Where to Indulge In Western Food in Sanya

Where to Indulge In Western Food in Sanya

We all know of course that Hainan is famous for being "China's Hawaii", with the main port of call Sanya being full of tropical beaches and fancy hotels. If you can afford it, there's a decent array of Western food available in some of Sanya's high-end beachside hotels, though for bargain hunters there are a few lesser-known hotels that offer equally adequate burgers or BBQ. For coffee lovers, there's the Marriot Cafe, which offers a scenic view of the ocean as you sit and enjoy a fresh brew. The Yangshan Jinjiang Hotel offers a comprehensive Western food buffet at a reasonable price, while the Pullman Hotel hosts a BBQ every evening for all you meat lovers out there. The Sheraton also offers an attractive pairing of food and scenery with its Western restaurant surrounded by water for a unique dining experience.

1) Marriot Café View In Map
Featuring a buffet offering all kinds of different cuisine, the Marriot Café (万豪咖啡厅) is undoubtedly very popular. Featuring South East-Asian cuisine, Italian, and Greek food, the Marriot boasts a truly international feel. Late comers need not to worry as the restaurant is open until 23:00 and is constantly topping up its food, and you can even sit outside and eat amid a scene of fresh sea air. 

Add: Marriot Resort Hotel, Yalong Bay National Resort District, Sanya 
Tel: 0898 8856 8888
Opening hours: 7:00-23:30
Price: 208 RMB per person (breakfast) 238 RMB per person (lunch and dinner), 15% service charge
Getting there: Take bus 15, 25, 27, or 29 to Yalong Bay Station (亚龙湾站)

2) Banshan Jinjiang Holiday HotelView In Map
Although the Banshan Jinjiang Hotel is a four star hotel, its Western restaurant is surprisingly cheap at only 68 RMB per person. You can sit under a parasol and enjoy the sea view whilst enjoying delicious food including a range of steaks and salads. The hotel also offers a delivery service, so if you're feeling lazy and are in a nearby hotel, you can get your food delivered straight to your door.

Add: Banshan Jinjiang Hotel, 21 Dadonghai Luling Lu, Sanya
Tel: 0898 8822 8888
Opening hours:24 hours a day
Price: 68 RMB per person (breakfast buffet, no service charge); only ala carte available at lunch and dinner which is subject to a 15% service charge
Getting there: Take bus 22 to Banshan Jinjiang Haijing Jiudian Station (半山锦江海景酒店站)

3) Pullman Holiday HotelView In Map
The restaurant at the Pullman Holiday Hotel offers traditional Swiss cereal, French toast, bacon and nutritious steamed vegetables for guests to tuck into at breakfast. In the evening, there's a BBQ buffet with a different theme every day ranging from Asian to Mediterranean. The hotel also employs foreign waiters to ensure there are no communication issues.   

Add: Pullman Holiday Hotel, Yalong Bay National Resort District, Sanya
Tel: 0898 8855 5588
Opening hours: 6:30-21:30 Mon-Fri, 6:30-23:00 Sat-Sun
Price: 138 RMB per person (breakfast buffet) 198 RMB per person (dinner, Mon-Thurs), 228 RMB per person (Fri-Sun, 15% service charge)
Getting: Take bus 15, 25, 27, or 29 to Yalong Bay Station (亚龙湾站)

4) Lotus Café (Sheraton Hotel)View In Map
The Lotus Café (瑶池西餐厅) is located in the Sheraton Hotel, and is interestingly designed in a "T" shape surrounded by a pool. You can enjoy the nearby fauna, while you eat succulent salmon and British style mashed potatoes. Other menu items include salads and steaks.    

Add: 1st Floor, Sheraton Hotel, Yalong Pool National Resort District, Sanya
Tel: 0898 8855 8855
Opening hours: 7:00-24:00 (breakfast from 7:30-10:30)
Price: 180 RMB per person (breakfast buffet, 15% service charge), only ala carte available at lunch and dinner
Getting there: Take bus 15, 25, 27, or 29 to Yalong Pool Station (亚龙湾站)

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