Pamper Yourself in Shenzhen: East Overseas Chinese Town

Pamper Yourself in Shenzhen: East Overseas Chinese Town

The East Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) in the Dameisha, Yantian District of Shenzhen is not to be mixed up with its counterpart in the West of the city. Though both areas are similar in terms of their penchant for theme parks, East OCT is more geared towards tourists wishing to retreat from the city and into more calming, natural surroundings, especially those with eco tourism in mind.

East OCT is a relatively new resort whose first phase opened in 2007 and cost a whopping 3.5 billion yuan to construct. The resort occupies an area of about nine square kilometers and is divided into three main theme parks: Tea Stream Valley, Wind Valley and Knight Valley. Although, at first glance the park may seem like just another attempt to imitate the West, especially its Interlaken Swiss resort, the park is situated in undeniably beautiful scenic surroundings and huge plunging waterfall, fragrant tea plantation, luscious green forestry, a vast golf resort and luxurious spas are without doubt a spectacular sight for any first-time visitor to the resort. If you only have the weekend off to relax in Shenzhen and traveling long distance is not an option, then East OCT is certainly an attractive weekend destination to consider.

Below are two of the highlights from East OCT:

The Interlaken Spa 茵特拉根矿泉SPA

The KURHAUS healthcare spa house covers an area of 1500 square meters and is the largest, most luxurious state-of-the-art health spa in China. The Spa caters to everyone’s needs, offering both indoor and outdoor mineral water pools and tubs, a special women’s only spa area, a wide selection of pampering treatments, mountain cottages, Asian and European spa treatments as well as a French anti-aging and recreation centre. Also on offer is a wide choice of mouth-watering spa cuisine and health food options. Modeled on the European style spa, this area is all about advocating a healthy, modern lifestyle. Moreover, the Spa has also hired top experts and health care specialists to ensure that you get the most out of your relaxation treatment.

The Interlaken Spa Info:
Venue: The Interlaken Spa 茵特拉根矿泉SPAView In Map
Address: East Overseas Chinese Town, Dameisha Yantian District, Shenzhen
Business Hours: Fri-Sun 11:00am-2:00am, Mon-Thurs 2:00pm: 2:00am
Adults 158 RMB per person
Children 78 RMB per person (under 1.2 metres)
Tel: 0755 8888 9888
Getting there: click here for transport info 

Tea Stream Valley 茶溪谷: Ancient Tea Town

This section of the resort serves a dual function: one is a chance to soak in some greenery and escape the concrete jungle, the other is to learn more about China’s rich and long-standing tea culture. Visitors to Ancient Tea Town can pick tea leaves and brew their own tea, take part in a pottery workshop (where those ambitious enough can try to make their very own tea pot), and of course the opportunity to indulge in all sorts of tea products imaginable, from tea pastries to liqueur to tea-based local dishes.

If you feel like the need to not only retreat from the urban landscape, but from people too, then also of interest is the Sanzhou Tea Garden, also found within the Tea Stream Valley. This garden is perhaps the most tranquil option, where visitors are free to roam around hundred of acres of tea plantations, wetlands and mountain scenery. Riding on horseback across the area’s jungle is also an option.

Tea Stream Valley Info:
Venue: Tea Strem Valley 茶溪谷View In Map
Address: East Overseas Chinese Town, Dameisha Yantian District, Shenzhen
Business hours: 9:30am- 6:30pm, 9:00am- 6:30pm during holidays
Price: 150 RMB per person, 180 RMB per person including jungle cable car
Tel: 0755 8888 9888
Getting there: click here for transport info

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It seems too luxurous to me. I'd personally rather see something real than something artificially created.

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158 is discounted price or full price? I ordered one here. They are promoting their spa, 80% off, still cost 138. full price is 620, histerously expensive. the service includes french advance essence whiting care, yogo, sub-health examination, far IR breast examination. except spa and face face, the rest hoaxs customers book their membership card for long term spendings, i think.

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vivian morissey

We really wanted a weekend stay at the Interlaken but I tried calling reservation for a whole day and never got a hold of anybody. Left my number twice but nobody called back. Is that how you do business?

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jack xie

sure nice arae and best one in china mabe

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