Discovering Sanya in Just 48 Hours

Discovering Sanya in Just 48 Hours

The main reasons for visiting Sanya is to enjoy a Chinese beach experience and/or to leave the cold climate in China’s north behind during the winter. Sanya is not the type of place you go to learn more about China’s history and culture, though there are some historical sites nearby. Basically, the vast majority of people who come to Sanya in the south of Hainan Island go to sunbathe on the beach, swim in the turquoise waters and enjoy holiday resort life. However, if you do want to see more than just the beach and the imposing skyline of high-rise resorts, then we’ll show you how to squeeze in the best sites and activities in just 48 hours.

Nanshan Temple, Sanya

They say to save the best for last; put off going to the beach on day one and take in some cultural sites first. The first port of call is the biggest Buddhist preaching site established since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Nanshan Temple. Located 40km from the city, Nanshan Temple is a tranq uil get-away from the built-up tourist hub that is Sanya. Just in front of the temple, visitors can stand on a terrace facing the South China Sea, from which magnificent views of the ocean and the spectacular 108 metre high copper statue of the South China Sea Kwan-yin Bodhisattva can be enjoyed. The temple itself covers 40,000 sq metres and boasts several replicas of Tang Dynasty architecture. The temple is part of the Nanshan Cultural Excursion Zone (南山文化旅游区), famed for its representation of Buddhist culture. Make sure to try the temple food when there, such as the wild fungus and bean products. A trip to Nanshan should only take a couple of hours so if you leave in the morning you should be back around midday.

Getting there: the most convenient method of transport is going by taxi. The trip should take about 40 minutes and costs between 60-80 RMB.
By bus: there is also a special bus route that leaves from Yalong Bay and passes through several sites including Sanya Bay to Nanshan which costs 10 RMB. Buses leave every 12 minutes from 06:00-19:20.

When you’re in Sanya you’ve got to indulge in fresh seafood. This is the best place in China to enjoy food that’s just been caught literally minutes before it ends up on your plate. Qing crab, Xie clam, oyster, lobster and fresh shellfish are plentiful. Chuan Wu Restaurant (船屋海鲜餐厅) is famous for its fresh seafood. The quaint wooden restaurant is located right by the seafront, which means that you can enjoy delicious fresh fish while admiring the waves crashing on the shore.

Chuan Wu Seafood Restaurant船屋海鲜餐厅 View In Map
Add: Tianyu Holiday Hotel, Yalong Bay Tourism Developing Zone, Sanya
Tel: 0898 8856 7888

Though Sanya is not exactly reputed for its great shopping, it is a great place to pick up some tropical souvenirs. Shells, pearls, crystal and other marvels from the sea are plentiful in the city. The best place to buy pearls and shell decoration is the Business Street near Hongqi Street. Souvenirs and exotic produce is easy to find so alternatively a stroll around the streets of Sanya will inevitably lead you to tourist shops. Just remember to bargain hard when shopping. Afterwards browse the night market, or take a moonlit walk along the shore. Wrap up the night with a few cocktails in one of the reggae-playing beach bars, or, if you prefer a more upscale cocktail lounge and don't mind the taxi hike, head to any one of the five-star hotels at Yalong Bay.

One cannot come to Sanya without a visit to the beach. Spend day two on the sandy beaches and in the clear, blue waters. Visitors to Sanya have a number of stunning beaches to choose from such as Yalong Bay or Dadonghai Beach. If lying on the beach under palm trees like a washed up fish is too sedentary an activity for you then head to Yalong for some amazing scuba diving that’s on par with Thailand and Indonesia. Yalong is 20km from the city and like Sanya is a built up resort area. The best headache free way of reaching Yalong from Sanya is via taxi for around 50 RMB. The best diving sites around Yalong Bay are Baifu Bay and Sun Bay, both of which are easily reached by speed boat from Yalong. These sites have lots of red choral and beautiful tropical fish and the water has a visibility of about 8-16 metres. Other fun water sports and activities which can be enjoyed here is parasailing, jet skiing, deep sea fishing, canoeing, renting paddle boats, banana boats, sand motorbikes etc.

The list of fun activities and choices is almost endless in Sanya but if you’re someone who enjoys beach holidays then Sanya is the best choice in China. Though 48 hours is a short time for squeezing in all the beautiful sites in the area, with a little know-how and advanced planning you can definitely have a great relaxing short break in this seaside area. Enjoy.

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