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The air is a big reason to leave . Another thing is the food . The quality has taken a serious nosedive in recent years . My trips to China in the 90s I never got sick from the food . Street food and even small hole in the wall places had decent food . Never got food poisoning . Now in the past month I've had terrible food poisoning twice . Everyone I've talked to thinks the food is crappy now too . I miss the days when I could eat everything and not get ill .

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Good people and bad everywhere people. Sure you have complaints but they are probably only different and proportional to the complaints you had back home.

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Hi everybody, may i suggest to simply dismiss those envious and resentful comments from that gentleman(sic!)as pure ignorance, pat his shoulder and say "ok you are right, you won!" and get back to the topic? As an english entertainer, non-native needless to say and most importantly LBH,who has been living in Bj for exactly 1 year, I think i find the article well written and based on solid arguments. Well, pollution should be crossed out, since its not an opinion but a fact. As far as the other reasons are concerned I dont totally agree with the lack of manners of the Chinese. True, they still spit, blur, talk loud etc, but I have noticed less people doing so since my first visit to Bj, 3 years ago. Yet expecting commuters to stand on the right side of an escalator in a subway station is still an utopia, not to mention the fact that zebra crossing in Bj are considered a decoration, rather then a warning. I dont agree on the internet related issue, though it hit my nerves too sometimes, no matter the vpn. We are guests in a country and need to cope with its rules and laws, it's not ours to judge or look them down. Life costs in Bj is pretty expensive, ture, but before moving to Bj i had lived in Hk, and well, there you really catch the meaning of the word expensive, for a 20 sm cubicle costing you the equivalent of a 50-60 here. For me there's only one reasons for which i would, and somtimes i consider it seriously, leave Bj, or China. I can generalize here, because it happens to me all the time and I can't put up with it: they have no respect, if not for themselves and they are not reliable. I am referring to the dozens of times i have been ditched by people, students, girls, landlords, even my ex-girlfriend, whoever. What is an appointment in Beijing? A bet, for me. Will he or she come? Will they be late? Will they be so kind so as to let me know of their being late before, rather than texting me "Sorry Im late" when they are being late already some 30 minutes? Will they let me know at all of their being late of not showing up? I have received tons of texts oh..I was so busy, i forgot..oh i was driving and could not text you...oh my sister just got an accident and im going to the hospital...oh i thought class was canceled because you didnt confirm with me..(should i?)...hi are you there or on the way? oh.. because i just realized im so tired i cant see you today, do you mind to put it off?..hi teacher today and this month i'll be busy so i'll have to cancel, see you next month, Im sorry...I always have a B plan now here but I find quite irritating to be treated like that and the worst thing about it is that sometimes i ownder whether the Chines think they are smarter and can easily get away with it, just by saying Im sorry..what the hell does im sory mean in China? Should be i wont do it sure they will do it over and over

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Hi everyone, may I suggest you simply dismiss this individual's diatribe. If you look closely at what he wrote you will see that it is plagued by grammatical errors and spelling errors. He claims to be an "English teacher" or "English entertainer" yet he can't even write something that is grammatically correct and he can't even spell. He complains about the small things that aren't even worth complaining. What is he going to complain about next? That there's no one to wipe his azz after he chits? Please dismiss this individual's hateful and petty comments as pure ignorance. This guy is a true LBH.

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He specifically said ENGLISH ENTERTAINER not teacher, hence the irony. This is the internet and not a free class, we write using abbreviations and simplified lingo so dumb b@stards like your self would understand. Your acting like a brain washed, narrow minded idiot who thinks the universe revolves around him instead of being a part of this world. China is a country, it should follow the world and not the opposite. What is it you have against foreigners anyway ? They took all the good jobs ? You have a foreigner boss you hate ? You english teacher treated you like crap ? You lost face to many foreigners ? whatever the thing is, it lead you to having a severe personality disorder.

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Ah Mad, do you know how to read? He got ENGLISH ENTERTAINER from a comment I made earlier. I wrote that foreign English teachers in China are actually English language entertainers. And by the way, there is a difference between ''Your" and "You're." Also, "brainwashed" is one word. How is it that my English is better than yours? Don't even bother learning more languages. Concentrate on improving your English because English is the business language of the world. What is causing you to speak and write improper English? What is it THAT you have against Chinese people? ARE THEY smarter than you? Are they richer than you? DO you have a Chinese boss? DID YOUR English teacher treat you like crap? DID you lose face to many Chinese people? Whatever the thing is, it lead you to HAVE a severe personality disorder and learning disability.

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Your english is better than mine ! lol..... again this is the internet, Im not here to offer you free lessons and I type in the most suitable way, time efficient and get the point thru. So when I say thru it mean through, your is you's and Im is I'm. Apparently your an idiot to a level beyond normal measures. And why use my way to reply ?typical Chinese, steal the idea and mass produce it. now i wont waste anymore time replying to ur pitty comments here. P.S: The phrase english entertainer, we use it on answers page since b4 you knew about this site.

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Okay, your english is better than mine. You's the wiener. Res ipsa loquitur! P.S.: The words losers back home (LBH) has been used for a long time to refer to people like you. I'm guessing you're here because a company needed to rent a foreigner.

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If you read properly, as i said b4. Im here cuz chinese cannot function without foreign supervision. I work in an international foreign company. I was moved here because them chinese idiots cannot perform well on international standards if managed by another chinese. I do just fine back home.and even if im a LBH, what does that make china ? low standards back home is considered high here! now cut it out with this useless kids-play. stop trying to save face, u lost it wayyyy back in this thread.

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Improving economic situation back home is another factor

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This is a really disappointing thread to read because the article is pretty reasonable and balanced but the comments section is full of personal attacks that come off as bitter and possibly as paid propaganda (wumao). I'm leaving China for a lot of reasons: I originally planned to stay a short time and have stayed longer than I intended, the pollution is bad and seems to be getting worse in my city, I want to go to graduate school back home and get a masters or JD, I would prefer to raise my future kids in the US school system, I see little room for career development here, I'm sick of being looked at as an outsider even though I'm conversationally proficient in Mandarin, I'm sick of seeing uncivilized behavior every day, quality of life is generally better in the US, China is really not that cheap if you want quality, if I stay longer it will be hard to go back. All different kinds if people come to China for a variety of reasons and it is silly to say all expats are lbh.

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Good luck Dongbeiren. There is a lot of butt-hurt (sorry no first aid can do anything for it) especially from guest 14480640 who doesn't even have the ba**s to post UNDER HIS ALIAS. Most likely male, single, no gf and no chance of leaving China. EVER. So brave Mr guest, are all the foreign women losers? Are all the workers who are employed by foreign multi-nationals losers? Like you say Dongbeiren, there is a point that a foreign worker reaches when having to deal with all the BS becomes pointless. At least I took a chance that has led to a fantastic opportunity that i would not have had otherwise, and i have met more interesting, widely traveled, unique people in China than i have in a while. Good luck to you and the next stage in your life!

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You nailed it, Dongbeiren and Sorrel. It looks like Guest 14480640 is just another loser back home (LBH). These imported, delusional foreign wumaos are damaged junk from wherever they come from. They have nowhere to run so they place their bets on a fake china. The fact that they have nowhere to run necessitates their putting on rose colored glasses when they wind up in fake china, a china that has its authentic chinese religions, values and culture completely wiped out by the Cultural Revolution, and replaced by Karl Marx's warmongering communism that utilizes guerilla warfare. These are 100% losers in life, the real losers. I agree with those (including locals) who call them LBH, they are! (btw, guest2301262 is my userid, it is not a guest id :))

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Thanks Sorrel! I didn't realize at first that all of those guest posts were the same person.

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You know nothing about me buddy, it's funny because you are just profiling me as the stereotypical naive loser and you have nothing factual to back up any of your points. I'm really tempted to address your points one by one but I don't like to give too many details about myself on an anonymous forum. So just collect your fifty cents, continue to enjoy trying to put down expats or amuse yourself by getting a rise out of people. Whatever your motivation is, I don't really care.

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I actually don't blame you for your prediction. There are lots of young people who come to teach, return to their home countries and later come back to China due to lack of opportunities back home. I can assure you that I am in a different situation from many of these people based on my education background, family background and responsibility. Believe it or not, we waiguoren are a diverse group and not everyone is an unemployable broke playboy. You're an interesting one because you have a more nuanced analysis of America than most wumaos and bitter Chinese men. I'm profiling you as a foreign educated Chinese male who returned to China and couldn't find a high paying job. It must hurt to see any random white face walk into China and make more money and get more attention from women than you do. I could see why you would be full of hate. You might even be a foreigner yourself with a weird self hate or superiority complex. Or you're just a diaosi with impressive English and cultural knowledge. But it's all just conjecture whereas you seem to know everything about me.

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And on another note, going online and trying to ridicule, disparage and offend many individuals on this forum does not make you come across as a psychologically healthy person. I mean if I met an aspiring doctor whom I didn't think had the brains to cut it in med school, I'd be encouraging and perhaps gently remind the person that there are alternatives in case Plan A doesn't work out. What exactly do you gain from hiding behind a keyboard and convincing a diverse group of people who happen to live in China that they are losers and failures? I'd hate to sit next to you in a bar man.

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It appears I'm having a conversation with myself because our guest friend deleted his comments directed at me..., hmmm

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Which company?

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First of all, this guest dude is a hilarious racist b@stard. Why r u talking as a guest and not under ur profile ! Foreigners r play boys u said, well agreed, 70% are playboys. but the odor and bathing thing ! u must be confused. Its the Chinese who lack hygiene and have a strong BO. Im not a teacher here and im not from the US, simply i got transferred here cuz the chinese cant do things properly without a foreign supervision. We dont speak chinese. well why on earth would I want to learn such a useless language as Chinese ! Im better off learning russian, french, or any other latin language. An under educated foreigner can speak at least 2 languages. 3 or more for educated individuals. What about the Chinese ! Oh yeah they can speak mandarin, cantonese and the sub language of whatever shit hole village they r from. You eat dogs and cats for Christ's sake !!!!! What about the spitting urinating burping picking ur nose talking loudly in public ? These things arnt anti-social ! your herded by ur government like sheep, and actually the government is right doing so, because no one can control idiots without oppression and fear. Keep in mind that English is the business language of the world, not Chinese. Thus, everyone including Chinese should learn English and not vise versa.

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Wow, so it is okay for foreigners to stereotype Chinese people on here? This is not racism? Most of the Chinese people don't have the qualities mentioned here. You're the racist b@stard. Why learn Chinese? There are more people who speak Chinese than English. China has close to 1.5 billion people and there are more Chinese people in other countries. You just don't want to learn Chinese because you are lazy and don't want to spend massive amounts of time to learn it. An under educated foreigner can't even speak English properly.

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truth is not racism. People speak english in many countries, 300 million in china alone. China is one of 200 countries that speak chinese. No one else speaks chinese. This is why the Japanese language fad died off in the 90s, only one country speaks it. You are clearly one of those, herded brain dead chinese without a single individual thought. Poor you. Perhaps you should just embrace that anger and give into the dark side

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Exactly what carl said. 1.4 billion speak chinese. All in China. English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, russian and arabic are the languages to learn in which they will be beneficial. Chinese, mehhh not so much.We have 5 billion dogs who bark, should we learn how to bark ? its not about quantity, its about quality, but again you wouldnt know a thing about quality. As u said an under educated foreigner dsnt speak english properly, well thats true, but lets face it, an under educated Chinese dsnt speak english at all !

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Geo, then why did you learn Chinese if it is not valuable? I don't even think you know Chinese. You should go to a speech therapist and relearn English. For all those who are lazy and want to be ignorant closed minded people, go right ahead. You're in China, the majority of the people here don't know English. How do you communicate with people on a daily basis? Do you speak English really slow and use sign language and hope people will understand you?

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Good job. Now go spend your free time and money learning French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic. Your time and money will be well spent. You talk the talk, it's time to walk the walk. You're going to millionaire after you learn these languages. AhmadKoudrah, you're my hero!!!!

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