Exactly which Western Media outlets do you get your information from? Fox News? Go stick your head back up the local party reps arse you lickspittle.

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This guy was born yesterday, so give him a break. A few things are true though.

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commenting to get my 2 points

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Every single one of these so-called misconceptions are absolutely true. The author comes off as completely clueless. Let's go through them to find out why. 1. No Christianity in China. If they leave out the whole "Jesus thing" then how can that possibly be called Christianity seeing as how it is based on and takes its very name from Jesus Christ? You really didn't think this one through did you? 2. Yes China acts like a single entity...the big guy at the top runs the show and everything is rubber stamped on its way down. "Limited governing power" is really no real governing power at all is it? You must have really have to stretch for this one, didn't you? 3. China is still very much a man's place...as even you admitted. Shanghai is a special case as it is quite Westernized in many regards. It certainly can't be used as any measuring stick for the rest of China. 4. No it's still pretty much the same. Just because capitalism is no longer seen as bad and just because there is a lot of flashy tech here...doesn't mean the same old attitudes mostly prevail. There is still limited upward mobility, still limited political freedom, still limited movement...I could go on but I think you get the point. 5. Yes it is still living in the Dark Ages. It may be moving (as you claim) toward a more enlightened era but it hasn't got there yet. And just because 50% or more of China's population will be living in a city means nothing in terms of improving civilization. That is absolutely irrelevant

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