Threads on the Cheap: Shanghai's Bargain Clothes Markets

Threads on the Cheap: Shanghai's Bargain Clothes Markets

You’ve probably figured out by now that Shanghai is a shopping Mecca – shoes, accessories, electronics, antiques… It’s all right here in the city. One of the central commodities for expats and tourists alike, however, is clothes. And while there are countless malls, department stores, and boutiques to choose from, finding bargains on quality clothing may prove a bit more difficult. Below are some of Shanghai’s best bargain clothes markets around – places that allow you to be a fashionable, yet price conscious, trendsetter.

If you’re looking for inexpensive clothes and small accessories, check out the D Mall Shopping Center (under People's Square Metro Station, near Xizang Nan Lu), where the fashionable Shanghai’s twenty-something crowd comes to snag some great deals. The clothes here are competitively priced, but you should always haggle. Although this shopping center may lack the top brands carried by the more expensive stores, its trendy, ever-changing stock guarantees you’ll find your next clubbing outfit here.

D Mall Shopping Center 迪美时尚购物中心View In Map
Add: under People's Square Metro Station, near Xizang Nanlu, Shanghai
Tel: 021 6258 0000

Qipu Lu Clothing Market, Shanghai

The biggest clothing market in Shanghai has got to be the Qipu Lu Clothing Market. Also known as Cheap Lu, it’s the closest visitors can get to a wholesale clothes market in Shanghai. Renowned for its clothes, handbags, accessories, shoes, and jewellery, the clothing market actually consists of three shopping malls on each corner of the Qipu Lu intersection. While the name brand merchandise sold here isn’t exactly what you’d call authentic, it’s definitely possible to find great deals on well-made items here.

Qipu Lu Clothing Market 七浦路服装市场View In Map
Add: 168 Qipu Lu, near Sichuan Lu七浦路179号近四川路
Getting There: Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Nanjing Donglu Station

Are shoes more your thing? One of the shopping malls on Qipu Lu has an entire basement floor devoted to the ins and outs of designer footwear. Venture up one floor and you’ll find a (really messy) level of clothes, accessories, and cosmetics. The lack of presentation is a bad advert – you can actually get some insanely good deals if you can see beyond the chaos. The next level is a bit tidier, which means that you’re bargaining skills may not be as successful as on the first floor. You can still get great deals, however, so keep haggling! The next two floors sell versions of popular Japanese and other higher end clothing brands. You’ll be expected to pay more on these levels, but the prices are reflected in the higher quality of the products. 

Perhaps the most famous street for shoes is Shaanxi Beilu (陕西北路). The entire street is practically littered with footwear of every make, model, and design. The prices are incredibly reasonable too, especially considering the sheer variety this street has to offer. Not just content to be a shoe haven, Shaanxi Beilu also houses plenty of shops selling clothes and accessories, including traditional Chinese dresses.

Also known as The Fake Market, Taobao Market is one of the best-known bargain markets on this list. With over 300 stores spaced out over three floors, and an area of 12,000 square metres, it offers clothes, purses, sunglasses, shoes, and yet more clothes. Many of the shops from the old Xiangyang Lu Market moved over to Taobao upon its closing in 2006, which means you’re getting great knock-offs at reasonable prices (as long as you’re willing to put in a little time and effort towards bargaining with the sellers). And just in case you were wondering – no, this place has absolutely no affiliation with the famous website of the same name.

Taobao Market 淘宝城View In Map
Add: 580 Nanjing Xilu, near Chengdu Beilu, Shanghai
Getting there: Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Nanjing Xilu Station.

Happy shopping!

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