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Dave Rogers

While I enjoy seeing articles like this one I need to correct a few things that you have wrote here. 1. While there is Christianity in China, many Chinese join because they see the charity that they do, but in fact dont really understand what it is. In many areas that I have visited many of the priest and nuns or sisters in Christian and Catholic churchs in China can not read and write. Even many members do not understand the ideas behind the stories in the bible. 2. China is not a one party system. Though the government is communist, there is a Independent party and a democratic party. China also has independent areas that have their own governments. 3. While there are no laws in China protecting women from their spouse, China is one of the few countries where women get equal pay and equal job oppertunities. There are also many areas besides Yunan where women are in charge in China. In fact before the first dynasty women were the leaders in their villages. While articles like this are good it is important to get the facts straight.

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The foreign media especially those with agenda to grind intentionally try to mislead the public about China. By writing about China and Chinese people in a bad light, the foreign media can also pump up their own race and superiority

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Docile women indeed! I have many friends from Sichuan and from Hunan and I can tell you that these are among the sweetest and nicest women you could ever meet, BUT once they get angry, God Help You! Scary!

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Chinese women take pride in being feminine. What a relief.

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While I agree the foreign Media does not yet "get China", I believe it is partly Cjina's fault. What is the media to do when they are denied access to the news. Almost daily we hear about a incidents where foreigners and the foreign press are not allowed access. One example is the Chinese legal system. They cannot have it both ways. if they wish to be understood the need for transparency is obvious.

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