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I should also add. If the author is so concerned he should write to the government asking what they plan to do about the gender imbalance. Not that the gender imbalance is the real problem. Every country has rapists. I think that women are just reporting the crimes more.

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Exactly- also, nowadays people are more likely to tell their own story, or record incidents and share them online. Sexual assault may not actually have increased that dramatically, it may be that now we're actually hearing about it.

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So if a man walk the belly uncovered, it's kinda ok to rape him, I will be kinda excusable ? I mean, it's not easy to find suitable men, porn is forbidden, how I can always control myself ? Errrr, 1930 called, they want their mentality back.

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Women aren't raped by bachelors. Women are raped by rapists.

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There is nothing wrong with examining what may be the underlying causes of an increasingly frequent phenomenon. Only when you understand what is creating a problem can you work on solving it. All of the reasons listed sound valid to me. The next move would be to do something about it. Addressing the gender imbalance and fully legalizing/regulating prostitution would be a great start.

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This article is an exercise in blame avoidance, not analysis. Chinese people NEVER analyse their own attitudes or behaviour, let alone accept responsibility for them. NOT ONCE does this article suggest that Chinese men's attitudes towards women might be a problem. Do you think Chinese people's behaviour will ever change, as long as they can find external things to blame?

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I think it goes without saying that a man who rapes a woman has deep behavioral and psychological problems. The article is analytic because it is examining the societal issues that create the individuals with these attitudes. Blaming beliefs and attitudes is far less useful then fixing the problems that are causing them in the first place.

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Last year some government officials took a group of primary school girls to a hotel and raped them. This is one of countless incidents of Chinese officials and senior staff members raping school girls with an apparent sense of impunity. The police's predictable response was "there is no evidence that anything happened". The Chinese public wasn't particularly shocked (imagine the response in a Western country). Is the reason for this incident that A) the government officials were bachelors, B) they were poor, or C) the primary school girls were dressing provocatively?

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Harpo: Diverting blame onto someone else and calling it "analysis" isn't analysis. Western society has overcome a lot of traditional problems by confronting people's perceptions and behaviour. Chinese people are not self-critical. The only "analysis" they engage in is finding scapegoats for their own behaviour. Rape is caused by misogynistic attitudes, not by bachelorhood, not by long distance relationships, and not by women's choice of clothing.

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I have no interest in discussing Chinese government officials with you and your false choice argument is very weak. Where in the article does it say that those 5 reasons listed are the only possible reasons rape occurs?

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We will have to agree to disagree Sam. Western society has never had to overcome a severe shortage of women and unreasonable requirements for marriage. I think any society that has a large population of men who have no hope of finding a sexual parter by traditional means would see an increase in sexual assaults.

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Samsara's main point, which no one seems to be paying any attention to, is that misogynistic attitudes are responsible for rape far above anything else. That is, an utter disrespect for women - one that sees them as objects to have sex with, i.e. less than human - is the attitude that allows a man to rape a woman. While it may be of some limited use to examine underlying societal issues about a social problem, this is still missing an important issue, and that is the way people view each other. Let's compare this rape discussion to murder: Identifying something that may be a contributor in driving someone to murder, such as having no money for food, skirts around the issue that society creates attitudes in people where they disrespect others' lives enough that they would find murder to be a proper solution. Should we do more to feed those without food? Yes. Does it make much sense to say feeding everyone will help fix murder? No, because 1) it implies we should feed the homeless/foodless for any other reason than helping our fellow humans, and 2) because it allows for a slippery slope that can "justify" murder. In the case of rape or sexual assault, the article above doesn't have to explicitly say these societal issues justify rape, because it is implicit, especially to those who harbor disrespect for women as people. It allows them to think to themselves, "Yeah, it's not my fault, it's society's/women's fault." And that goes back to what Samsara is saying. The attitude that women are foremost for sex, which absolutely implies they are less than human, is what allows a man to commit rape; not because he is a bachelor. If it was bachelorism itself that caused rape, wouldn't all bachelors be rapists? There are desperate bachelors that still respect women enough not to rape them. So that means that any bachelors who rape or sexually assault are not doing it because they are bachelors, they are doing it because they have no respect for their victim. Period. And that same idea goes for all the "reasons" outlined in the article. As Sam said, the big problem in the article is that it completely failed to address men's attitudes toward women, i.e. misogyny.

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Could rape possibly be due to men who despise, denigrate and dehumanise women, and don’t give a fuck about ruining someone else’s life? Nooooo, it’s because they’re poor single darlings who don’t have enough money for prostitutes and maybe saw a hint of cleavage so they HAD TO rape her, and really it wasn’t their fault. This article takes Chinese men’s revolting views and China’s trademark avoidance of responsibility to a whole other level. The rest of the world (except for Islamic nations) is in a different century, China. Rape is caused by misogyny, NOT BY WOMEN. Jesus fucking Christ. The “women’s risqué fashion” paragraph is like an obvious parody of creepy, misogynistic thinking, except that it’s REAL. The writer actually thinks that women should accept responsibility for being raped. I bet this guy tells his girlfriend “I don’t WANT to beat you. You just make me so angry.” Nice work with the intro, echinacities. I grew increasingly apprehensive as I read it, and it really did justice to what followed.

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In all fairness Samsara, I don't think they accused woman for wearing sexy or skimpy clothing. They actually blamed the guys that see it as an invitation. It seems they haven't blamed woman at all but preconceived ideas, social, political and economic reasons. I'm sure misogynistic attitudes prevail but they are exacerbated due to socioeconomic pressures.

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Carlstar, I disagree, this article focuses on 'reasons' behind these violent attacks, whereas actually, the criminals could just NOT rape the women. It is very dangerous to start pointing out these socioeconomic pressures as it leads to excusing and sympathizing with the criminals, whereas in reality we should be teaching everyone why it is not acceptable to rape women. Which it never is, REGARDLESS of whatever ideas, social, political or economic reasons there are.

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It is never a bad idea to try and find reason for something. Fact is people do different things at different times due to different situations. I'm sure some guys in prison wouldn't rape another guy on the outside but the situation lends them to that behaviour. If you are unwilling to talk about the reasons for why someone is a rapist or might be a rapist and just want to turn a blind eye and just hope for the best then what is that going to do. it is pretty clear that something is happening so why just blame? Blaming fixes nothing and is just an honour and revenge game. But you can't talk about or try to find reasons why can you because people will get upset and that seems to be a crime now too and god help any male that has an opinion on it because they are painted as just hating woman

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OK. The fact that I don't agree with the author's "analysis" does not mean I don't approve of analysis. I think EVERYTHING deserves to be analysed. I think there are reasons why China has a rape problem. I think those reasons are much more complex and socially ingrained than the ones offered in this article. The article at no point suggests that Chinese men's attitudes towards women need to change. In the typical fashion of Chinese "analysis", the writer exempts Chinese people from criticism. He finds numerous "reasons" why problems exist, but none that are related to Chinese ideas or behaviour. Analysis of social phenomena in one's own society needs to be self-critical. It should force us to confront and examine our own ideas and behaviour. Chinese analysis, however, only attempts to JUSTIFY behaviour - always by pointing to external factors which, conveniently, exonerate Chinese people from responsibility (see for example the recent "community spirit" article that blames Chinese people's shit behaviour on "Western values" and mobile phones). The reason Western countries have made more progress in equality and human rights is that people have challenged the traditional modes of thinking that CAUSED problems like rape, domestic violence, racism, homophobia and so on. China does not address these problems because it does not perceive there to be anything wrong with its traditional and bigoted modes of thinking. The reasons given by the author conveniently avoid any uncomfortable self-awareness. Do rapists have to be poor? NO. Single? NO. Lacking in empathy for women? YES. Misogyny is the PRIME reason for rape, and needs to put forward for analysis unless China plans to go on excusing this behaviour forever.

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I agree with you that this is an apologist article massaging egos rather than seriously addressing problems. But the 'fashion' aspect does stand out as a separate issue somewhat. It may be fueled by male-dominated media encouraging women to show what they've got - the feminine method of face gain. But it's like the Eurythmics song: "Sweet dreams are made of this... some of them want to be (ab)used." I've been scolded for my views before, but I'm of the firm opinion that female priorities are different from male. More focus on safety and stability, and less on morality and fairness. Women are the passive gender, often using the guise of 'equality' as a means to get what they want, caring little about equality or fairness. Sound familiar? This is China! From this perspective, it can be postulated that China is in fact a female-dominated society. Women have fewer problems with being objectified, and the pretty young ones have made relationships into a price-gouging trade. If you think the women walking around half-naked are just victims of peer-pressure and fashion determined by men, I think you are naive. Some of them are aware they catch men's eyes and enjoy it, but they have almost no SEX EDUCATION, and don't realize what all the visual stimulation can lead to. Sex education is another overlooked aspect, but I've blabbed long enough. In conclusion: NOT all innocent victims, nor completely to blame either.

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I am not making any arguments about the motivations, intentions or naivety of Chinese girls. Regardless of how a woman dresses or for what reason, she doesn't deserve to be raped.

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Your Misogyny argument is misguided, uninformed and totally generic. It is on the same level as you are trying to argue that this is a bad article because it misses your belief. People that love woman rape woman. People that hate woman rape woman. All kinds of people do it and it and it is women men and children that get raped from all walks of life. 1 in 5 woman in the US have been raped it was repoI rted so it is more than your 1 pet issue. You argue against not blaming the man but I feel need to state again, you argue that it is these men that hate woman. I knew a guy that raped a woman and he didn't just rape her but he beat the crap out of her. The room was destroyed and covered in blood but he is not a misogynist, he loves woman but he would get very angry at the drop of a hat and why would he? Get totally pissed, yes, get wasted, yes, has a shit life, yes, poor as hell, yes, issues, yes and his girlfriend just happened to be there and how else can a guy like that show power and strength over something. smash and bang. It is power. Hell it isn't even just about power, it is everything and people with one single idea for what it is all about only show that they have an agenda of hate against some group and want all to blame them and take the focus off the actual issue. You Samsara have turned what could have been about "how to prevent rape" into it is mans fault for being haters and Chinese mens fault more so. Immediately you have anywhere from 1-4 billion people against you because you want to point out that men are just so rapey. Chinese culture is what it is, just as say India's is and Americas. West or East, rape is rampant. The fact is that culture cannot be the deciding factor on rape in a modern society. Maybe you have had an issue with it in the past but I don't see you achieving anything except the opposite.

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If you leave your phone lying around, do you deserve to have it stolen? If you're not careful on the road, do you deserve to get in an accident (mikey would think so)? If you eat too much charred meat, do you deserve to get cancer? If you're a big wimp, do you deserve to get bullied? Deserve is not the right word. But in all those situations, the people enable the negative consequences to happen. Most women in China don't realize that their provocative dresses are massive enablers for rape. They are not to blame; they don't *deserve* rape, but a bit of sex education would help a great deal. But that would require better education and a social awareness. This is China! So, just enjoy the show, and don't fret too much about the side effects. Nobody else does, and nobody's listening to us.

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I don't think "men are just so rapey". I think men who grow up in a society that A) devalues women, B) considers empathy a form of retardation, C) doesn't teach children to take responsibility for their actions, and D) doesn't expect anyone to value the rights of other people... are MORE LIKELY to be rapey. And regarding your statements about the wondrous diversity of rapists: There are no nice rapists who respect women.

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would you go one step further and say "Regardless of how a woman dresses AND acts, she doesn't deserve to be raped" ?

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I would love to see how you re-think your opinion when someone f**** you against your will. The point that this fuck-tarded writer of this article is missing is that it is WRONG!

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"People that love woman rape woman" --- HOW IS THIS RELEVANT?

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