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Exactly . New schools can't legally hire a foreigner for AT LEAST a year. So what does the government think they're going to do for that first year?

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This artical is right about one thing.."illigal Teaching" but being dangerous to that extent i personally think its an exaggeration. And if you have ever attentended collegue for Bachalors in education you will agree with me that therez nothing as a best Teacher. Good Best teachers can be bad too depending on the type of student you teach..forestance if u find pupils who are not intrested at all in what u teaching no magic can make them like it..period. Some kids just hate English..with professional or unprofessional Teacher. Some guys are natural,they don't need all those certificates you mentioned to deliver. And I'm one person who believe people shouldn't be judged by there past..if some dude made to china with such a criminal record not caught blame the immigartion not schools hiring him. Lastly "black market teachers" has nothing to do with racism. Go back and read again.Thank you.

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However, a good teacher should at least know how to spell. If you are not teaching writing, maybe you can get away with it; but then again, even when teaching speech, you may need to write words on the board. Misspellings are frowned upon when it comes to English teaching or any language teaching. I know some people will get defensive about what I have written, but as a licensed teacher and an English major, I believe that knowing grammar, spelling, and teaching methods will go a long way. I know I wouldn't want my own English teacher to have so many spelling and grammatical mistakes.

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then you better check hengshui high school ..hengzhong international cambridge program for drunk, unqualified and sexual defiant...along with possible criminal record in UK...FYI

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wtf ....Before coming to China, illegal teachers often worked jobs like nannies and truck drivers.

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China is the land where door handles snap, USB cables don't work, and water pipes leak as soon as they are laid. And all because the average Chinese consumer want's cheap cheap cheap. Just a moment ago I witnessed a guy trying to get a discount on a 1 RMB ciggarette lighter in my local shop. I kid you not.... a full 5 minutes to buy a 1RMB lighter. So would a typical Chinese consumer pay high prices for a fully qualified professional teacher's services? I think not. Working illegally is not good. But sometimes it is the rules that are are fault, not the people. China want's to demand only the best product in imported, while it exports...... ahem !!! As for sex offenders, why don't the consulates issuing visas just run police checks in the applicant's home country? After all, if the BBC could find a sex offender workking in a Beijing school, why could the the Chinese authorities not?

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I have two hands but I really want to give you more than just one golf clap. I'll use my feet.

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unfortunately, "qualified" does not always, or often, equal "competent"

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A lot of the teaching methods would be anathema to chinese kids used to rote learning etc. Western educated ESL teachers would need to appreciate the fundamental psychological differences between Asians and Westerners to become a useful teacher of any sort in China.

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Anathema... big word! How much did that cost you?

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Not really. A good teacher can use an eclectic teaching method. I did that in my ESL classes and it worked. You just combine some rote learning style and then transition to fun and games using flash cards or other language games.

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I'd say just kick us all out and hire only teachers with education degrees and teaching licenses. Oh yeah I forgot not many qualified licensed teachers would come anyway, oh well it was just a thought.

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Hehe, sure that. When they have cheaper yet higher paying, more foreigner-friendly and more professional Vietnam next door. Or expensive but much better environment, people and much higher pay in Japan or South-Korea. China just can't compete with its neighbors when it comes to attracting professional teachers. "Hallow you teach me English?", "Hmmm no, I am a chemistry teacher", "But you foreigner teacher, teach me English!"

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If you kick out the trash, it will automatically raise the salary-levels for the remaining teachers. Scarce supply brings about higher salaries which induces more quality teachers to come to China. Basic law of supply and demand.

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A Chemistry teacher should be able to handle teaching English as a 2nd language in China. But then again I saw a Biology Teacher crash and burn trying to do that in China last year. He experienced brutal 'sino-rage syndrome' right out front of the University. I don't blame him either. From what I understand it turns out he'd only ever taught Biology and specifically Grade 10. Imagine he used that as part of the title '10th Grade Biology'. Such a limited niche! I suppose he was surely a master of 10th Grade Biology but in China thats just going to work against a guy (well.. unless you teach 10th Grade Biology only in China). I suppose those of us who keep going in China are also the ones who (like me) will can do 2 class of 50 crazy kindergarteners in the morning, some 8-12 year olds in a small training centre group, an IELTS class at the Uni and switch to a 'medical English' 1-on-1 adult session that night. I would definitely fail fast and hard trying to teach Chemistry 101 or specifically 10th grade Biology though.

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" Chinese law stipulates that teachers employed by training centers in China must have a bachelors degree or above and at least two years of relevant work experience or an internationally recognized teaching certificate." This doesn't mention that teachers have to come from native-English speaking countries. Why do most cities and provinces in China insist on issuing Z-visas to only those who have passports from those countries then?

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Rules are different from one province to another. By law, only native speakers can work in rich coastal provinces for example.

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Not all qualified teachers are good teachers. Not all unqualified teachers are bad teachers. Obviously training helps but it isn't a sure fire way to guarantee high quality teaching. The real problem here is how easy it is for the education providers to circumnavigate the law so that they can hire illegal teachers. If laws were policed properly and education providers were held to account then this would not be a problem. As with most things in China there are rules but no one seems to think that these rules apply to them, especially for people who have money.

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When you say policed properly, it always reminds me of parking my car. Police for 1 month gave out parking tickets like I had never seen before, but for the next 10 months no tickets were given to those who parked their car illegally. Any law to clamp down on anything illegal in this country only last 3 weeks to 1 month. So an article like this will be posted again every 3 to 5 years because we both know nothing will be done about it. Well until there's a WWIII..

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the schools hire the bad, cheap teachers so the good teachers don't get hired because they charge too much. Therefore no teacher wants to teach in China as they can do a lot better somewhere like Japan, where the internet isn't blocked too.... Some schools pay like 100rmb an hour and give the "If you work for less, then you can get more hours"... If the government had a minimum wage for ESL teachers, maybe about 250 to start with and increasing 100 per year, then people will be more likely to come and teach and good teacher will stick around. The Parents will pay the higher wages or just hire privately.

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most schools don't want the professionals as they usually want to teach, as against perform as the 'dancing monkey'. Parents and teachers want the results without the students doing the actual work that is required when learning a language, so they dislike the professionals. There is also a strong element of Xenophobia in this article that feeds into the local perception of 'corrupting foreigners' that is being fostered in China. TBH, more local teachers are guilty of child and student abuse in China than the foreign teachers. This could be because most of the foreigners come from a 'hands-off' environment where you are not allowed to touch any student for ANY reason. I remember an English colleague who told me he wanted to run away when his tiny students wanted to climb on him, not because he disliked them but because he had come from a country where it is a criminal offence to even comfort a child.

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some of you on here no my situation,even though no degree,Iam a bloody good teacher,not for adults not for high school students or primary school students,But for kindergarten children. I feel that someone could come and take a look at ones class to see if they can teach.I have childcare experience and 20 years experience teaching kindergarten children.15 of those years are here in China. Im not a drunk I turn up to work on time and I can only need to take a look at my CV to know that I can teach.

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Anyone can become a good teacher if they want. This article and the writer doesn't like us very much..

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Going by your writing, you are definitely suited for a kindergarten. But definitely not as a teacher.

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He is a teacher and yes judging by reading comprehension he is communicating to you he is a great kindergarten teacher and not much else. Which might mean he's the best teacher on here. Since he's taken on the most difficult assignment. Kindergartener.

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