8 Fun Activities at Yalong Bay Undersea World in Sanya

8 Fun Activities at Yalong Bay Undersea World in Sanya

Yalong Bay in Sanya is not only the most attractive bay and beach in the area, it is also home to the world's largest and most complete group of soft and hard corals – hence serving as home to thousands of tropical marine life. These and more are what the Yalong Bay Undersea World has to offer for visitors.


Yalong Bay Undersea World focuses mainly on sightseeing and exploring the undersea world, but also functions as a marine life aquarium with various facilities for entertainment. In the 9 square kilometers of sea, visitors are able to enjoy all that the underwater world has to offer, including underwater activities such as sightseeing in the semi submersible vessel, walking under the sea, scuba diving and snorkeling. A whole array of  above water activities are also on offer here including aided parachuting, riding out to sea on a yacht or motorboat, swimming and sun tanning at the man-made beach, and resting at the resort hotel. In the following paragraphs, we will be introducing some of the more unique aquatic pastimes for your next trip to Yalong Bay, Sanya.

1) Underwater Sightseeing
Ride the semi-submersible vessel imported from Australia and reserve yourself a front row seat watching the underwater world unfold outside. The semi-submersible vessel can take you as deep down as 1.7 m. Visitors can watch the corals and tropical fishes darting here and there just right outside the steel-framed glass windows. The entire sightseeing trip takes about 1 hour.

Tickets: 260 RMB/person

2) Strolling Underwater
Visitors will wear pressure resistant helmets attached to individual oxygen supplies and will follow the trainer down a stairway 4 -5 m underwater; they can then enjoy the coral reefs at a close range view and feel the magic that pulsates through the colorful marine life that surrounds.  The entire trip takes around 20 -30 minutes.

Tickets: 380 RMB/person

3) Snorkeling
Each visitor will be supplied with diving goggles, a breather tube (snorkel), flippers and a life jacket. A professional trainer will first explain some basic knowledge about snorkeling and things to look out for, then the trainer is going to accompany visitors 1 -3 m under water for some good old snorkeling fun.

Tickets: 200 RMB/person

4) Scuba Diving

Visitors will need to wear scuba diving suits and carry necessary diving equipment. The trainer will teach visitors some basic knowledge and diving techniques for 30 minutes; then visitors will carry their oxygen tanks and dive 4 -15 m underwater with the trainer.

Tickets: 480 RMB/person every hour

5) Fishing
Visitors are able to choose between fishing from the boat or fishing at the wharf.  If opting to fish from the boat, staff at the venue will provide fishing rods and baits; visitors must wear life jackets and ride with trainers in yachts out to sea; those that like to fish from the wharf can ride the yacht back to the wharf and do so from there.

Wharf Fishing: 150 RMB/person every 2 hours
Yacht Fishing: 400 RMB/hour

6) Riding the Yachts
Yachts are much faster than regular motorboats, so each yacht is manned by professional drivers.  Visitors can sit on the deck or in the cabin and watch the tropical scenery of the ocean and coral reefs beneath the water surface.

Tickets: 80 RMB/person every hour

7) Riding the Motorboats
Motorboats are slower and easier to drive; you usually only need to control the boat’s speed by manipulating pressure on the acceleration pedal. Visitors can opt to drive these themselves or they can also have a staff member from the resort man the boats for them while they sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Tickets: 180 RMB/person every hour

8) Aided Parachuting over the Waters
This is an aquatic activity that is a bit more adrenaline-driven. Visitors will wear parachutes with help from the staff members at the resort. The parachutes are tied to the fast-sailing yachts by a rope. When the yachts start up, visitors can run on the deck to get up to speed; and with the buoyancy offered by the wind resistance – one can fly as high up as 20 m off the ground. The yacht will then travel around the designated route for a full circle and slow down speed to allow visitors to gradually descend on the shore.

Tickets: 320 RMB/person

Yalong Bay Undersea World 亚龙湾海底世界 View In Map
Add: Yalong Bay National Travel & Resort District, Sanya
Tel: 0898 8856 5588
Business Hours: 8:00-17:00
Transportation: Take Taihe Travel charter bus 102 from Sanya West Bus Station and hop off at final destination for Yalong Bay; first bus starts at 07:00 from the West Bus Station and the last bus departs at 19:00 from Yalong Bay. Buses are around 20 minutes apart and the fare is 5 RMB/person for the whole trip; trip duration is around 2 hours.   

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