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I don't know where you studied history but I think you should ask for your money back.

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Please humor me with an example.

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@RiriRiri: I'll give you 3 obvious ones. (1) Korean war (1950-53): In the third phase, Chinese troops (as acknowledged by all parties) repelled the US to the DMZ. (2) Vietnam war (1959-75): The US were eventually kicked. Again, all parties agree that a majority of the Viet troops were Chinese. (3) Historical Northern Neighbours: A big chunk of modern China overlaps the former Xiongnu territory (check Wikipedia for a map). Historically, the northern neighbours were neither "harmless" nor "pacific", and you may have heard that the Mongols one day had conquered one fourth of the world's surface (Guest14167438 astutely reminds us that a lot of their troops were Chinese). Yet, over the centuries, China had constant conflicts and conquered a lot of their lands. Hence the relocation of the capital to Beijing (to better control these unruly lands) and the many layers of the Great Wall (check the dating of each layer to see documented conquest). --- Wanna talk more history? Ignorance is pityful, since good documentation is freely available on the web! Btw. the "5000 years of history" is only a manner of speech. The first preserved written records (Shang dynasty) describe a Xia dynasty (c. 2070–1600 BC), but that leaves us with a total 4000 years. While it's probable there were precursors, there is no scientific proof of "one consistent Chinese culture" before 2000 BC. It's more or less like claiming the Cro Magnon were French because their remnants were found on French territory. But I guess this level of distinction is too complex for many.

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Note that contrary to you, dear anonymous, everything I say is from memory because I actually opened some books at some point, as opposed to Wikipedia knowledge you didn't have a minute ago. But heh, I asked for examples so it's fair game. Okay, examples 1 and 2 are not even involving China, and do not concern Chinese troops for the whole length of conflicts and could be argued on many many points. In a word: mostly irrelevant. Your third point being a mishmash of "yeah yeah but this and that guy were repelled at some point". Yeah well most of these enemies, like the Xiongnu or the Mongols were nomadic tribes that were more of a recurring pain in the ass more than actual organized nations, and yes they were kicked at some point by the Chinese after invading. And you know what's funny actually? It's that these tribes, in a consistent manner, have always been repelled by Chinese after they adapted to the local lifestyle: meaning in other words once they sedentarized, got soft and lazy. And it's not even criticism on my part: Hans used to have a very inviting hedonistic lifestyle I have nothing against, but that's another subject. The subject is how your case is weak because your examples are irrelevant at best and work for me at worst. Sorry if you thought you could nail me with 5 minutes worth of Google research. About the 5000 years, it's always irony when I mention it, it has always been times and times again in all my comments.

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Did RiriRiri just suggest to better argue based on memory rather than based on facts? ... China "not involved" in the Korean War or the Vietnam War? ... wow ...

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"Western media has stated that the violence in Xinjiang is not terrorism". That's not true, they stated its local terrorism and different from the international type dealt by the other countries. If an international group came to China and initiated the Xinjinag ordeal then the response would have been different. America deals with local terrorism constantly so they're desensitized to that level of violence.

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very pertinent observations

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why do anything when someone else is making the sacrifice? And two guys whacked? ho hum (job), we got 1.3 billion more

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What a lame article! China's government always has some lousy excuses when they do not wish to do something, but they sure are busy building islands in the South China Sea. Now that is important, LOL.

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I'm not a fan of China but not getting involved in the Middle East is the smartest decision they could ever make. USA destroyed themselves in the Middle East and every nation that screws around in that region ends up with buckets of regret.

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China shouldn't get involved in the Middle East - the US and its allies only shoot themselves in the foot by meddling in that region in order to prop up the Zionist state of Israel. ISIS wouldn't exist in the first place if the US hadn't launched its ridiculous war in Iraq. The fall of Saddam Hussein created enough instability that a bunch of wackjobs like ISIS could rise to power. Foreign policy should be about pursuing national interests and it is not in China's national interests to get involved.

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Here here, EVERY LIFE IS VALUABLE. After all it was the British, French Germans and Americans who carved up the Middle East after the War. Installing their puppets governments (poodles).To suite their needs (oil) and when these poodles do not toe the line, they became mad dogs, despots, dictators, terrorists etc. Must get rid of them at all cost send in cruise missiles.Put them back another century and we can keep our factories and companies to and rebuild for them, (economics).Oh heck, we'll supply the arms too, so they bicker and fight among themselves after we have divided them into good and bad guys.then we say look at them! So what few rag heads get killed! collateral damage, shit happens! Remember the Mujahideens the freedom fighters! were and are the same people (Taliban now ) are now rebels terrorists.American buddies they were! Oh, wasn't Israel born out of terrorist activities? The labeling by the America and its allies of who and what is terrorist in so two faced. Western powers will do everything to get China involved in their mess, who is to say that troubles in Xinjiang are not covert in upsetting the Chinese progress by some external interference. enough for now!

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I see, it's all the Jews' fault.. why don't you crawl back into your Meccan slime pit, Habib.

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Point is, you can't trust Muslims and every life sure isn't valuable to them. Never met a single Muslim who 100% repudiated terrorism, it's always OK if it's directed at Jews. And no, Israel wasn't founded out of terrorist activities, that's BS.

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Typical Zionist thinking... hide behind anti-defamation accusations without actually addressing my point. It's not "the Jews" fault - it's America's obsession with supporting Israel when Israel is more than capable of taking care of itself. It's likely that big money from Zionist sympathizers, whether Jews or not, affects politicians and encourages them to act that way. The Israel lobby is very strong and influential in Washington.

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And Israel was founded by terrorists: google "The Irgun" or check this out:

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OOooo the Jews run Washington.. the Jewspiracy.. did you ever think that maybe the ullullating Islamic hordes are the actual problem.. that's only proven by 1500+ years of history.

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Gayrdian.. really...

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"And no, Israel wasn't founded out of terrorist activities, that's BS." No they did use bombings at civilian targets to drive the Brits out. that is documented fact!

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Zionists. Actually. And the 'zionists' are NOT Jews.

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You are 100% lying. I have never in my life met a Muslim who supported terrorism. Every Muslim I've ever met (and I was raised in Canada where there are tons of Muslims from all nations) abhors Taliban, ISIS, and whatever other terrorist organization there is. Your statement lost all credence when you said you can't trust Muslims. Judging an entire 1.7 billion people proves your ignorance.

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"The Chinese public is not familiar with the Middle East and has a fuzzy understanding of the region." i.e. they're dumb as rocks.

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ignorance is bliss

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