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I like your thinking

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Same for me. When they find out i'm not a teacher their whole tone changes and becomes all together more pleasant.

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Best answer and so true. I am also in this situation I used to teach English but moved to a different job. I have noticed peoples reactions are a lot different when I tell them my current job than when I told them my English teaching job. Although it can be easy getting an English teaching job, it is not easy being a good teacher. I still work in the education business and deal with any English teachers. There is a huge difference in quality between good and bad teachers. It is a shame that some of the actions of a few bad teachers damage the reputation of all teachers.

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I'm in a position where I (more or less) recently moved here after having studied Mandarin at my university. I'm teaching for the time-being while I continue to study. I hate having to tell people that I'm a teacher sometimes because I fear their reaction. Some people have the perception that all ESL teachers are lazy, good-for-nothings. I'm trying to work my way towards getting a job outside the ESL field at some point and also applying to school here or in Taiwan to get my master's in "East Asian Studies" (a term I hate) while focusing on Mandarin.

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I do not work as a teacher but some of my friends here do but I have never yet come across this negative attitude from other ex-pats towards ex-pat English teachers. I have come across this attitude from quite a few Chinese. They seem to view English teaching as little better than a way of keeping the kids occupied for a while irrespective of whether they are being taught anything or not. Hence if that is what you do here then you are obviously a loser because anyone can do that. Education is not seen here as a particularly high priority by a lot of people, probably because they in turn never received a good enough education to appreciate the benefits. Stupid parents are so ignorant and racist that they simply cannot see beyond the colour of someones skin and so we get schools pandering towards those people. Never let real education get in the way of increasing my bank account. Owners/managers of schools despise the level of salary they have to pay to get Mr or Miss White but know they have to do it. There are some excellent foreign teachers out there and they have my sympathy and admiration, I just could not put up withe level of bullshit that many of them are treated to. Most people from westernised countries appreciate that education is a valuable commodity and it takes certain specialised skills to do the job well. So I do think if people look down on the English teachers here the fault lies withe perception of Chinese schools hiring white monkeys. As to the few foreigners who look down on all English teachers just because of what they do are simply retards who are no better than the Chinese noveau rich who think money makes them a better person.

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Love how you started your point of not seeing discrimination by clearly stating you are not a teacher. Just had to point that out eh?

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lol Mike... just had to point that out.

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Christ all mighty, no body cares, seriously. I teach English and I have never encountered any derogatory remarks about me due to my work. Ever. Another fantastic article

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Try reading here or the Shanghiist for longer than a day before you say nonsense like that.

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Seriously lads, if your self esteem is so low that you get satisfaction from insulting how someone else earns money then you really need to take a look at your life and figure out why your not happy.

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You're an English teacher and you don't know it's "you're not happy" and not the possessive pronoun "your not happy?" I teach geography and history and I know the difference between possessive pronouns and contractions. You just proved you don't know English syntax. You also don't know grammar as you forgot a comma. If you're good, you can spot your mistake. Next time, get off your high horse before attacking someone who speaking truth.

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You teach geography and history and you can speak english aswell! Mind=blown. Apologies to everyone who got annoyed at my school boy errors, I shall flay myself tonight as punishment and come back in the future and beg for mercy. "attacking someone who speaking truth" ←what is this rubbish?, now I want ten our fathers and you are forgiven. Your name's not Manuel by any chance? You speak english well? You learn it from a book?

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No, my name is not Manuel. English is my native language. I guess you can say I learned it from a book, as English is part of all New York schools' curricula. Cheers. Your syntax and grammar is still terrible there "English teacher." Maybe you should find a job knowing English rules isn't required.

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You are clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed. Do you even read your posts?

Apr 07, 2015 20:04 Report Abuse



That was your first post with no grammatical or syntax errors. Good job there. You can go rest now. You proved that you are an LBH.

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Seriously lad, it's not my fault she doesn't love you but it's easy to see why. Your too stupid to realise your posts are also full of errors but I'm not petty so I don't point them out.

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Seriously lad. (no comma. A period is needed). It's (captialize the I in it's). not my fault she doesn't love you (non-sequitir) but it's easy to see why. You're (you're, not your) too stupid to realise your posts are also full of errors but I'm not petty so I don't point them out (this is a run on sentence). Keep digging that hole proving most English teachers here in China are, as the article stated, "LBH."

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you're parents don't love you

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Ahhh, you grammar nazis need to chill out man! Leave people alone. Indeed, in a way you represent the type of person whom Fada speaks of, except in this case you scrutinize and insult one's written English instead of how they make a living.

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Actually, they don't. My mother died of cancer when I was seven. My father died in a car crash when I was twelve. I was raised by my grandmother, thank you for bringing up something hurtful. Why not attack the German Shepherd that jumped the fence and got hit by a car when I was five? Or watching my grandmother whither away under Alzheimer's Disease? Is there a way I can block this guy? His arrogance is pathetic and his personal insults are just wrong.

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In his day job he has very little control, thats why he feels the need to argue symantics on the net, it gives him a sense of worth cause he believes what people write about teachers in china. I suspect everyone else is the problem and not, never him.

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I'm not the arrogant one in this situation. It's shocking that you can't even see that.

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Your ignorance is just mind blowing. I'm so finished with you.

Apr 09, 2015 13:47 Report Abuse



stop commenting on my posts, thanks, also, your family is ok, they just ran away from you

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Fada is my new best friend.

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