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Hi Cory, there most certainly are local variations to this process. What you experienced in Sichuan is most likely a streamlined process to attract foreigners. Beijing, on the other hand, probably has the opposite mindset; to repel foreigners. Good luck!

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While it is a long process, it also means no more worrying about police raids and getting kick out of the country because you are not on the correct visa.

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Wow, what a tiresome process. I used to work in China as an ESL trainer and the consulting company did the entire process with a little effort from me and they also paid for all the fees. During that time, I was a bit pissed that high school graduates from English-speaking countries could get hired as teachers even though they had no clue how to teach ESL well. That was the reason I was hired as a trainer to help these foreign teachers teach ESL properly.

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