable long sleeved sweaters and pants, and it’s best to wear non-slippery trainers.

2. There’s quite a stark temperature difference between inside and outside, therefore do bring enough clothes with you to avoid catching a cold.

3. Bring enough drinking water, solid food and first aid items with you.

4. Finally, bring along your good mood!

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