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Most Chinese people and other foreigners in China know that English teachers in China are LBH. You're here because you failed back home. You want to create a new identity here and try to fool the people here into believing that you were someone back home. People aren't stupid buddy! Back in the states a factory worker who works overtime and even construction workers make 10 times more than you do. And they have benefits. Unless you are an executive or hold a professional position here in China, you're a loser!

Dec 21, 2015 20:58 Report Abuse



LOL sounds like your woman left you for a white guy who can actually satisfy her.

Dec 22, 2015 11:30 Report Abuse



LMFAO, sounds like all you have going for you is being white and an English teacher in China making peanuts. Pathetic! A Chinese woman will leave you in a heartbeat once she realizes that you have nothing going for you. How are you suppose to raise a family on an English teacher's salary?

Dec 23, 2015 11:40 Report Abuse



Clap yourself well done mate. You're the man on 30k a month...amazing, something prodigious

Dec 25, 2015 12:39 Report Abuse



You foreigners are losers in China. You guys failed back home and are trying to reinvent yourself in China. Too bad many Chinese people and expats can see past you.

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I'm not in PRC 365days, and this site is an amusement for me on my phone during private moments of a morning, but am here and there enough to lose ordinarily resident status in my home country, which is a clue to my perspective on this particular little nugget. You won't tend to see us driving anything decent in PRC for a variety of reasons, one is traffic, the other is price (take a walk around a forecourt sometime, with an FX app, and if you've got something similar at home, your eyes will vomit), another is that there are so few makes/models, most of which are aimed to either those going for the meth-dealer/trafficker look, or the mid-life crisis sales manager's new sedan. If you see a 'rich' honky here, you won't know. They're on the train, in a taxi, or in some putzy VW with a driver (which gives one the ability to get a little trolley'd at lunch - a primary consideration in some quarters). But I would say, from experience, the personality types who blat about in their ostentatious wagons are the same in the East or the West, its just most of the w__kers in the West are leasing :P

Feb 13, 2016 07:46 Report Abuse



Interestingly, it seems as if once someone here holds a view which is not popular with most posters here, they're either automatically labelled as a "Loser back home" or "Wumao". While the USA is a developed, first world country, let's not pretend as if it doesn't have its fair share of problems. Approximately 50 percent of the WORKING population are earning $30,000 or less and most young graduates under 30 are either unemployed or underemployed, working in Starbucks barely making enough to service their college debts. So, for the most part, when the writer touches on the difficulties she experienced with getting a job back home, note that she isn't the exception. Just saying, if you're prepared to call her a LBH then you might as well write off half of the US population as being the same. The countries of the West still have the most to offer, and have the best environment for leading one on the path towards self-improvement and development, but.....we're hanging on to this lead by a thread.

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I agree. The reason you feel that way, is China is the place to be in the world now. America is an overpriced old-hag. I especially agree about the over strenuous job interviews. I have a graduate degree, it is actually really easy to verify, check, or proof, or whatever. In America, I've had job interviewers, incredulously ask, "do you really have a this degree?...or do you really have this experience..." like I was lying...frankly, it is easy to verify, America is weird. The job hiring process, that is part of why the American economy is so bad, the hiring process is because the courts are so bad, and employers have to worry about 'torts' committed by employees. In short, America is like an ugly woman, who was once pretty, she doesn't know how to behave anymore.

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"The cost of living is much cheaper in China" Wait till you have kids. Do you really want to teach English for the rest of your life? Cuz that's what you'll end up doing, unless you go to school or otherwise train for significant new skills.

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Well that's some very poor, very direct advice. How can you know that for sure... i know plenty of people who have found other jobs in China other than ESL teacher.

Dec 17, 2015 03:46 Report Abuse



What other jobs? Being a manager of an English training center? Most, if not all foreigners are unable to speak fluent native like Chinese. How are you MF's suppose to get jobs in China if you can't communicate?

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With strictly equivalent living standards (for someone that has living standards, that is), China is more expensive. Way more expensive. Every time I get back home I'm struck by how cheap stuff is. Except for electronic consumer crap I don't need.

Dec 16, 2015 20:57 Report Abuse



"Loser back home" is a label affixed to an expatriate who was a loser in his home country and attempts to craft a new, more glamorous and interesting identity for himself in his new country of residence where no one knows him and the locals are unable to read the cultural signs which mark him as a loser. This often entails knavery, clumsy seductions of local women, public intoxication, and generally shameful behaviour that tarnishes the reputations of all the LBH's fellow expats, causing them to be viewed forever after with suspicion and distaste. Like an alien entering into our atmosphere, we would be captivated by it's differences and oddities, but far from our minds would be the label of a loser no matter how different they seemed. An LBH is a "special" type of person that just doesn't quite fit in. Back home, they may have been teased, out-cast and shunned and either didn't know how or want to change their behaviour, to be able to socialize on a day-to-day basis with others. This is why so many LBH's flock to China because they are accepted for who they are and not judged and shunned as they would be back in our culture. Their impoliteness, loud mannerisms, overstated opinions and general know-it-all attitude would still make it a difficult process to attain the label of 'loser' in China, but like with any alien, one person will eventually step forward to learn more. It's when you are another Westerner meeting this type of weirdo guy or girl, in China, that you can recognize the social awkwardness and gag reflex behaviours they provoke, and safely look into their eyes (if you can manage this) and think that's an LBH in the flesh! For those of us who don't possess a finely tuned LBH-radar, here are just a few ways to spot one: Never had a successful career – has moved from place to place and job to job (train wreck to train wreck) Doesn't have a stable family life – often has left a string of broken dysfunctional relationships and a number of children to different partners and has not contributed to the financial support of them (train wreck to train wreck) Is in China because he couldn't make anything of himself in [insert western country name] Lacks self-awareness Has delusions of grandeur (e.g. thinks himself a misunderstood genius) Invents an exciting and interesting background story about his life at home (that doesn't make sense on closer inspection) Indignant/angry/violent when details of his back-story are questioned or discovered to be obviously false Expert on China and all things Chinese (likely to live in a western style gated community, drinks and eats almost exclusively in western style bars and restaurants, has probably never been more than one hour from home-base) Expert on foreign politics, Chinese politics and anything newsworthy and will argue his opinion whether you want to hear it or not. Believes themselves to be untouchable and above the law (I'm an [insert country], they can't do anything to me/I know [insert title of local official they met once]) Dear friends, if you know an LBH or meet one (oh the humanity), smile, agree with everything they say then politely excuse yourself and get the hell away from them. Should you develop a relationship you will be automatically assumed to also be an LBH and when something bad does inevitably occur you will also go down with them. (Some of this blog is copied from others and some is original content. This is the internet afterall.)

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Sounds like your average Chinese guy, wannabe expert on Waiguo, "French don't eat pork because of their religion", want to escape China for {insert Western country} as a move to run away from his problems, fuck KTV whores and popped a secret kid here and there, eats and drink Chinese stuff only, etc...

Dec 17, 2015 08:13 Report Abuse



You probably don't know yet that you are in a wrong place ! ... Sooner or later you will regret it and not a little only, but a lot ! ...

Dec 16, 2015 18:02 Report Abuse



It's the lonely feeling that comes with living in a suburbanised western world that gets most people feeling like they could return.

Dec 16, 2015 17:05 Report Abuse



Hahaha yeah sure, the suburban dweller totally strikes one as your typical profile of a returning hobo. Yo wumaos catch me every time, just when I thought you were getting boring, BAM here goes a generous serving of hilarious nonsense.

Dec 16, 2015 21:21 Report Abuse



You are well on your way young padawan. When you have experienced reverse culture shock a few more times (especially from different perspectives from living in other countries)... only then will you be promoted to Jedi. May the force be with you.

Dec 16, 2015 14:32 Report Abuse



Ah, China, the land of provision and protection...

Dec 16, 2015 14:20 Report Abuse



My experience returning home is nothing like this persons. 1 - My wife and I were unemployed for about a month and a half after returning. That's with a month long vacation. We spent about a week actively looking for jobs, and another week interviewing. And its not like we had to change fields either. We're both still teachers. 2 - Yes, China is cheaper, but in the US you make more money. To compare, we lived in a second tier city and together our income was legally capped at $24,000 yearly. Now, we combine for around $90,000. This is a 350% increase in income while the cost of living according to is only 86% cheaper when comparing our Chinese city to our american city. 3 - I agree on the driving thing, however, we also moved to a city with reliable public transit so it wasn't a big deal. 4 - Nearly 500 people died in mass shootings in 2015. The CDC estimates that nearly 3000 die annually from food poisoning in the US. Remember, this is a country with a reliable health department, which China doesn't have. Now, which of these two countries is more dangerous to you because of lack of regulation? Be honest. 5 - I do. I was an expat. And you know what the secret of it's appeal is? It's that your life stagnates. You're probably not going to be able to stay in China and advance in your career. You're never going to truly be able to own a home, at best, you can lease an apartment above a mall for a period of 60 years. And, you're never going to assimilate to their society. You, and your children, an your children's children will always be outsiders, because that's what laowai means.

Dec 16, 2015 11:58 Report Abuse



I am pretty sure that the author is an LBH Pollyanna

Dec 16, 2015 12:47 Report Abuse



LBH pollyanna? Ah, loser back home. I see. Maybe. Maybe not. Again, I'm still teaching ESL, but at least back in the states I can leverage my experience and a graduate degree to teach at a bridge program here. In China, I felt stuck at the end.

Dec 16, 2015 13:36 Report Abuse



Hmm... Strike a nerve?

Dec 17, 2015 09:26 Report Abuse



You are far more likely to die by food poisoning, suffocating on carbon monoxide in your home, heavy metal poisoning from lead paint, and a plethora of other things in China than back in any first world country. These are all borderline normal ways to die in China. Mass shootings, as tragic and too common as they are, are not considered a borderline normal death in the US. Statistically, you would have to be VERY unlikely to get caught up in, let alone killed by, one. The author was rightly called on her silly attitude there.

Dec 17, 2015 18:35 Report Abuse



Do you always speak like this? Representative of your normal utterances? If so, what made you this way? You remind me somewhat of the character 'V' from V For Vendetta.

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