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Why not name names? If they can't get you a Z, move on.

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A whole lot of unnecessary profanities there. That said, I've found that it really is up to the Foreigner (in whatever profession they chose in China), to negotiate the best deal for themselves and to spot the warning signs and to ensure they have a Plan B - how to escape an abusive employer. Too many Foreigners come here who allow themselves to be abused who seem to think Chinese employers have the same ethics as a Western Employer. I like to think that the negotiations never end in a Chinese job. You are always negotiating. If the Chinese employer thinks they can get away with not paying you and that you will stay, then they will try. It is up to you to make sure that you remove your services in this event and go elsewhere. I've had employers agree a price with me for them to try to renegotiate it down the next day. My response. Walk away...and eventually you will get the original price - but I wonder how many people have just accepted it still.

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I agree. There are nightmare schools here. Then, there are great schools. When it comes to negotiations, it's all about what people can bring to the table. If there is that one great school that isn't exploitive...a track record of bar hopping alcoholism, going from school to school and just being egotistical doesn't help. Teachers who deserve high pay have good reasons for such things. It's not just... let me see how much money I can get because I am special. I really would toss cash at someone with great qualifications. But, again... most negotiations are: Give me more money because so and so offers... Ok, then work there... Show me your loyalty to previous institutions, good character and hard work. Then, we have a deal. As for nightmare schools, they don't care about you in the first place. So, you will get screwed some how...

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Good Article! I get so angry with english teachers who always come to my institution DEMANDING 12k - 15k. We are located in a small city. They get angry with me because they say it standard in the whole country. In fact, it's the schools fault for lying and posting these fake super high salaries. 20,000 in Beijing is ok. However, the cost of living eats most of that up. So, who would deserve a high salary. I pay attention to track record. If you just came off the boat i'm not giving you sh!t. If you work at many instutions only a year here or a year there... I'm not giving you sh!t. The holy grail of english teachers are those that don't have an alcohol or character problem and they have been proven to stay institutions for a long time with good feedback. Not all schools are exploitive or want to abuse teachers. But, the good ones are becoming more selective and attempting to reserve better pay for better and proven teachers. There are just too many teachers in Cjina, but the quality ones are hard to come by. Those types should be highly respected. Hell, I would throw money at such a type. But, again... it's not that easy. You have the entitled that their sh!t doesn't stink because they are foreigners. Then, you have the certified up types who have tons of degrees... but, no actually proof of a long record or loyalty to an institution... to make matters worse, they suck in the class. Then, you have the crazies (sex freaks, marijuana addicts, alcoholic, etc) Then, you have the temporaries. They are only in China to leave as soon as possible. So, at the end of the day you have a small pool of excellency. Schools... I suggest you pay and treat these rare great teachers well because once they leave, they will not be easily replaced...

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>>Then, you have the temporaries. They are only in China to leave as soon as possible.<< Sure. Why not when you find out your first 7,000 rmb paycheck doesn't hit the bank account until 7 weeks after you start even though you've spent 6500rmb to get here with visa.

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Then they should have done research in order to find a school that doesn't do that.

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Good article, all true. Do the research and ask lots of questions. Good places are looking for good teachers. And good teachers ask good questions. If they try to ignore your questions or give vague answers... they are most likely going to make your life difficult.

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Exactly mate. Thumbs up!

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