then you better check hengshui high school ..hengzhong international cambridge program for drunk, unqualified and sexual defiant...along with possible criminal record in UK...FYI

Aug 05, 2015 23:31 Report Abuse



This artical is right about one thing.."illigal Teaching" but being dangerous to that extent i personally think its an exaggeration. And if you have ever attentended collegue for Bachalors in education you will agree with me that therez nothing as a best Teacher. Good Best teachers can be bad too depending on the type of student you teach..forestance if u find pupils who are not intrested at all in what u teaching no magic can make them like it..period. Some kids just hate English..with professional or unprofessional Teacher. Some guys are natural,they don't need all those certificates you mentioned to deliver. And I'm one person who believe people shouldn't be judged by there past..if some dude made to china with such a criminal record not caught blame the immigartion not schools hiring him. Lastly "black market teachers" has nothing to do with racism. Go back and read again.Thank you.

Aug 06, 2015 00:48 Report Abuse



The danger of NOT hiring illegal foreign teachers is running out of business since these schools don't have a license to hire foreigners legally anyway. Parents won't pay no fee if they don't get a White face for their little baozi. It's easy to blame the foreigners, but they are often not very aware of what they throw themselves in, on the other hand the Chinese employers are perfectly aware that they are hiring an illegal foreigner and of the consequences that could come along with it.

Aug 06, 2015 01:12 Report Abuse



It's easier for China to export this problem and blame someone else the same way the West exports our literal garbage to China for them to reclaim. Each side pretending they don't need each other and sneering. How very adolescent of the world. Actually, this article sounds very similar to what Donald Trump has been saying about Chinese people...

Aug 11, 2015 18:20 Report Abuse



Exactly . New schools can't legally hire a foreigner for AT LEAST a year. So what does the government think they're going to do for that first year?

Aug 11, 2015 19:19 Report Abuse



"China is flooded with illegal teachers". The demand for ESL teachers far exceeds those willing to come to China to teach English. It is not a desirable country to come to. The ESL profession is not something people view as a long term career. So why would they spend lots of time/money being trained for it? It's a simple question of economics. I can earn more money working in Burger King in the west. This author paints the absolute worst picture. The truth is many graduates who come here are smart and driven. They do their best in difficult circumstances. The schools are poorly run, often with no set idea of a curriculum. The Chinese teachers are hired straight from crappy universities, also poorly qualified, terrible English and horrible pronunciation The author neglects to mention this. The Chinese have to take responsibility for quality assurance and security checks. They allow somebody with no Educational experience to set up an English school. They have no centralized quality control. Whose fault is that? Thousands of ESL teachers have not abused children and you get three that do. Yet the author feels this is a real problem. Bullshit. They need to worry about seedy Chinese men more than ESL teachers The best teacher my former school ever had, was a teacher who had never been to university. He was fantastic and knew more about English grammar than most graduates. The worst teacher was a Glasgow university teaching graduate. She was rotten and the kids learned nothing. The author is an idiot. He would never mention the many good teachers or admit how thorough the CELTA course is. It is tough

Aug 06, 2015 07:18 Report Abuse



HAHAHAHA... so many English teachers here on echinacities! Bunch of losers whining since the last paradise is also closing its doors from garbage. Thank god you all leave soon.

Aug 07, 2015 01:56 Report Abuse



It's not "from garbage" but "on garbage". I could come and give you some English lessons if you would like. 500 RMB an hour with a minimum of 2 hours and call-out fee. If you can afford that.

Aug 08, 2015 07:54 Report Abuse



Thanks but I'm not planning to become an English teacher. Go teach someone who cares.

Aug 08, 2015 13:13 Report Abuse



This professional worker Guest626460 with all his qualifications earns much less than ESL teachers and works twice as many hours, this my friends is the reason why he is so butt hurt. Might be the fact that he is still a virgin as well, while ESL teachers get model-like Chinese girls all the time, heck the girls even pay dinners to ESL teachers in China. Cry cry virgin boy, be angry while your sister jumps onto my big pole.

Aug 10, 2015 20:17 Report Abuse



Even if China closes it's doors, your Mom's door will still be open. It clearly was ...15...maybe 17 years ago...whatever your age is.

Aug 11, 2015 18:17 Report Abuse



"To Garbage" (you owe me 500 rmb) ;)

Aug 18, 2015 02:52 Report Abuse



The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. We don't need no water let the English teachers burn. Burn English teachers, buuuRRRN.

Aug 20, 2015 00:42 Report Abuse



Its people like you that make me glad I am a photographer now. Imagine a whiny brat like you in one of my classrooms. You'd have a bottle of cheap Rio and lie to me about it having no alcohol, I'd explain no meant 0% and you'd pretend to be confused...then we'd both leave the school and I'd become a photographer and I'd run into you again...driving my taxi to work for 12 yuan.

Feb 20, 2016 12:12 Report Abuse



International Schools best to work at, plenty legitimate language institutions too, hard to guess really - carry out a Tarot reading to find out more.

Aug 07, 2015 02:46 Report Abuse



Teaching is all about style and delivery, anyone who knows that gem of a book, The Elements of Style will realise not many English speaking people understand English as well as one would think, people tend to speak like they think, not very logically, with no clear intention, Me thinks expectations exceeds reality on all sides. need to relax, its all good. Cheers!

Aug 09, 2015 19:44 Report Abuse



My two cents. I am 100% qualified as an English teacher. Native speaker with a degree and now two years experience teaching in the country. I would really like to be teaching legally right now. When I went to the managers in my company, they refused to give me the paperwork that is legally owed when you finish your contract. Would not issue the release letter, etc. Now if the Chinese staff at this company had complied with the law, there would be no problems. As things are right now, I cannot legally teach in the province I've been living in because the laws are too strict about issuing a new legal work visa and my old company was trying to blackmail me. So, to the original author, you can't understand every situation based on academic expectations. There's this thing we call case studies, you might want to look into them sometime.

Aug 11, 2015 18:14 Report Abuse



Old, old news . Anyone with any experience at all has seen the most incredibly horrible business practices repeated over and over for years . Schools hire the cheapest teachers, treat them poorly, and then brand them as incompetent. This writer is obviously just keeping the anti-foreigner rhetoric alive while omitting the fact that it's all driven by Chinese owned companies. Yawn. "Real" teachers are offered lower pay because training centers pass off cheap teachers as native speakers. These "teachers" are then given inexperienced support systems and no curriculum or training to speak of. Everybody here knows it. This is NOT NEWS, this is just propaganda.

Aug 11, 2015 19:36 Report Abuse



The article is fake. Chinese schools only care that the teacher is a native speaker, as long as the candidate is a native speaker Chinese don't care about his education, qualification or criminal record. I have a Master's degree, English is my Bachelor major and I have a teaching experience, but I'm not hired because I'm not a native speaker.

Aug 11, 2015 20:19 Report Abuse



Man, this is China. They employ people just because of their ethnicity, Nationality and color. They never focus on the quality of education the candidate can provide! No matter your qualifications, skills and experience, if you're not from those short listed countries and in some color, you're disqualified !! hahahahaha... really unbelievable !!!!

Aug 20, 2015 08:44 Report Abuse



No one is to blame but China itself. I think the wage structure and the lack of professionalism from the majority of Chinese schools. Plus the borderline racist views that teachers should be white are the reason that schools have teachers who don't give a shit. When a teacher arrives in China full of enthusiasm and excitement only to find companies who don't give a shit about their teaching quality and students who don't respect the subject and are forced to learn it by their parents. Then how do they expect the teachers to react but in the same way. When China takes education seriously then they will start to obtain serious teachers.

Aug 14, 2015 13:56 Report Abuse



Thumbs up on that. I've seen 3 very well qualified teachers arrive even full of enthusiasm and 'missionary zeal' sometimes and then get their souls crushed and are gone by the end of 3 months because there is no way in hell they can accept a ridiculous company, abusive kids, ignorant incompetent 'bosses' who seem to only know how to get off on 'feedback meetings' (so insanely high off the idea they are criticizing a foreigner) and finally they cannot take it and leave actually with great resentment.

Aug 18, 2015 02:48 Report Abuse



Making TEFL or equivalent, some of which can be obtained online (how on Earth can a teacher be trained online?!?!) a guarantee of getting good teachers is very short-sighted of the Chinese authorities. Unfortunately for the Chinese market however, properly (read state) qualified Western teachers are still in very short supply to fill the abundance of roles, especially those "non-jobs" found in dodgy training centres.

Aug 17, 2015 02:17 Report Abuse



It seems like this topic goes around and around forever but here are my major disagreements: While its true some retired teachers are excellent and by that I mean fully qualified BA+ Teaching and decades of actual full-time teaching back home its also true many of them are terrible/struggle/go terribly wrong/cannot translate or readjust for China. The 2nd category is very often as good or better which is people (like me) who do not have a relevant Uni degree but worked as tutors and ESL volunteers or teaching assistants or simply took CELTA or TEFL courses in genuine interest of a career change. Some might argue this is the BEST because they come in as ESL teachers and aren't trying to 'convert'(translate, rework) 10 or 20 years teaching in a public school. Anyways, I also disagree with the 3rd group in that I'm still surprised how many I meet who (for example) came to China to backpack, met a boyfriend/girlfriend and with zero experience were offered a summer school job and guess what - did GREAT! that describes one of the most popular and awesome English teachers in one of my schools. Don't laugh at old alcoholics. A burned-out drunken Dutchman who was traveling Asia (and probably was a truck driver back home) was hired and I say sincerely he absolutely loved those kids, cared, had the worst presentation ever (barely audible sometimes) and was so sincere and well-meaning and caring I count him as one of the best teachers (i mean teachers not just ESL teachers) I've ever seen. I wish that guy was my 6th grade teacher when i was a kid. ------- and now to the relative comparison. Well guess what China? about a 3rd of your teachers are horrible, useless, appear to have no education themselves, are drunks or perverts or just plain ridiculous and bad at their job. This is also true of most any American public school, British school, Zimbabwe schools etc. Its also true of Trucking, Nursing, Journalism, etc. Having said all that yes of course we don't want freaks and weirdo's showing up. For reasons that baffle me I've seen great great foreign teachers treated like garbage by incompetent employers who skim and cheat and pinch the money and then I see some slob weirdo foreigner running the whole show over at another school getting good cash and somehow able to get away with anything. and finally for what its worth: I've been on the other side where our company hired many foreign workers from China to Canada. While half of them did seem to be skilled at the thing they were hired for it was pretty clear a bunch of them has absolutely ZERO experience, training or education in said job. Someone's cousin I guess. realistically everyone knew 10% of them had absolutely no experience or training however they were Chinese and in a group and so what - the others basically coached and 'crash course' trained them what to do and so they did as well as any others. a few true experts failed or quit or got fired while so did any others. some of the obvious 'fakes' actually hustled quick and a week later as good as any other.

Aug 18, 2015 02:41 Report Abuse



I wrote a blog a time ago about the ignorance way the China Bureau of Education employing people from some short listed countries, just because of their look and color. Making such people eligible to teach in China. I told you Guys, "Teaching is a profession" "Not a nationality !! I advised you guys to employ professional teachers, instead of employing people Just because of their ethnicity, nationality or color. !!! You only put professional African teachers in the disqualified list.. But hey, African teachers are the best of it all !! I say it again an again: Education isn't about nationality or color, But the quality of education the person has passed through !! How on earth can you employ zoo keepers, street sweepers, street guy into a classroom and expect good result ? Before you know, things has gone beyond repairs !!!

Aug 20, 2015 08:23 Report Abuse