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@ truth in china
Is either you "white" or whatever if you doing the same shit with somebody and the person is been paid higher than you all cuz of skin colour,then you say that is "BS EXCUSE" why you "GUYS" such hypocrites?

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@ xiaolong,just listening to the shit coming from your mouth you those arrogant s***** ppl who thinks you know it all.....I don't blame some of can you compare a mid-eastern's English to an African?.... That shows how uneducated you are....... No heart feelings

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That's BS. Im african and lived in the UK my whole life. They still prefer caucasians over me any day.

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It depends on your children. Chinese people think white people are native speakers.. so a black man who was raised in America have American passport will not get a job because he is black. the matter is not only with native but skin color also.

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Bilingual Buy

I grew up in the USA and am a native speaker of both English and Spanish. My dad is American, my mom Mexican. Growing up he always spoke to me in English and her in Spanish. This continued all my life even though both parents are fluent in both languages. So the first method worked for me.

And I know what the writer meant by the child rebelling. My sister and I often hated to speak Spanish but fortunately we never gave it up and 20 years later we're still fluent.

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Unfortunately your article left out some basic facts based on physiology and psychology. Before age 7 your brain works with ears and they adjust each other. Thus, the best advice is to only have chinese at home (tonal language requires hearing modifications) until age 7, and then after then, only English at home. they get enough Chinese practice in the wild. the Chinese parent has to be strong and ignore the child's chinese and force them to use English at home.

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@N-some tips for Chinese parents: You have said it all. Its up to Chinese parents to consider it or not. Its just th plain truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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N-some tips for Chinese parents

I am an English teacher with over 8 years experience teaching in SE-Asian countries and China. I have taught at EF in Jakarta, Indonesia as well. Besides, I speak seven languages plus one (studying Chinese at Jiao Tong in Shanghai) I am not a native speaker. I am a very good teacher and knowing a bit of speechtherapy has helped me to stand out even among experienced real native teachers. I say real because not every native speaker is a teacher / can teach English. Can any Chinese (taxi driver, cooks, ...) teach English. I have taught Americans and Australians (bus drivers, cooks, ...) how to teach English in Thailand. So, you better look for a real teacher or at least someone who has finished high school. Check for fake degrees. In Thailand you can buy Bachelor or Master degree of your choice of University (American, British, ....) for less than 100 USD. Find the contacts of the University on the Internet and send them an email with the attached degree. Or send them the name, date and subject of the degree. Usually within a week you will get a respond.
The other common misunderstanding among Chinese parents is asking for American accent. Firstly, there isn't such a thing as one American accent. America is a huge and diverse country. I remember once I had to translate (repeat with soft accent) a southerner for a Bostonian coffee shop waiter. Later, he told me, "AAhh, these southerners." (meaning hard to be understood). Secondly, American don't understand a word of a real Australian accent and British English sounds almost like Chinese.
If you consider working in an International environment, my advise to you is first, "TRY TO LEARN AND UNDERSTAND ALL KIND OF ACCENTS EVEN KOREAN, AFRICAN, INDIAN, YOU NAME IT". second, "TRY TO SPEAK A SOFT NO-ACCENT ENGLISH, SO THAT EVERYONE CAN UNDERSTAND YOU." If you go overseas and stay in a place for a long time, you will pick the accent of that city naturally (even if you don't want to, that happens even to native speakers)
Third, English is a stressed language, meaning words of two or more syllable have a stress. If you say these words soft and correctly with the right stress, everyone (American, Australian, British, ....) will understand you.


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Ell Tee

What has any of this got to do with raising a bilingual child? Also, before criticising native speakers as ESL teachers, spellcheck yo' shit. The grammar's a bit wonky.

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@ Ell Tee,

Can you just ask @N your question without adding the word sh--?

Well there might be some grammatical flaws and spelling mistakes in what he/she wrote. I would like to think that it's because he/she is not a native speaker. I can forgive him/her for that.

I totally agree with her in a way. There are so many "native speakers" who become "teachers" of the English language in Asia, especially in countries where people are still struggling very hard to learn the rudiments of the English language.

It's a very sad and unfortunate thing though that there are many of these teachers who can not teach well. They are backpackers who go to Asia, take advantage of the people and their money, enjoy a country's night life, low cost of living, beautiful scneries, etc. After sometime, they get tired and start saying all the nasty and foul things against the locals and leave.

So pathetic!!!

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You're right. @Ell Tee is pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But these locals who are starstruct with these equally pathetic "native speakers" are similarly pathetic. And pitiful!

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I fully agree with you.. I was raised in a bilingual country.. and i speak 7 languages too and i'm fluent in all of them.. I've not been to America to get the accent, i didn't have an American teacher to teach me English or someone from france to teach me french.. But i've the accent. Just encourage your kids to read by themselves and improve their accent. Watching movies can help to get the accent. But CHINESE also need White People. they think all native speakers are white. We can't change their mind.. they are chinese :P

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Another diss at native English speakers. The idea is that a native English speaker, from a country whose official language is English, can teach the culture of said country. A fluent English speaker from India may outshine me in the classroom, but cannot relate the culture of Canada to the students. As most students want a native English speaker because they want to study abroad/emigrate, makes your argument invalid. Now, should an Indian who was born and raised in Canada (second gen. or better) who is more qualified than I am get passed over for a job in China, then I'd cry racism.

Nov 02, 2013 17:37 Report Abuse



I totally agree with you ! I knew some foreigners teaching English in Shenzhen or Guangzhou .Some of them could not even afford education in their own country ,but they come to China ,easily get a job as EN teacher and private tutor charging 500 kuai an hour . Yet when these teachers get together they begin to abuse Chinese people . I agree that a lot of Chinese people are not so civilized ,but these people are the ones giving them food . They take advantage as being an alien ,they dont really care about people s feeling . well Chinese people seem to be nicer with aliens than their own people ,which is also a sadness . They would prefer a 500 kuai an hour jobless native speaking foreigner than a 100 kuai chinese teacher who can teach professionally . Since there is news that China might cancel EN as a main subject in the university entrance exam , a lot of EN teachers might lose their jobs . SO take care !

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I am really interested in reading your article. I and my friends, English/Chinese and English/French all found this a challenging part of parenting. I would add that it also depends on the child. Some are more rebelling and less interetsed in language than the other. I think the only thing for the parents to do is to keep trying but also be patient - easy said than done! :)

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